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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Slumber Party...and a 'Family Photo'

I know I'm pretty much backtracking...but these photos are too nice (in my opinion) to keep inside Mom's dusty old computer! hehe! Tobey and Colin look darn adorable (if I may say so...*puffs chest*) when they are asleep...together or otherwise! *wink* Proof:



Two of them together....

Close up (all together now...AWWWWW!)

Even I got in the action...heh!

Do you think this would make a good header for my blog? *wink*

Look at Colin all snuffling Tobey!

Hehe...we also managed to snap this 'family' photo, but it's not really complete yet...not without Lady. =( But then, she wasn't available at the time (or Mom plain forgot...hmmph!)

Colin suddenly got all shy....awww!

That's about it from me for up: pressie time!! Christmas is definitely coming early for me! *wink*


Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas isn't Christmas...

...till it happens in your heart, and you get Christmas cards to boot too! *wink*

Sorry...bad pun. I was trying to quote a line from a Christmas song and it went awry. LOL! I can't believe Christmas is 10 days away! YAYYY! I still can't get Mom to put up a Christmas tree (after much prodding, she said we had a Christmas tree, but it's stashed away somewhere and she doesn't know where to find it!)...pfft! Oh well, like the line, it's all in our hearts no? Plus, I have loads of friends who have beautiful Christmas trees put up for me to admire...hee!

Okay, back to business...I've gotten loads and LOADS of Christmas cards, I've lost count! o.O" This is SOOOO cool! Thank you SOOO much to everyone who has sent me these BEAUTIFUL Christmas cards! I've actually gotten more even as I (or Mom) types this, so we'll keep updating with photos of all the other cards too...*grins*

Our second batch of Christmas cards...look at all those colors! SOOO pretty! And I can't believe Tobey & Colin slept through it all...LOL!

Ooh, ooh! Good news...Tobey has found his furever home! We sure will miss him, but his new owner promised he will take good care of Tobey and keep us updated on his progress, so all is good...*wink* This photo is taken before Tobey went to his new home, of course!

Close up on the cards...they look GORGEOUS, don't they! *grins*

Here's the third batch of cards we got...Mom got Kenji to sit nicely next to me. Hehe!

And another close up....*grins*

Here are the e-cards that I've gotten from my friends so far! Some of them are from doggies whom I don't know yet, but they are so kind to send me a card! We're finding it hard to thank each and every doggie in person, so we're including them here...thank you SOOOO much once again! We will come by and visit your bloggies real soon!

BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.

I've also gotten a few awards from my friends too! Thank you all SO, VERY much! It is such an honor!

I got this so very cool (literally!) award from my friends Coco & The Four Musketeers (Lady, Zena, Cody & Joyce)! To be honest, I've been eyeing this award for a long time...and to get it is SOOO pawsome! Thank you!! *grins*

These two awards are also passed on to me by Coco! Thank you again, Coco! Love the pretty colors on them! *grins*

I would love to pass these on to everyone visiting my blog....if you have not received these awards, please do feel free to pick one! I insist, okay? *wink*


Friday, December 12, 2008

Like Father, Like Sons

One way to tell if your sons / daughters really take after you is when you observe them sleeping. *wink* Case in point:

How I sleep most of the time..

And the pups...*grins*

Oops...looks like Tobey found out Mom was snooping around with the camera. But he's sweet enough to not run towards her just yet (usually he'll run over and jump on her!)

After they adjusted themselves again (I slept through the whole thing...naturally! *wink*) Mom snapped this.

Why does it look like I'm feeding Colin milk?!!!! o.O" Don't believe me?

............'nuff said. Good night!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Me (and Kenji) time & Marshmallows...yum!

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry I haven't been visiting your blogs as much as I used to...Mom's been really busy at work coz she had an extra assignment given to this time of the year too! Pfft! I'll try to come over as much as I can...miss reading about you a lot!

Well, I guess it's about time for me to get some blog-time, you know? So you don't forget me...haha! I'll still post about the pups...but they can't be taking over MY blog! *wink* Anyways, here are some photos of Kenji and me getting some MARSHMALLOWS!! YAYY! I've read about them from Maggie & Mitch's blog and they both had so much fun eating them that I pestered Mom for some...and got them! hehe!

Mom didn't manage to find smaller marshmallows...these are the ones she managed to get. LARGE ones! hehe! I also like the fact that it has NO fat...perfect for my slimming diet!
(Mom: No way it can be NO's sugar,isn't it? *rolls eyes*)

Mom got Kenji to come into the picture too, but he was looking at something else that's more yummy to him I guess...LOL!

And so, it's time to DIG IN! hehe...let's give it a few licks first to see what it tastes like..

..and then start CHOMPING! Yum yum...*licks lips*

It's SOOOOO good I almost bit Mom's fingers off! *wink*

Kenji got one too...he got into it with more gusto than I did! hehe!

By this time we were clambering for a second one...who says dogs can't taste as well as humans?

Yummy yummy yummy....

Mom had to tear mine into smaller pieces so she could get better photos of me...LOLL! Silly Mom!

OMIGOSH! Did Kenji's jaws look dislocated or what?

He loved it so much he closed his eyes to savour the deliciousness, sweetness and yumminess of it all!

We didn't get to have more after that though...Mom and Aunty Vivian polished the rest off in no time! *pouts* Oh well, there's always next time no? Until the next 'feasting' time...


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More puppies in action

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend...mine was great! It was quite a long weekend coz Monday was a public holiday here, so Mom got one more day to spend with us. *grins* And...she made another video on the puppies in action!

Haha...yes, I (or rather, Mom!) can't stop about the pups...=P Here is yet another video of the pups, but it's more of a compilation of videos of sorts. Don't want to bore you with too many videos! Plus, I think Mom wants to get as many photos and videos of the pups before they go to their new homes...she sure is going to miss them when they're going off! (Mom found two potential owners, but they are still considering)

Anyways, enough chatter...Enjoy! *wink*

We'll return to more Scottie stuff after this...*wink* I've gotten SOOOO many Christmas cards I've lost count! It's SOOO nice to be getting so many Christmas cards...Mom is SUPER jealous! haha! Stay tuned...


Friday, December 5, 2008

Puppy videos!

As promised, here are videos of the pups! Excuse the volume of the 'background music' and the shaky camera...Mom and Gramma were watching some TV program and the puppies were very distracting indeed...

I've actually got another video of Kenji playing with the pups that's SUPER cute, but the file is a little too big, so I'm going to have to ask Mom to edit it for me when she gets back from work...I've also got quite a lot of Christmas cards coming my way! Will post a Christmas Card Exchange post real soon...*wink*


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kenji, The Gentle 'Giant'

Remember when I said that Kenji didn't get to meet with the pups coz he went berserk when he saw them? Well, it turns out he's a giant softie at heart! Mom let him see and sniff the pups at close supervision and I guess he only barked at them coz he wanted to get out from the playpen and start playing! hehe! And he's real gentle too when he plays with the pups, letting them get away with murder sometimes...*wink* And even though he's smaller than me, to the pups, he's kind of a 'giant'...LOL!

Now, Mom lets the pups stay in the playpen with us during the daytime...they play a LOT for such young pups! I get quite tired after all that nibbling and yipping from them! Kenji was about the same too...we wouldn't have any of it when Mom tried to keep them in the playpen at night so they can sleep with us coz they were just such bundles of energy at night! o.O" In the end, to let us have a good night's sleep, she put the pups in the carrier I have so they will go to sleep. *wink*

They're getting real good at potty-training too! They wouldn't weeble or poo in the carrier where they sleep (except for one accident when Mom didn't let them out in time!) and would go potty at the potty tray that I used when I was younger...Gramma and Mom were chuffed!

Well, enough of the chatter...let's see some photos of Kenji and the pups, shall we? *wink*

Kenji and Tobey getting to know each other...

A 'face-off' between the two...Mom thought Kenji would lunge at Tobey at this point!

But he didn't! And when Colin came into the picture, Kenji wanted in with them...*grins*

See? He got crazy-eyed looking at them pups playing so hard! LOL!

Rachel also loved playing with the pups...they like to clamber all over her when she sits down! In fact, they would just run over, jump over you, and try to nibble your legs / pants everytime you call them...hehe!

Peekaboo! Look who's smart enough to poke his head through my carrier? *wink*

Tobey's a master at this too...

Here are some more photos of the pups, starting with Tobey:

....And Colin:

Two pups hanging out at the staircases (Did I mention that they can climb up the stairs already? No wonder we get so tired...chasing after them is quite the workout! LOL!)

Whoops! Hehe...wrong pup! But hey, at least you won't forget what I looked like, no? Please excuse the dishevelled look...lack of sleep and running around with them, you know?

Stay tuned for VIDEOS of the pups! I wanted to post them now, but it's taking quite a while to upload, so hopefully tomorrow the connection would be better! *crosses paws* Till then...