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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mari, Puppies and The Shelter Pet Project

After watching that heart-wrenching video of the mother dog and her 3 pups from my previous post, Mom decided she would go searching for the movie to see what happened next. It was a happy ending after all! (Go here to read about the movie)

Mom also managed to
*cough*download*cough* the movie, and so we'll be watching it tonight! YAYY! (psst...if any of you want to do the same, please do let us know and we'll pass the links on *wink* I know it's not very good to do this, but it's impossible to find that movie here, so we had to resort to uhh...not-so-good methods to watch it)

The other day, Mom got a very cool email from a nice lady about a new campaign running in the aim of increasing the rate of shelter pet adoption in the US. They do this by dispelling myths about these lovable animals. This campaign is called the Shelter Pet Project (SPP) and is sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States, Maddie's Fund, and the Ad Council! Check out the very cute and PAWSOME ad here:

Besides that, they have a very cool website too to tell us more about the campaign, how we can get involved, as well as the shelter doggies & kitties who are looking for a furever home! Here are some screenshots of what the website looks like:

The main page...with a cute animation of adorable doggies!

The Adopt-A-Gram page, where you can send messages to friends or family and spread the word about this pawsome project! Who knows, they might just be looking for a new member to their home...*wink*

And Pet Personals...where you can fill in a questionnaire to match a needy dog or cat your own home and lifestyle! How cool is that? *grins*

So, if you are looking for a pet, or you know of someone who is looking for a pet, how about giving shelter doggies or kitties a chance? They so deserve to have loving homes like yours and mine! Although I am not from a shelter, I am so blessed to be able to find my home...some other doggies or kitties were not so lucky, so if we could, let's all give them a second chance at finding a loving home!


Monday, November 16, 2009

A Very Touching Story

This got Mom leaking big time....she says it's a true testament to dog's unconditional love for their humans. Even at times of need, they never waver in their loyalty and love to their owners. She hopes this would never happen to another family or ours, for that matter.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Worldwide Movement for Snickers

Let's all be a part of this movement and think good healing thoughts for Snickers...she is struggling with her health and we are all hoping that she will pull through. To know more about this movement, please go to Jake and Fergi's blog to learn more. Let's all chip in a paw for Snickers! Get well soon, Snickers!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm Famous...LOL!

AT LAST! I have fulfilled my 'dream' of becoming a doggie model....hehehe! Okay, I was not in many shots, but least I can say I managed to get into a photoshoot, right? *grins* AND, I was featured on the website cool is that?! *puffs chest* (Mom: Geez, he really can be full of himself, can't he?)

Alright, alright...I can't say I'm exactly famous like a celebrity, but I find it really exciting to be picked for a photoshoot with some of my doggie friends for a website Mom's friends are working on! *grins* We did the shooting in the morning outside, when the lighting was the best (according to the photographer and coordinator of the shoot)! Lots and LOTS of photos were taken, and we all had fun too...running around, doing some obedience exercises and getting loads of treats for behaving! *grins* And to top it all, I got featured on one of the pages in the site too! (More on the site at the bottom of the page...*grins*)

Haha, okay..I'm babbling too much! Here are some of the 'outtakes' from the photoshoot:

(All photos courtesy of Joe, the photographer of the day!)

This is Jaja...she is a South African Mastiff, and a very playful one at that! Mom loves her gregarious nature and energy! See how she runs!

Jaja, Tasha and I at our first attempt to sit prettily in a row...LOLL! Not there yet. Mom and Yen (Tasha & Jaja's owner) had to stand in to get us to sit properly...LOL! Can you guess which legs belong to who? hahaha!

There we go! Almost got it, except for the human legs...haha!

Mom loves this shot! It was a candid moment, in between arranging the props for the next agenda, but it looked really nice don't you think?

I did a little 'Watch' game with Mom...I got comments that I took things too seriously. LOLLL! Of course it's serious when it comes to treats, no? *wink*

Tasha and I...*grins*

Whee! Mom did a Recall exercise for this one...I'm ALMOST flying! LOL!

Me, 'flying'! hahaha!

Yummy food! I almost didn't resist...see the scrumptious chicken wings at the side? *licks lips*

Ginger got into the action as well! She was too cute in this photo...almost like she's saying "Pfft...I don't like these headphones on my head, so there!" *grins*

And this was me...attempting to be the 'smart aleck' as always! LOL!

Ginger, Tasha and I doing a Down Stay exercise...

Tasha and I attempted to sit in a row again, but I didn't like the squishy grass near my right foot...heheh!

Anddd...a final outtake of me by myself! *grins*

Here's the photo of me that made the cut for the website:

I'm 'calculating' for you...LOLLL!

Check out the website by clicking on the button below! Yup, Mom's friends are starting a new business by providing raw food for the masses! Yen got quite a few remarks from busy owners that feeding raw is a hassle compared to feeding kibble, so she and her partner have come up with a plan to provide people with the option to feed raw easily! Now, not only we get to enjoy yummy raw food, it's easier for our Moms and Dads to feed too! How cool is that? No more excuses for the 'lazy' owners...hehehe!

Come check the website out! It has quite a lot of information on raw feeding, its benefits, FAQs, and even a cool calculator to see how much we would get per meal! *grins* Don't miss my photo too...LOLLL! Mom and I are helping out to promote and sell the yummy, Malaysian doggie friends, order with, and we'll do all the hard work for you! *wink*


Monday, November 9, 2009

A 'Peace Offering' (sort of!)

Well, after a LONG talk with Mom about her blog and mine, we have agreed that she will update my blog more often as she could...YAYYY! Oh, and she made a little 'peace offering' too yesterday:

Hehe...excuse the cracks in the cake. It's a sugar-free vanilla carob cake with some banana inside...*licks lips* Mom actually made another one for the humans (they ate it with vanilla ice-cream...hmm, I wonder if I could get that later? hehehe!), but this love-shaped cake is for moi..YAYY!

Kenji and I having to wait before we can eat...silly Mom couldn't take the cake out of the pan without cutting it in half. LOL! Oh well, all the better for us to eat it, eh? *wink*

Close-up on us and cake...*grins*

And to top it off, Mom put some whipping cream on top...see? 'S' for me, and 'K' for Kenji! Hey, I thought that cake was for me? Pfft...

Me, waiting to chomp down!

It was almost gone within 2 bites...hehehe! I loved it! A little hint of banana in a sort of chocolate-y taste...yumm!

Mom managed to get nicer shots of Kenji though...maybe coz the cake piece was bigger than his mouth, so he had to eat slow...LOL!

He likes to lick off all the topping first before eating...a typical Kenji habit! =P

Okay, so I won't hold grudges any more's my smiley face to say thanks for the cool cake! Just make sure you don't ignore my blog for a long time anymore, okay? *grins*


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mom's Update and 'Betrayal'...

Hi everyone!

It's November already...and so near the year end! How time flies, no? But I'm a bit grumpy right now (tell you about that later on in the post)...*pouts*

Mom's arm is getting better...she can slowly lift her arm up high, but she says she still has a long way to go because the strength of the arm is still not back yet. =( She went to the hospital for a follow up and an x-ray:

The doctor said it's healing quite bone is more visible now, and even though there's a nasty-looking sharp edge on the side, he said it will be 'smoothed out' over time. Mom asked about the appearance of her arm, coz she felt like the left arm looked a little 'curved' in comparison with her right arm, but the doctor said that having a (sort of) crooked arm but with full functionality sure beats having a nice straight arm but with limited functionality. Guess we all know which one Mom chose...*grins*

Oh, hmm...I'm supposed to be grumpy *pouts* Why? Because Mom has been neglecting MY blog, but she has time to START HER OWN BLOG! GRRRRR!! It's bad enough she didn't help me with commenting and visiting, but I think she's blogging more on her own blog now than mine...*puppy eyes* Well Mom, I think a compromise should be in order no? You help me blog more on MY blog, and I promise to be a Good Boy more...what say you?? Oh, and her blog link is here (in case anyone wants to see...though I doubt that there WOULD be, coz I'M more popular...hehehe! =P )

Oops, got to go before Mom sees this! I'll be checking up on your blogs, so stay tuned! *wink*