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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Treats from Korea!

Hi everyone!

This will have to be a quick one, so I'm doing slideshows again!

Aunty Jane has come back from Korea...and she brought us some treats! There were also a few surprises that Mom got for me, courtesy of a big stock clearance sale at one of the pet stores she went to! I hope it's viewable! *grins*

Meanwhile, in Mom's 'Baking Land', she made some sugar cookies (for the humans only...*sigh*) and decorated them with the help of Aunty Vivian. Since it was their very first attempt at frosting cookies, it was almost an epic FAILURE...LOLLLL! Mom says next time, if she does any frosting for the dog cookies (which she intends to...oh no!), she will just drizzle the cookies with it...nice and simple! Not sure how it will work out, but I'll be sure to let you know when it's out...

(To view a bigger version of this slideshow, click here:

That's about it for now...we're SOO sorry we haven't been visiting your blogs lately! Gramma's Mom is very very sick, so the family's been traveling alot to and fro...I hope I can come by to visit your blogs soon. Till then, take care!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Volunteer Work at Furry Friends' Farm

Mom went to Furry Friends' Farm (FFF) to do some volunteer work with her friends yesterday...when she came back, she told me that although she didn't do as much work as some of her friends, she feels EXHAUSTED. Goes to show how energetic she is, no? Tsk tsk tsk...

The idea was to help out at the shelter as rescues are still going on at Pulau Ketam (I'm pretty sure most of us have heard about it) so that the rescuers from FFF can concentrate more on rescuing, and for Mom I think she went because she can NEVER go on a rescue mission with her 'city' mentality...LOL! Guess this is the next best thing for her to chip in *wink* Here are photos!

The endless road outside FFF...the lady at the car is the organizer for this trip! Mom says she is superb for getting everybody organized and donations (in kind) from anybody willing to donate for the cause!

Here they are at FFF...can't read Chinese (neither can Mom! *rolls eyes*), so I guess I'm going to have to ask Gramma what the words below the English ones mean. *grins*

Some of the dogs at the entrance...Mom was told that some of them were the ones rescued from Pulau Ketam. They were isolated for a bit from the others so that they could get some rest and calm down from the trauma they experienced. The lady-in-charge, Ms Sabrina, told Mom that in total, FFF has managed to rescue a total of 21 dogs for now. 2 dogs are still at the vet for monitoring, and the rest are here...kudos to the rescue team!

There were also puppies found here..look at how cute they are! Mom was not sure if they are from Pulau Ketam, but it is so sad to see puppies not being given a home dedicated to love them...

Here are some other photos of adult dogs that were allowed to roam the premises of FFF:

Some close-up on the dogs that were kept in one of the enclosures...

This was one of the frequent volunteers at FFF...see how the doggies all crowd around her for attention? It's so heartwarming to see her interact with the dogs...Mom says she sees her sitting and talking with the dogs too while doing the necessary work.

Then it was feeding time! She brought out a big pail of rice to be mixed with kibbles and cod liver oil emulsion. Then the mixture will be divided amongst the dogs...Mom helped a little in distributing the food, but no photos of this.

Another volunteer waiting for everybody else to get some bowls so that the distribution can start all at one go, and will be easier to tell which doggie has been fed.

And then, the feeding begins:

Here are some more photos of doggies that Mom managed to photograph. She said it's quite sad to learn from Ms. Sabrina that the number of doggies being rehomed in FFF has been very slow. Most people who wants to adopt dogs would tend to choose pedigree dogs (like Kenji and I) over the mixed breeds, and because the doggies that FFF take in are from the streets, they don't look as 'pretty' as us pedigree dogs. =(

At FFF, you can see quite a few doggies with only 3 legs. It's good to see that they are also given a second chance at life even though they are not fully able like other doggies:

The group that Mom was with to do volunteer work...there were more people, but at the time this photo was taken, some haven't arrived yet. Everybody was doing their bit in helping out. Mom did what little she can: help to bathe a few doggies, rake some leaves, distribute food, and helping to feed the fishes at the ponds nearby.

The donations came in strong too! This was only part of the donations that the group brought that day. Things like kibbles, rice, dog shampoo, cages, dewormers, etc were brought in.

Before Mom left for the day, this was taken. This was also only part of the donations that came in...everyone who has donated has been SOOO generous!

All in all, Mom says it was an eye-opening experience. I feel very blessed too to be having a nice home with people to love me and play with me! We hope that with the exposure that the media has brought for FFF, the doggies there will be in better conditions to live in now that funds are coming in to help these poor doggies. Kudos again to all the volunteers and people running FFF! You really are angels for doggies...*grins*


Monday, May 18, 2009

Mom's Baking Endeavors...

Yup, it's official...Mom's gone crazy with baking! Just this weekend, she baked an apple pie, a lemon meringue pie and some pineapple cookies for Kenji and me. o.O" It's lucky we have neighbors to give away some of the treats...otherwise, I don't know how we will finish them off! I certainly hope this 'phase' won't wear off too soon, coz I really enjoyed the home made treats, but it's a bit much, don't you agree? *wink*

Mom didn't manage to take photos of the apple pie she made (she only remembered after the pie was cut, divided and given away...*rolls eyes*). But Grampa loved the pie! Mom got the recipe here: Apple Pie Recipe.
Mom's version wasn't as nice as the ones in the photos of course, but the recipe was lovely!

Here are some photos of the other treats she baked over the weekend:

This recipe is called Howl 'In Hula name right? Heh! It's actually pineapple cookies: not too sweet, but with a hint of pineapple in it. Lovely! Recipe here: Howl 'In Hula Cookies Recipe

Even the humans like it, especially Rachel...she couldn't sneak enough of it! *grins* Mom likes that a lot of these recipes are tasty enough for humans too, and doesn't contain sugar!

This one's a lemon meringue pie...right before it got taken out of the oven (Sorry for the slightly crooked angle..Mom doesn't know how to take photos)

The finished product! Gramma said the meringue was not brown enough (the recipe is from Gramma...she found it in a magazine. Mom said her version of it was SOOOO yummy, she wanted to try it out herself), but not bad for a first try. *grins*

After cutting it up...I never got a taste of this, coz Mom said it's too sweet for us, but she said her crust was not as good as Gramma's. Something about a bit too much water put in...*shrugs* Oh well, practice makes perfect, eh?

The oven that Mom got is a breadmaker too...she just puts in the ingredients and sets the proper settings, and voila! Bread comes out of it! This is a whole meal bread made with honey instead of sugar...*grins* I got to taste a little bit of the crust when Mom cut the bread...*licks lips*

That's it from me for now...I'll try to get Mom to lay off the baking for a bit and concentrate on MOI! Till then..


Friday, May 15, 2009


Omigosh...can't believe I had neglected my blog for so long! >.<" I have been reading up on your blogs though, just that I can't comment because MOM IS NOT AROUND! *pouts* I don't really like her being all busy with her work and stuff, but she claims that without her work, I wouldn't get treats...*sighhhh* Oh well, guess we all have to live with it, no? I will try to comment on your blogs soon..can't really promise when, but I hope real fast! *crosses paws*

Well, it's been quite a while since I've updated, and I've actually got a lot of photos to show! Don't want to bore everyone with an EXTREMELY long post, so I guess I'll post up slideshows of the 'events' that took place while I was not blogging. *grins* It takes a little time to load coz of the amount of photos, so please bear with it loading for a few seconds.

First up is a DOGGIE POOL PARTY! It was SOOO much fun! I made so many new friends, and we all got to swim in this GINORMOUS pool! hehe! It was organized by Rosie and her owners...they have a blog too (and more photos of the gathering there too!), so please drop by to say Hi! *grins* And so, I present the slideshow:

(To view the slideshow with bigger photos - and more descriptions - please go here:

Next, I promised that I would show photos of what Aunty Vivian brought back from her study trip to they are! Kenji and I got Japanese clothes to wear! *grins* And we got to sample some lovely Japanese cakes too...*licks lips*

(To view the slideshow with bigger photos - and more descriptions - please go here:

Oh yeah, I have to mention that Mom is in sort of a baking frenzy phase...*wink* She found quite a few recipes for doggies on the Internet that she had been hankering to try, so she tried out these two for the pool party! I hope the other doggies didn't get tummy upset, but the cookies and treats turned out okay...heh! She's meaning to try out other recipes too, but she's waiting for gatherings and stuff to try them out, since one recipe always yield a LOT, and Kenji and I can't possibly finish them in such a short time (Well, we probably CAN, but I'm sure Mom won't let us...hmmph!) Will post up photos of her other attempts when she does try them out...*grins*

(To view the slideshow with bigger photos - and more descriptions - please go here:

Well, that's about it from me! Will come by to comment your blogs real soon, I hope...wish me luck that I can convince Mom to help me for another few hours! *grins*