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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Treats & A Blog Exchange Link!

Hi everyone!

Blah...I've GOT to get a back up typist for my blog updates! Mom's been super lazy lately I feel like giving her a big bite on her bum bum for not helping me...GRRRR! Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes and good healing vibes for Rachel! I'm proud to announce that she has fully recovered since last Sunday (see what I mean when I say I need a new typist??!!) and everything is back to normal again...YAYYY!

On another note, we got some new treats samples from Pepper's Pawsome Treat House to try and review! As you know, all forms of edible yumminess are MOST welcome...*grins* Here is our review:

Look at the yummy treats!! Mom liked the packaging coz it doesn't use too much plastic and it's very innovative...I just like the looks of the treats! *licks lips* If you biggify the photo here, the treats are labeled as follows: (from top) Chicken Cheese Tarts, Chicken Pumpkin Sticks, and Chicken Carrot Sticks! 

See? I'm starting to drool already...

But meh...we still have to pose with the treats first for a photo! Hmmph! Notice Kenji giving Mom the 'evil eye' for making him wait for the treats...heh!

Oh, and let's not mention the amount of time (and drool found) before Mom got these photos! But nonetheless, I got my treats...*licks lips* I finished mine in record time...they were SCRUMPTIOUS!!

To my chagrin, Kenji only had to look cute to get HIS treats! GRRRR! That, and maybe twirling around on his hind legs...makes me think I should go learn some dance moves so I don't have to be tortured so much. Heh! We finished the samples within like, 5 minutes....that's how good it was! *grins*

So, if you're from Malaysia and you're looking for some yummy, home made and healthy treats, give Pepper's Pawsome Treat House's treats a try! They have all sorts of treats available...even veggie ones for the extra health conscious! *grins* Click on the name to go to their site!


One fine day as well, we got an email from a very nice lady wanting to exchange bloggie links with us! We're always up to meet new friends, so we took a look at the site here: Beloved Pets. And what a cool site it is! It's a blog filled with loads of very cool information for pets an owners alike...some include tips on how to give baths to fussy dogs, airline restrictions for pets, or even how to potty train a pup for the new owners who got a furkid *grins* Not only that, I got to make friends with Duke too! He's a very adorable rescue doggie who loves to cuddle with his human....just like me! Okay, I'm not a rescue dog, but I DO love to cuddle...heh! So, if you're looking for cool tips on caring for your furkids, please do head on down to Beloved Pets!

Mom is back to having more baking frenzies now, so I don't know when I will be back with another update. GRRR! Any takers for a blogging partner (aka typist) position? My rewards are get loads of free cuddles, hugs, kisses and lots of LURRRVE! *wink wink*


Sunday, May 9, 2010

(Not So Good) Update

Thanks to everyone for the kind wishes for Rachel. We've gotten word from the doctor yesterday. It's a positive for H1N1. She's not hospialized though, which is a good thing. But she will be quarantined at home…likewise for the rest of us who are in close contact with her. I'm seeing this as a good thing coz Mom will be at home for another day as we all monitor ourselves for any symptoms of the flu, by which we (by that, I mean the humans. LOL!) will go for screening.

Back to Rachel, she seems to be getting better. Her fever has subsided (which is important for us) and she is slowly getting her appetite back. Just this afternoon she has enough energy to play with her Lego set so it's a very good sign. We're keeping our fingers (and paws) crossed that she will make a speedy recovery!


Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Other Bad News...

Hi everyone,

This will be a very quick one yet again....really sorry for not catching up on your blogs! We'd just like to ask for good healing thoughts, vibes, prayers, etc for Rachel. She has been diagnosed with Influenza A this afternoon after catching a nasty fever yesterday. Normally, Mom says it is not really a big deal, but the Influenza A group has the dreaded H1N1 disease in it. As we all know, H1N1 is quite a serious one, so we are hoping that the test that Rachel took at the doctor's will turn out negative. *crosses paws* We will only know the results tomorrow, so please do keep her in your thoughts. Thanks so much!