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Monday, June 21, 2010

Double Whammy Of A Celebration!

Hola amigos!

It's me, Kenji, taking over the blog again...mwahahahahaha! It was my BIRTHDAY on Saturday, and....*thud*

*scramble scramble* GEROFF! It's MY blog you know??!! Little brothers are such a pain....*sigh* But I guess it WAS his birthday, so for today, we shall share the post....and throughout the post we will be posting in different colors so you can tell who's talking. I (Scottie) will be in BLUE, coz that's my favourite colour! *grins* Kenji shall be in PURPLE, coz that's the closest thing to red (his favourite colour). Red wordings on a green background hurts the eyes so he shall compromise...heh! Anyways, take it away Kenji...

Thanks Scottie! As I was saying before I was rudely cut off by my big fluff of a was my Birthday, and since it was also Father's Day on Sunday, Aunty Audrey decided to make me a little something for my birthday...*puffs chest* Now, what's the best way to know that you're the favourite furkid of the house? When you get awesomely nicer yummies than your brother!! 


*snickers* I'll show you later on in the post...for now, it's on to photos!

Nah, this is not Kenji's's a coffee cake made for Grandpa for Father's Day! Mom wanted to be creative and write "Happy Father's Day" on the cake, but thought better of it since her frosting skills need (LOTS of) work. Heh! So she just made little swirlies and put hearts on it. Grandpa liked it! Happy Belated Father's Day to all the Dads and Grandpas out there from all of us! *grins*

Yeah,, on to my most FAVOURITE thing of all! Drum roll please!
Ta dah!! I know it looks like little blobs of stuff, but it's actually Meat Cake Pops!! I know it sounds kind of weird, but here's the story (according to Aunty Audrey): she was browsing through some websites for ideas on making a cake for me...since she already did cupcakes before, she wanted something a little different. That's when she stumbled upon Cake Pops (Cake Lollipops) as an inspiration! 

She didn't want to make floury cakes as was the 'tradition' for the past few cakes she made for us, so she made her own version: Meat Cake Pops! LOL! The 'lollipop' sticks were rawhide chews and the cake were actually meatballs baked and cooled, then frosted by mashed potatoes and sprinkled with bacon. Then top it off with decorations cut from cheddar cheese. Arrange it all nicely in a bowl shaped like a vase, and you get your own bouquet of Cake Pops! YUMMMM...*licks lips* See what I mean by me being the favourite? I have the 'creative' cakes, while my brother gets only a round cake...hehehehehh!

Pffft....whatever! *rolls eyes*

And here's the spread of yummy food that the humans get too (only the ones at the top of the photo...the ones at the bottom are ours!). There's pasta, roasted chicken and yucky green veggies...LOLL! I still think the Cake Pops are the best! *wink*

Yuki came to visit too for my birthday, and we all posed for a photo! It was SOOO hard to lie still while that big bunch of meatballs with bacon are right in front of us! Notice we all looked so impatient and unhappy....coz they keep snapping the photos and asking us to do silly stuff! GRRR!

After a VERY long wait, we got to chow down! See mine? I have a gold star next to my initial! It means I'm super special...*broad grin*

Yeah well...MINE was a SUPER huge one with my own initial on it! Mom made it SPECIALLY for me, so THAT makes me the favourite...*puffs chest*

Uhh ohhh....look at the mess we made. >.<"

Not only is my birthday SUPER special, I got this SUPER big deal of a chew bone as a birthday pressie! See how big it is?? It's as big as me!! o.O Oh man, this is going to take AGES to chew on, and I'm well up for it...*grins*

*sigh* I still have to share it though, but only for this photo's way Scottie's going to take my bone from me!

Okay, that's it! No more Mr. Nice Brother from now it's back to me! *pushes Kenji away* Anyways, sorry for not commenting on your blogs very often...I do visit, but haven't been able to comment much. Will rectify that very VERY soon! Until then, Happy Belated Father's Day and hope you all have a great week ahead!

Scottie (& Kenji)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Salmon Drops, Carob Sticks And A Visitor??

Whoops...Mom totally spaced out again! >.<" Anyways, this was supposed to be for last week's post....go figure, right? *rolls eyes at Mom* So, without more delay:

Lookie at the new treats we got! Mom usually gets either the chocolate drops or the yogurt drops from another brand (she even uses the chocolate drops to make our treats!), but this time around she saw a new thing...SALMON drops! More on that further to the salmon drops is a box of chocolate (read: carob) covered sticks. Too cute!

Us waiting patiently for it....

Ooh, look who we have here??!! It's Yuki! Isn't she cute?? No, we didn't get a new sister but Yuki comes to play with us every now and then...she's a long coat Chihuahua, and she's about 6 months old now. *grins* Back to the treat, we finished it off in no time flat (coz Mom was stingy like that and divided that small treat into 3 portions...HMMPH!!)

Next, we tried the salmon drops! When the package was opened we jumped in excitement coz the smell was just heavenly (though Mom commented that it smelled weird)...fishy treats! She thought of trying to melt the drops like she did with the chocolate ones to see if she could make something out of it...well, we'll see how it goes! I'll probably finish it before she'd remember....*snickers*

Kenji with his salmon drop....see his emo face again? LOLL!

And Yuki! She learnt how to "Leave It" quite quickly, and sitting very nicely for Mom to snap a photo! I sense another attention seeker in the house...*wink*

One last photo of her...Mom likes her brown eyes!

Okay, that's about it I think...I hope my next update won't be that long again, but with Mom, it's kind of hard to tell these days...>.<" I'll be visiting soon! *crosses paws*