Gramma's Bentos!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day Three at Ruby's Resort!

Day 3 was AMAZING as well, but it was our last day at Ruby's Resort, so it was kind of bittersweet having to say goodbye, but also having loads of fun at the same time!

Mom said she wanted to try that 'handwriting' thing again...ugghh. Her writing was never better. Weird though coz her normal handwriting is usually so much better than this. Oh well...

I scrounged up my best smile for her to make her happy and get her off my back so I could...

...catch Kenji running as well! See how his body bends to the side? Haha! I told him he needs work on his hips and he snapped at me...pfft!

Kenji giving Mom the 'Whazzup?' look after his 'macho' run.

I got to run a lot too, but Mom always like to snap photos when I'm in the most unflattering position! GRRRR...what with the ears flapping, tongue askew and fur flying everywhere, no wonder she's an amateur 'photographer'!

Guess who am I checking out?

It's Kenji doing his thing! YAYYY! He didn't jump into the water by himself, but Gramma put him in to swim...hehe! He looks SOOO cute when he swims!

Aunty Vivian tried to get him to pose like me too, but he wouldn't have any of it...that's the best he would do: sit on the writing! LOLLL!

'Look Mom! I'm 'flying'!' WHEEEE!!!

Stopping just before I took off the other direction....hehe!

Running with Kenji was too fun! I get to overtake him EVERYTIME...mwahahahahahaha! *wink*

We met Coco after a while too...ain't her coat just gorgeous?

Bobo joined in the fun as well...I tried to get her to run with me and all, but no luck! =(

And then I tried to get Coco to run....but she wouldn't run if Bobo didn't! Awww man!

Here's Bobo working her way into jumping into the water....she sure is a natural! I THINK we have a video of her swimming...will see if I can get Mom to upload it here too! *grins*

Coco got a bit exhausted after playing for some time...see her long tongue? heh!

Turns out Bobo's Dad is a budding photographer too! Look at the gorgeous shots he took of us! He called this one 'Kenji the Killer Dog'....LOLLL! He said that coz Kenji is always so wary of strangers he would give a go at people, but after several tries, he warmed up to Bobo's Dad in the end! Heh!

And he even took a photo of me too! *grins*

Kenji was shivering a little afterwards, so we headed back again to get dry, and Kenji fell asleep as he was getting dried! This is a real phenomenon, coz he HATES the hair dryer and the noise it makes, but that day he was too comfortable from the heat it generated and ignored the noise...LOL!

As we prepared to head home, Aunty Vivian dressed him up in a tuxedo! Doesn't he look like a gentleman now? Awwww....

I didn't get no tuxedos, but I feel spiffy after cleaning up....*grins*

Another cool thing about Ruby's Resort is that we can leave messages and/or compliments on the property itself! It's like, allowed vandalism! LOLLL! Mom chose this wooden beam near the gate to help us write our message!

Yup, that's us...we were too short to be photographed next to the beam so we had to be carried. *grins* Special thanks to Bobo's Mom, Ruby, her staff and the wonderful people and doggies that we met during this awesome, AWESOME trip! I hope to get back here in the near future to get some more sand and water!! *grins*

That's all for my trip! I hope I can get the videos up soon after I persuade Mom to get her butt to do the editing...hehe! Next up, we got a surprise visitor to our this space! *wink*


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Two at Ruby's Resort continued...

After a nice, 'long' nap (it was only an hour after checking...*snickers*) Mom suggested we go to the beach again! YAYY!!

Kenji was all for it as well...*wink*

We ran and ran from our chalet all the way into the splashing waves...

but Kenji decided that it was too much for him! LOL! So much for his bravado the night before...

Poor Kenji...he was really terrified for a while!

Me, I didn't really spend much time in the water myself, coz after a while we noticed that the beach was quite quiet and so Mom let me go off leash for a while! WOOHOO! It was absolute bliss running up and down the beach! Photos of proof:

Although I did dip my feet into water, Grampa wanted me to try something deeper and took me further away to see if I can swim my way back....and I found that I could! Hehe!

Close up on my wet face after I got back...Mom says I looked like a drowned kitten. LOLL!

Mom thought this looked very cute...but I didn't like her 'handwriting'. It's appalling!

What's this?

Hah! Even the waves agreed with me...*snorts*

After all that fun we headed back to get dry again..Mom snapped a photo of this from our chalet patio. I liked the tranquility here...imagine there's a nice breeze coming from the side and you hear the waves on the other. *sighs of contentment*

That night, we got ready to go to a PARTY! YAYY! Coco was celebrating her birthday that day, and she's invited all us doggies over for cake! YUMM!

Kenji tried to look all macho, but sadly...he's not Coco's type. LOLL! We didn't get to take any photos during the party though, coz it was very dark out at the BBQ pitch where it was held. =( But we sure did have loads of fun! All the doggies performed tricks that we knew to everyone's applause, and got to enjoy apple cheesecake and walnut muffins! *licks lips*

Calling it a night after that....more to come in Day Three! *wink*


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day Two at Ruby's Resort (Part 1)

Day Two was the awesome-est day! I got so pooped out after it all, I just dropped on the bed and slept like a log...hehe! Here's how the day went down:

We woke up bright and early to try and see if we could catch the sunrise from the beach...alas, it looked as if it was going to rain! =( But the colors of that morning were still lovely! That's Gramma in the silhouette there...*grins*

Sad that we couldn't view the sun rise, but the tranquil water is very calming on a morning like this..

There was a sort of mist too amidst the cloudy-ness of it all. Cool!

As you can see, I got mesmerized by the splendour of it...

As we headed back for breakfast, Mom took a photo of the vast lands surrounding the resort...this is just a teenie part of it too. o.O"

Breakfast wasn't ready just yet as we found out, so we explored the resort a little, and look at what we came upon - this cool sculpture wood! And look at who's underneath it!

A pretty kitty cat! She's one of Ruby's (the resort owner) many pets...she has rabbits, kitties and a black Labrador called Stout!

Oh look! She rescues turtles too! Aren't they adorable?! It so happens that the resort is along the beach which is a turtle sanctuary too, so when the turtles come to lay their eggs, they would just be walking distance from Ruby's Resort...awesome,isn't it? We didn't get to see any turtles laying eggs this time around though, coz it wasn't the mating season yet =(

Guess what THIS tank contains?

This big terrapin! Eep! The staff regularly takes the turtles and terrapins out to clean their shells, so they apparently DON'T bite, but I feel nervous enough to stay away from these big guys!

See what I mean?? *gulp*

And there were not only one, but TWO big guys...eep!

On the other hand, the turtles were let out too...don't they look ADORABLE! They remind Mom of the turtles in the movie 'Finding Nemo'. *grins*

Breakfast was ready after that and we had breakfast near the beach...look at Kenji trying to score some food with his puppy eyes!

And he DID manage to get some food...yumm!!

There were some other doggies who came for the trip too! Here is Bobo, a Jack Russell Terrier who's such a great swimmer she could rival Michael Phelps I think! *wink* She was my classmate back when I was in Pre-Novice class too!

This is Coco...isn't she a pretty doggie? Mom loves her thick and shiny coat! There were some other doggies too, but for some reason we didn't manage to take photos of the rest of them. =( There were 3 other Min. Schnauzers, a Pug, 2 other Jack Russell Terriers, a Labrador, and a mixed breed doggie. Cool eh? A whole resort of doggies! *wink*

After breakfast, we headed out to the beach yet again...check out this huge log that got washed out on the beach!

I got some water action too...haha! I prefer to stay on the sides more than jump in to the water, but I had loads of fun getting my feet (and beard) wet! Hehe! Photos:

After splashing in water for a while, we got tired so we headed back to dry up and take a break. Kenji immediately curled up in his comfy cushion-bed.

Me, I was content with the wooden floor....

*yawns* A bit sleepy now...will continue later on Part 2!