Gramma's Bentos!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ich liebe treats!

Sorry for the very lame attempt at speaking German...I thought I would try a simple phrase because:

We got some treats from Germany as a gift from a very good friend of Mom's! There's chocodrops (if I read them correctly!), some bacon-like treats and some treats that looked like little sticks! *drools*

Once we heard the rustle of the bags, we all start rushing towards Mom and sitting nicely to get our share of the treats...heh!

Mom thought she would start with the bacon treats coz they smelled good! (Well, she said it smelled bad, but WE think it's PAWSOME! *grins*) But still, we had to wait while the shutterbox thingy does its work...

Since we were being so patient, Mom thought she would push her luck with another trick before she allowed us to take it...this was the only shot she managed before it flew out of my schnozzle into my waiting mouth. Heh!

Kenji didn't have it so good...he got so fed up he looked away from the camera. It's also his own way of 'leaving the food alone'. Just don't look at it, and you won't get tempted...LOL!!

Want to give a big shout out and thanks to Aunty Yen for giving us these pawsome treats!

Mom has been trying to teach Kenji the 'Beg' trick for ages...LOL! This is the best he would do...haha!

And this is how the 'old hand' does it...hehehe!

We'd like to ask for a favor from all our friends...there is this little award thing that Mom nominated my blog's called the 2010 Dog Blog Award from! There are some really cool prizes up for grabs and we'd like to try and win it *grins* That's why we need YOUR help, coz this is a voting round! To help us out, please go to the website: and enter the unique code for the ~Nottie Scottie~ blog, which is:

You only need to vote once, so I'd really appreciate the help...*grins* Danke schön (I think it means Thank You Very Much! *wink*)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Being a 'Fuzzball' and Fishies!

GRRRR!! I'm so blaming Mom for slacking off on my blogging time yet again! Even though we got something-so-pawsomely-cool-I-can't-even-talk-about-it-without-drooling-on-the-keyboard:

Fish treats!!

All ready to dive into (no pun intended) those yummy treats...excuse the fuzzball phase. Mom is not only lazy in my blogging time, but my personal hygiene as well. *sigh*

Concentrate, concentrate...maybe it will land on my nose faster!

Ooh...yes it does! Slightly tilt head for major 'AWWW' points as well as quicken the trick time. *wink*

Drool excessively until it's impossible to even Photoshop, and you get the perfect fish treat photo! *grins*

Optional: If you want to get even more squeals and treats from the humans, combine two known tricks...*wink* Mom tried to make me do it again another time after this photo, but I refused...mwahahahaha!

Kenji's approach was a little more the 'Down' command and stare hypnotically at the camera.

Otherwise, do the 'Shake' command and stare obssessively at the fish while tilting head away!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Very, VERY Belated Post In A Brand New Year

Hi everyone!

A VERY Happy (and Belated!) New Year to all my friends! We had been super 'busy' what with all the long weekends and all...Mom has been going out so much it's insane! So, I sat her down and gave her a good talking to. She promises to be more vigilant in helping me I hope that becomes a resolution that she intends to keep in this brand spanking new year! *grins*

So, to commemorate this New Year, I'd like to start by thanking all the friends who have sent me cards (snail mail or e-mail or even just dropping by my blog!) for Christmas! In total, I think I've received more than 50 cards! That's super awesome, coz my Mom only got one...mwahahahahaha! =P Here are some photos of me with my beautiful and LOVELY cards! They will go into my card collection along with the ones I've received last year...*grins*

And here are the e-cards that I've received as well! I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't display all the cards I've received, because some are animated and Mom doesn't know how to capture it all. But Thank You just the same to all the friends (old and new!) who have sent me a card! I hope I can come by and visit your blogs real soon to thank you in person...everyone's cards are SOOOO gorgeous!

Mom is also getting a little obsessed with another gadget that Aunty Jane bought not too long ago...don't know what it's called, but it's really funny to watch them play with it and laughing along. Sometimes I like to lie down next to Mom, but when she's playing with that gadget thingy, she asks me to move away coz she's afraid she might step on me! GRRRRR! But all the same, they all giggle like silly school girls when they see my confused look watching them play this thing:

Here's to hoping that Mom won't neglect me again in the process, and everyone had a great New Year's!