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Monday, September 27, 2010

A (Lightning Fast) Update

Hi everyone!

So sorry for not updating or visiting your blogs...Mom has been rather busy the past month what with her changing jobs and what not. I'm doing good though...thanks to everybody who still visit my blog even though I have been SOOOO slack in updating and visiting your blog! Mom says she will help me post again soon once she has gotten things settled down at her new workplace. Apparently she's feeling a bit under the weather too...which is really terrible when you're first starting a new job! I hope she gets better real soon!

Anyways, like the title says, this is supposed to be a very short note to say that I'm alive and well! *grins* I'm gearing up for more posts to shock you coz I've changed a little bit in terms of my looks...heh! Okay, it's not that big of a change, but Mom says it's not nice on me at all so we'll post again to reveal the 'new' me! *wink*

Till then, I hope you are well! *big hugs & slobbery kisses*


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dogathon 2010

Oh dear...another long-delayed post! Today is also Mom's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!! *big sloppy wet kisses*), so she says she's taking a bit of time to help me write since it's been AGES and I've got more stuff to share! *grins* So, here goes another event that I got to attend about 2 weeks ago:

Yup, I guess you've already known about it from the blog title! *wink* It's the annual Dogathon organized by a local university here to raise funds for the well-being of animals as well as being a platform for doggie lovers to gather and have fun =)

Mom's camera holding certainly needs some work...she wanted to capture me and the people behind us (there were SOOOO many!) but the people got cut off. LOLLL!

Let's go, Mom! I want to meet some doggie friends!

And meet them we did...the first group of doggies I met were quite diverse *wink* We had fun sniffing and greeting each other...heh!

We got a 'butt-sniffing train' going on too...LOLL!

Mom also helped out with Aunty Yen's booth to sell's tags so I got to chill and meet other doggies who came with their owners to buy the cool tags! See the number of human legs and doggies around? They're literally like a sea of humans and dogs! *grins* Mom said at the end of the day, there was an announcement from the organizers...they had broken a their own, as well as a Malaysian record for having the most number of doggies gathered in one day. Guess how many of us were there? 1100 doggies!! Awesome, isn't it??

And what is a Dogathon without an actual marathon with dogs, right? Hehehehe...there was again a sea of people going to run their hearts out with their furkids! Mom didn't join this coz she said she will pass out if she tried to even run 1km (the marathon was about 3km). LOLLL! There were plenty of other games too like the "Master Hunt", where the doggies were put in a maze, and just by hearing the sound of their human's voice, they have to maneuver out of the maze...awesome eh? Mom wanted to let me try that but I wouldn't hear of it...I hate mazes! >.<"

We did get to try out a game called "Mummy-Go-Round" (the theme of this year is Egypt, so every game has something to do with Egypt!), which is like a Musical Chair with a twist...coz we play it with our humans :) We didn't win sadly, but it was fun! And after that, I got to meet more doggies too, like this cute Min. Schnauzer buddy! *grins*

And here's a cool gathering of the three different sized Poodles! The Standard, Mini, and Toy Poodles all often do you see that, right? *wink*

After walking around for a bit, it's time for Mom to go back and help out at the booth again, so I chilled (with my ugly and wet beard) and scored some treats too!

Meeting new friends at the booth was a never know who you're going to meet. This one time I met this cute Jack Russell dude and when he saw Mom holding the camera to snap photos of him...

He ran straight towards her to get a close-up! LOLL! Mom loves this cute photo of his nose...*grins*

Chilling out is lots of work too...I need to make sure that people come to the booth with my 'handsome' looks. LOLL! So, Mom gave me some snacks courtesy of the other people having booths there. There were SOOO many goodies when the day ended. We got home and much did we get, you say?

How about these for size? *wink* The sausage thingy on the top left were bought by Mom, but the rest of the treats, chews, toys and samples were given out free to everybody who attended the Dogathon! Score!!

I wanted to get to the treats pronto, but Mom made me pose first...GRRR! We didn't really have much use for the kibble samples since we're on the raw diet, but the treats and chews, I LOVE! More on that later...*grins*

Kenji wanted in on the treats too, so he had to have a picture first before he was given a treat...heh!

And that's about it for my Dogathon post...I wished I had more photos of the booths and the games, but Mom was busy collecting goodies from the booths that she didn't have enough hands to take photos. LOL! Remind me to get a better photographer next time...*wink*


Monday, August 2, 2010

When Scottie Meets Some Cute Girls....

Ooh,check out that cute girl there...Oops! Sorry, I get all obsessed when I'm outside. Yes, I'm at a park. FINALLY!

Mom brought me out over the weekend to Desa Park City, a friendly neighborhood that allows us doggies to roam around....check out the scenery behind me! I SO wish I could live here...*grins*

Oh yes, there are also lots of other doggies around, but this time around it's a mini gathering between some of us Min. Schnauzers! This is Miki...Mom snapped this photo from afar, so you can really tell that she needs a lot of work in photographing doggies. Heh!

Here are some other doggies that I met too...there's Sherry (the cutie in the pink shirt), and a tiny Shih Tzu pup that Mom didn't get her name from, coz she just sauntered near us and proceeded to get cuddles from everyone she meets!

Here's Poppy with Sherry and the Shih Tzu pup...they are so lucky to be able to roam freely without their leashes. Mom apparently doesn't trust me enough to play nice, so she keeps a long leash on me...

Like so...hehehe! As a result, we all got into a sniffing fest *grins*

And then, Pepper and her family joined us too! Her Mom was really generous and handed out her homemade treats to every was DELISH! I got to try a sushi treat, and some cheesy treats....*licks lips*

Cheeky Miki thought she might score more treats by staying close to Pepper's Mom...heh!

The pups and I...*grins*

And then we got to watch Pepper fly by us when she ran with her Mom...everyone's happy for her coz she got better from her sickie last week. Now she's fit as a fiddle again...*grins*

That's not all folks! The humans decided to have dinner at a dog-friendly restaurant nearby called La Castle Cafe, and they have this cool space for us to play in!

The girls proceeded to have loads of fun with each other (at this point, I noticed I was the only boy there...*grins* I'm the biggest thorn amongst the roses! *wink*) so Mom's slow fingers couldn't get any nice photos of them....

Case in point....hahahaha!

Better shot of the play time, but I got bored of Mom's snapping and went to have a good sniff....lots of interesting smells! I wanted to leave a pee-mail, but Mom got me out before I could do it...pfft! Spoil sport!

I think Pepper got tired at this she rested a while =)

Mom didn't want me to cause any trouble so she shifted me to one of the chairs...with an absolutely comfortable cushion on top! With leopard print on it! *grins* This is what happens when the flash becomes too much for a doggie's eyes...LOL!

To make me behave myself more, Mom tried to bribe me with more of Pawsome Treat House's cheesy tarts....of course, I'd had to do this boring-est trick first. Loved the taste of it all...and the packaging was super cute too! Mom was so silly that she ripped the pack open before taking a photo...LOLL! Oh well, more treats for me! *grins*

Then, we were joined by Fatty & Ally and their Dad too! Mom didn't manage to snap a nice photo of them, but here are some other great photos from Pepper's Mom...I think the photos speak for themselves! So much so that Mom thinks she might need a new camera to get nicer photos...*roll eyes* Doesn't she know she needs lessons first?

Here are some other great photos from Uncle Eric (Fatty & Ally's Dad) showing the pups and their parents!

Well, I guess that's about it for my once-in-a-blue-moon outing! I SOOO hope I get to go out more often! *crosses paws* I promise to be very good if we go out every week, Mom...pretty please? *shows puppy eyes*


P/S: Thanks again for all the kind wishes for Kenji...he's already back to normal, but doctors can't seem to find anything wrong with him. My guess is he's a freak of nature or he's got some nasty bite from an unknown source that went away after a few days...the humans were told to keep an eye out for him, but he's pretty much back to his annoying self again! I don't know if I should be happy or annoyed...heh! 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update On Kenji

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and healing vibes! The second vet's opinion is the same as the first:, Mom and Aunty Vivian are still monitoring him for any other signs. They are even recording his meal-times to show the vet what happens after he eats! They will be bringing Kenji to the hospital again this Friday for another follow-up to see what other options are there to correct the neck bone that is being impacted...

Funnily enough, yesterday Kenji was almost back to his old self! He was running about and playing with Yuki and his toys and there was no evidence of a stiff or swollen neck! And he wasn't on any painkillers too...Aunty Vivian thought that since he wasn't in any pain she would not give the painkillers for the day to see how it goes, and he seemed fine! Weird, right?'s only Wednesday today, so they're still monitoring him...I'm thinking that the healing circle works! We're hoping that the healing vibes continue until the next check up and his neck bone will be all better and won't require surgery or anything of the sort! *crosses paws*


Monday, July 12, 2010

Just When We Thought All Was Good...

...something not-so-good happens. Just a few days ago, Kenji became unwell and he wasn't his usual annoying self...all he does is lie around (mostly on his side) and he became very defensive and wouldn't let most people touch him (except for Mom and Aunty Vivian). They noticed his neck has been swollen and rushed him to the veterinary hospital.Aunty Vivian said they did X-rays for him, but couldn't seem to find anything wrong with his neck (except that one of the bones in the neck area seems to be a bit impacted compared to the others, but the vet mentioned that it might not be causing the swollenness) and just asked the humans to monitor him for any changes. The funny thing is, this swollen neck thing didn't happen at the hospital, but only at home! Poor Kenji...he looks so sad and miserable that Aunty Vivian is bringing him to another vet for a second opinion.

We'd like to ask for good vibes that Kenji will get better quickly...he can't seem to breathe well or eat much, and Mom notices that whenever he does eat (really soft food like rice and banana as reccommended by the vet), his neck would get swollen too...this made her think that could it be him having a sore throat, or tonsilitis (do doggies have tonsils in the first place? o.O") but I guess we will know after the second vet's visit. It's quite worrying to see him like this, so we'd also appreciate any advice from whomever have experienced this or know anything about this....


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy (Belated) 4th Of July... all my friends from the US! From what Mom told me and from the Internet, it's a PAWSOME celebration with loads of good food, great company as well as fantastic fireworks at night! Wish I was there! Happy Independence Day! *grins*

I didn't think this was a coincidence, but Mom definitely did...she cooked dinner again on Sunday for the family, and it 'just so happens' to be (mostly) food from the US! 

There's Jambalaya, Cola-Glazed Wings (though I think the wings looked a little burnt...LOLL!) and Shrimp Salad with some Brazillian Lemonade, and for dessert...

Peach Cobbler! *licks lips* Sadly, those were ALL for the humans....they finished it all before we poor doggies even got to sniff at it! GRRRRR! And to rub more salt into the wound, right after dinner Mom made...

Her own version of Hot Pockets (I think that's what it's called anyways!) Dang...

Ooh, but when it came to OUR dinner time, I smelled something different!'s BEEF! And apparently according to Mom, it's a 'special' kind of special that Gramma called Mom crazy for getting it to feed us doggies! o.O" I just knew it smelled awesome and by the looks of it, very fatty and yummy-looking!

Ooh....see the juicy meat!! Mom cuts it up for us and then...

We had to wait again before diving in! GRRR!

We dove into it so fast after Mom gave the OK that she couldn't take any nice photos of us! Ooh, I can't describe the yumminess of it was SO good I had to eat it all quickly! Heh! 

I know, it's either I don't post anything for ages and when I DO post, it's about food and then apologizing for the lateness in catching up >.<" Really sorry about that! Mom's been cooking quite a bit lately and that's about all we always talk about anyways...she's feeling a bit up to the neck about her work thingy, so she says cooking and baking (at the moment) takes her mind off the stuff at work. I told her to go for it, since it means more FOOD! Although, I think I'd better get her to bake some stuff for us too coz she's been making HUMAN food more and most of the time we don't get to eat it :( 

I've often wondered why them humans don't allow us doggies to eat their food too...they keep saying that it's too sweet, too salty or whatever. If it's bad for us, isn't it bad for them too? Sometimes I feel us doggies eat much healthier than they do! Heh heh! So, for the humans who want to be healthier, eat like us...more fresh meat, some veggies, no salt and sugar and you're good to go! *wink*


UPDATE: I've never gotten any problems so far with Blogger all this while, but I guess somehow or other, someone will get 'attacked' every now and then...and today happens to be my time! >.<" I can't seem to view the comments sent previously. =( I had it set to allow me to moderate the comments, but whenever I see a notification and I go to that page, Blogger tells me I have no comments to moderate! So, I then set it to just accept comments with some word verifications...luckily I set email notifications too when anybody comments, coz I can get the comments through email, but NOWHERE was it shown in the blog! O.O" Dang Blogger! It's a good thing that email notifications still work, so I still get some of your comments...I don't know if it's really Blogger, or has my account been hacked into! >.<" Anybody else experienced this before?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Double Whammy Of A Celebration!

Hola amigos!

It's me, Kenji, taking over the blog again...mwahahahahaha! It was my BIRTHDAY on Saturday, and....*thud*

*scramble scramble* GEROFF! It's MY blog you know??!! Little brothers are such a pain....*sigh* But I guess it WAS his birthday, so for today, we shall share the post....and throughout the post we will be posting in different colors so you can tell who's talking. I (Scottie) will be in BLUE, coz that's my favourite colour! *grins* Kenji shall be in PURPLE, coz that's the closest thing to red (his favourite colour). Red wordings on a green background hurts the eyes so he shall compromise...heh! Anyways, take it away Kenji...

Thanks Scottie! As I was saying before I was rudely cut off by my big fluff of a was my Birthday, and since it was also Father's Day on Sunday, Aunty Audrey decided to make me a little something for my birthday...*puffs chest* Now, what's the best way to know that you're the favourite furkid of the house? When you get awesomely nicer yummies than your brother!! 


*snickers* I'll show you later on in the post...for now, it's on to photos!

Nah, this is not Kenji's's a coffee cake made for Grandpa for Father's Day! Mom wanted to be creative and write "Happy Father's Day" on the cake, but thought better of it since her frosting skills need (LOTS of) work. Heh! So she just made little swirlies and put hearts on it. Grandpa liked it! Happy Belated Father's Day to all the Dads and Grandpas out there from all of us! *grins*

Yeah,, on to my most FAVOURITE thing of all! Drum roll please!
Ta dah!! I know it looks like little blobs of stuff, but it's actually Meat Cake Pops!! I know it sounds kind of weird, but here's the story (according to Aunty Audrey): she was browsing through some websites for ideas on making a cake for me...since she already did cupcakes before, she wanted something a little different. That's when she stumbled upon Cake Pops (Cake Lollipops) as an inspiration! 

She didn't want to make floury cakes as was the 'tradition' for the past few cakes she made for us, so she made her own version: Meat Cake Pops! LOL! The 'lollipop' sticks were rawhide chews and the cake were actually meatballs baked and cooled, then frosted by mashed potatoes and sprinkled with bacon. Then top it off with decorations cut from cheddar cheese. Arrange it all nicely in a bowl shaped like a vase, and you get your own bouquet of Cake Pops! YUMMMM...*licks lips* See what I mean by me being the favourite? I have the 'creative' cakes, while my brother gets only a round cake...hehehehehh!

Pffft....whatever! *rolls eyes*

And here's the spread of yummy food that the humans get too (only the ones at the top of the photo...the ones at the bottom are ours!). There's pasta, roasted chicken and yucky green veggies...LOLL! I still think the Cake Pops are the best! *wink*

Yuki came to visit too for my birthday, and we all posed for a photo! It was SOOO hard to lie still while that big bunch of meatballs with bacon are right in front of us! Notice we all looked so impatient and unhappy....coz they keep snapping the photos and asking us to do silly stuff! GRRR!

After a VERY long wait, we got to chow down! See mine? I have a gold star next to my initial! It means I'm super special...*broad grin*

Yeah well...MINE was a SUPER huge one with my own initial on it! Mom made it SPECIALLY for me, so THAT makes me the favourite...*puffs chest*

Uhh ohhh....look at the mess we made. >.<"

Not only is my birthday SUPER special, I got this SUPER big deal of a chew bone as a birthday pressie! See how big it is?? It's as big as me!! o.O Oh man, this is going to take AGES to chew on, and I'm well up for it...*grins*

*sigh* I still have to share it though, but only for this photo's way Scottie's going to take my bone from me!

Okay, that's it! No more Mr. Nice Brother from now it's back to me! *pushes Kenji away* Anyways, sorry for not commenting on your blogs very often...I do visit, but haven't been able to comment much. Will rectify that very VERY soon! Until then, Happy Belated Father's Day and hope you all have a great week ahead!

Scottie (& Kenji)