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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A WAYYYYY Long Overdue Post...

OMG...can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! >.<" This post was scheduled for 15th July to commemorate my first ever blogoversary (YAYYY! I've lasted one year...albeit having many hiatuses over the times..LOL!) and my 100th post (DOUBLE YAYY! I have that many things to talk about! LOL!), but Mom is super lazy, I tells ya! Anyways, since it's so way overdue, I will combine my posts for this time...*wink* Twinkle has tagged me with a game! And the rules were:

  1. Open the folder that has your pictures in it...
  2. Choose one you haven't posted yet...
  3. Tell it's story...
  4. Tag 5 friends...

So, here goes my photos of the celebration that was for my 100th post and 1st blogoversary!

Mom and Gramma made pizza to celebrate! *drools* These are for the furkids (aka moi, Kenji and Lady)

And this was one of the few that were for the humans...*grins*

Gramma also made some sushi a la Bento style for me and's mine!

And Kenji's...

But like always, we were obliged to pose for the camera before eating...*sigh*

This time around, Kenji wasn't too happy either! LOL!

*fast forward to the eating (we all gobbled up our treats like, lightning fast!)*

I waited patiently when I spotted something...

The leftovers! o.O" Why in the world would someone waste all that good food?

The culprit...turns out Kenji doesn't like to eat the rice and the pizza crust! He just licked off all the toppings and what not...clever? Or wasteful? It's still good for me though, coz I polished off whatever he left behind, making Mom's clean up easier! *wink*

For dessert, we had little tartlets filled with whipped cream and blueberry or strawberry filling...*licks lips*

Hmmph...same old, same old, no? I think Mom needs to teach me some more new tricks!

So, umm...that's it for this tag. I think most doggies have already done this game, but if you haven't, consider yourself tagged! *wink*


I've also received a TOTALLY cool award by Checkers!! Thank you SOOO much, Checkers! It's a great honour to receive it...*grins* Your blog so totally rocks too! I would like to pass this wonderful award to all my friends whom I've known this past's been such a joy blogging about my life and getting to know friends from all over the world! I hope there are many more years of blogging to come...*crosses paws*

So much overdue posts, but the next one would be quite an updated one, I think...heh! I get to go on a trip! Where? Stay tuned...*wink*


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

K9 Klear Up...Wow!

A couple of weeks ago, a nice man sent us a sample of his product to try and also to review it...I was quite excited, naturally! I got to sample new doggie stuff...*grins*

The sample that came in the's an all-natural, organic balm for pets called K9 Klear Up! It says here that it helps to clear up the 17 most common canine skin and coat! I don't know about the other doggies out there, but I tend to get skin itchies and rashes on and off...this product could definitely help me from itching and scratching! *grins*

Some of the conditions that K9 Klear Up helps with include (for the complete list, visit their website here):
  • Hot spots and chronic skin rashes (I get these quite a few times myself...oh, the itching!)
  • Cuts and scratches (perfect for me and my scratching and getting into scrapes most of the time!)
  • Bug bites (With the tick season in full swing this time around, it's getting on my nerves and skin too)
  • Dry, itchy, flaky skin
  • Skin allergies (ie Eczema)
  • Fungi
  • General pad wear and tear
  • Overall itching and scratching

Now, the thing about products that are labeled as 'natural' or 'organic' sometimes is that they also include other chemical ingredients like preservatives or color or smell. But what Mom loved about K9 Klear Up is that, it only contains three ingredients! How cool is that?
  • Shea butter - It's the base for K9 Klear Up. Mom uses shea butter products too, and she loves that shea butter moisturizes skin very well!
  • Tepezcohuite - pronounced 'Tep-Ez-Co-Heety', it's the active ingredient in K9 Klear Up, working to help build new skin and a healthy coat after injury
  • Vegetable emulsifier - The ingredient that 'smooths out' the shea butter/Tepezcohuite mixture, making K9 Klear Up a breeze to apply. Mom said she can vouch for this as well, coz some creams are just too runny or too hard to apply, but K9 Klear Up is easy to apply, and is not oily after application too...*grins*

Moi with the sample...*wink*

Now, after all the talk about the product and the ingredients, how did it fare with me and my skin itchies? I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but after the sample arrived in the mail, I wound up with a whole lot of bumps and rashes that itched me to no end! Usually, Mom would just apply the creams and ointments that she got from the vet to ease the itching, but she tried K9 Klear Up on me that day...

I have to say though that Mom has been 'cheating' a little...*wink* The instructions said to apply the balm to the problem area 3 - 5 times daily, and the problems would be resolved in about 7 days. *whispers* She only put it on me once a day, since she's at work early in the morning...she puts it on in the evening when she gets back. So, we assumed that since the frequency is not so high, the results will only show after 7 days...well, not exactly!

This was the inside of my thigh taken on 1st July...notice the little cuts and red spots?

This was taken yesterday (Doofus Mom forgot to take photos of it earlier...>.<") The cuts have completely healed and the rashes have been cleared too..*grins* The cuts have actually healed about 2-3 days of application, but the rashes took a little longer...usually, it takes more than 2 weeks of application before any results were seen with the vet's creams, so Mom was really satisfied with the results we got with K9 Klear Up!

My other problem area (taken 1st July)...ick! Itchy red bumps! Mom figured it could be tick bites as I always get angry red bumps like these from ticks, and since the tick season is in right now, I get these...>.<"

This was taken yesterday too...the nasty red bumps have resided! Whoo! And I don't scratch as much as I used to too...*grins*

So, my verdict? TWO PAWS OUT for K9 Klear Up! *grins* Mom is really impressed with the way things turned out for me, so she will be ordering a jar too! This will surely come in handy when I get the itchies...=) If you have skin itchies or rashes like I do, do give it a try...we highly recommend it! You can order your jar of K9 Klear Up here!

P/S: Really sorry that I haven't been commenting on your blogs...I've been reading but haven't been able to comment (Mom's being a doofus again...I need new hands to help me type, I think!) Hope to catch up with you all real soon!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Malaysia Dog Day 2009

Mom brought me to the Malaysia Dog Day organized by last Sunday! YAYYY! I went with Mom, Gramma, Grampa, Aunty Jane and Rachel (Aunty Vivian was working that day, so Kenji couldn't come..*sad face*), and boy was it a long day!

This time around, the event was held in an air-conditioned stadium! Cool! Too bad it was so little and could only fit a handful of people at the side (the terrace seats were only for humans, so naturally those who came with their furkids didn't stay long =( ) We reached the stadium at about 12.30pm, and the games were mostly finished...*sigh* Still, Mom said that she entered me into their Pre-Novice obedience, that's why she came late, coz she doesn't want me to get too restless.

Look at the amount of people at the stadium! This was when the police K9 unit demonstrated their obedience and agility skills...awesome!

Me, I got to sit on a chair to wait for the obedience trials to begin...heh!

Mom didn't manage to take a lot of photos, coz there were just too many people in the stadium, and her camera was dying out her to NOT charge the battery before leaving home, right? This was taken during the Most Creative Dress Up was won by none other than the fabulous Amber-Mae! *grins* I didn't get to speak to her this time around though, but still...I think her clown costume was SUPER! *grins* Congrats, Amber!

Here are some other doggie photos that Mom managed to snap before her camera died on her...this little Pomeranian cutie sat on the owner's lap the whole time! Mom said she is too cute!

This is Duke, a fellow obedience trial participant...he's such a good sport! *grins* Some other participants include my friends Dou Dou the poodle (from my previous post here), Ginger and Ziggy! Ziggy and Dou Dou won second and third place respectively! Congrats to them for their awesome work! Me? I didn't win a placing, but Mom is still proud of me because I got a little improvement from my previous trials...88 points. *grins* She was quite surprised that I paid a little more attention this time around because:

I had to wait....

And wait....

And wait (notice the smile has gone)...of course, with bathroom breaks and some improvised play time (with my leash as a tug) in between...

And wait SOME MORE...o.O" Yes, the day had become TOO long because of delays. The trials were scheduled to be on at 2pm, but we only started at 6.30pm! O.O By the time we finished our exercises in the Pre-Novice class, it was already 8.30pm...we didn't stay after that to view the score because everybody was hungry and tired. Mom asked Dou Dou's Mom to help us check the scores, and when she asked when the whole event ended, it was about 10.30pm! Freaky, don't you think? But it was still quite a fun event as it was not hot inside the stadium! Hopefully it won't get dragged too long next time. *wink*