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Friday, November 28, 2008

More Christmas Cards & Pups

Hi everyone!

How do you like the new look for my blog? Mom went crazy with it coz she had quite some free time now that her work thingy is done and she's waiting for her new project to start. Since we don't have snow in Malaysia, she thought that we should have a snow theme for Christmas...LOL! How ironic!

Well, enough about that...I got 2 more e-cards this morning! Let's have a look, shall we?

Here's one from Cayman...he looks so regal here! Love the card, Cayman! Thanks so much!

This adorable card is from Ezzy and Jagger! Love the antler headbands...*grins*


As promised, here are some photos from Mom's last visit to see the pups...unfortunately, there seems to be some sort of scuffle between Mom and Jettie's owner about who gets which pup. =( I don't know what it is, and Mom doesn't want to talk about it coz she said she will start spewing less-than-savoury words if she does, and she doesn't want this blog to be 'tainted' with bad memories so....*sigh*

Oh well, what's done is done I guess. I'm still the pup's dad, so...hehe!Here are the highlights from the visit (I didn't get to go AGAIN this time! *pouts* Mom said that I shouldn't go coz the pups have not been vaccinated yet and she doesn't want me bringing unwanted 'germs' into Jettie's house...Huh? I don't get that germs thing! I'm all clean as such! Hmmph!):

My beloved Jettie...I wonder if we'll see each other again now that our Moms have stopped speaking to each other. =(

You'll probably notice this photo is the brightest one of all, coz Mom used flash in her camera for this one. She didn't use the flash in the rest of the photos coz she's afraid it would scare and hurt the pups' eyes. This one's okay coz their backs are turned, and they're all focusing on getting all the milk...=)
Mom said they're six weeks old now, so I guess they're starting to be weaned off their Mom's milk.

After the bowl was clean, there's still some pups left licking the entire bowl...LOL! How greedy!

...and after eating a hearty meal, they all fell asleep. Awwww!

Scroll down for some photos of the individual pups...sorry they are so blurry! Mom's camera skills are very bad:

These few photos at the bottom were taken before their meal, and Mom wanted to get their attention so she jingled a bunch of keys to get them all crowding at this side of the playpen...hehe!

Sorry I couldn't provide captions for the it is, we don't know which ones we will (or will not) be getting, so Mom doesn't want to 'rub more salt into the wound', as she puts it. Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos of these cute pups! I hope they will find good homes regardless of what happened between Mom and Jettie's Mom....*crosses paws*


Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's NEARLY Christmas!

You know it's Christmas season when...

You get Christmas cards in the mail! hehe! I've received a few cards already's one from Amber-Mae and her family! It looks SOOOO pretty, just like them! *grins*

Faya & Dyos sent their love all the way from Switzerland! Thank you so much for the wonderful card!

Here is a card from Simba! He looks so festive in his Christmas attire!

And here's me posing with the's my first time getting Christmas cards, hence all the fuss. hehe!

...and one more pose...

And....another! LOL! Sorry...Mom's crazy.

I've also got an e-card this morning from Rusty! Thank you so much! It's SOOO cool!

I have to say that we have been lax in sending out our cards...Mom's fault, I say! We have written out the cards, but she haven't put them in the envelopes and stuff! *pouts* I'll make sure she does it by tonight so we can send them out tomorrow....hope it will reach you guys in time for Christmas! Oh, even if you are not part of the Christmas Card Exchange in the DWB, I would love to send you a card! Please do email me at: nottiescottie(at)gmail(dot)com with your mailing address and I'll send you one...=)


A few days ago, I got a really cool email from one of the founders of Give Back asking me to help spread the word about their organization. How very nice of them to think of me, a (relatively) new 'doggie blogger'! Anyways, Give Back is an online charity shopping mall that raises money for local organizations. Consumers visit the site before they shop at major online retailers (Amazon, Ebay, Zappos, etc.), and percentage of each sale goes to the organization of their choice. That is a pretty cool idea to me! You do your shopping, and you get to donate to charity too, at no extra cost...*grins*

There are quite a few charity organizations to choose from, including animal shelters and rescues! Click here to see the list of charities! So, if you are doing a bit of Christmas shopping (or even just everyday shopping), do use Give Back's link to spread a bit of love....*wink*


Coco, my new friend and a TOTALLY ADORABLE Chihuahua, have given me some awards! Thank you so much, Coco! Really appreciate them! *grins*

If you haven't got these awards just yet, please feel free to take one from here...I love passing them on as much as I love receiving them! *wink* Hmm...that got me thinking. Maybe I should create an award to pass on myself! hehe...=P

That's about it from me now...Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating it! I am VERY thankful that I found the DWB community and meeting loads of wonderful doggies, kitties and hammies all around the world! Keep being who you all are the BEST! *grins*


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Gramma's Birthday!

Hello everyone!

Again, really sorry for not's entirely Mom's fault again. But she's getting some free time these few days, so I'll be able to go round your blogs these few days! Hopefully I'll get to visit all my friends' blogs in that time...=)

Anyways, I have quite a few things to blog about from last weekend, but can't squeeze all of them into one entry. So, here goes my first from the was Gramma's birthday on Saturday, the 22nd! Mom, Aunty Jane and Aunty Vivian planned up quite a cool surprise for her (but I'll tell you about that later on!) but on Saturday, we had a mini celebration with cake! YUMM! Here are the photos from it:

Moi first...LOL! Did you miss me? *wink*

Grampa bought this cake for Gramma! It was a tiramisu cake....supposed to be more beautiful than this, but after purchasing it, Grampa forgot to put it in the fridge to keep it cool, and so...some of the cream kind of melted! o.O" But no matter, it's still lovely and yummy! Here is the cake before candles are lit...

...and here is the cake WITH candles lit! Can you tell how old is Gramma this year? *wink*

We sang the 'Happy Birthday' song for Gramma, and I waited patiently for my piece of cake...hehe!

Make a wish, Gramma!

YAYYY! Cutting cake time....*licks lips*

Here's me waiting patiently for Mom to dole out some cake...notice my ever drooly beard? =P I got a fur-cut too from Gramma last week too...she left the fur a little higher from the previous cut to grow out so my 'finishings' won't be so low.

Hmmph! Apparently, one can't enjoy cake without doing any tricks first! Mom managed to teach me to do the 'Beg' trick....I'm able to do it, but not all the time. Still working to perfect it, but for this time, it's all good. Balancing is hard work!

And FINALLY, we got cake! Yum, yumm....there's a bit of coffee taste, and Italian cream cheese? So cool! I finished this spoon of delight in a matter of miliseconds..

...and wouldn't stop licking the spoon even after I'm done!

Ahh...the satisfaction that is cheese! Heaven!

And now, on to the surprise for Gramma! Mom, Aunty Jane and Aunty Vivian had planned to bring Gramma out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant since she LOVES sashimi and all Japanese food...they totally hoodwinked Gramma into thinking that they were going out for a simple lunch, but turned up at:

THIS's quite a cool place, according to Mom (I didn't get to go,naturally...*sigh* We REALLY need more dog-friendly places!) Aunty Vivian managed to reserve a whole room to cool was that?

Even the table settings were so...Zen! (pardon the pun)

Hot towels to clean our hands before ordering...and hot green tea for Gramma!

A photo of the whole family before lunch was served. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch, but instead of having tables of food lined up, you get a menu to order from and the staff serves the dishes fresh from the kitchen...whoa! It was SOOOO sad that I didn't get to go. I'm sure there's loads of yummy fish that I can polish off in no time! *grins*

Mom got cold green tea for her drink...see how chilly it is? AWESOME for the hot afternoon...makes me thirsty already!

And then it was food time! All servings were small so that you can sample all (if not most) of the foods in the menu...Mom didn't manage to take photos of all the food that was ordered, but here are some of the faves from that day. This is baby octopus (I think!), according to of Gramma's favourite! It's very crunchy and delish...*licks lips*

This is called a Chawan's steamed egg custard, but don't be fooled by the simple presentation. Once you dig in, there's meat, mushrooms and fish paste hidden inside! All flavours infused into the savoury egg...YUMMY! (Why am I talking as if I ate it?
Mom: Because I'm the one who's typing...*wink* )

Of course, Japanese food wouldn't be complete without the sushi!

Skewers of grilled mushrooms...a first for Mom, but tasty!

This is jellyfish and slivers of scallops...Mom forgot the Japanese name for them, but it's quite nice too!

Garlic fried rice...a fave of Grampa's (who's a rice addict...hehe!) Garlic fried crispy and cooked with fragrant rice topped with MORE garlic! I don't know if Grampa can stand the after breath...LOL!

Grilled smelt...this is another fave of Grampa. According to him, there's loads of fish eggs INSIDE the fish...squeeze in some lemon juice, and it's all GREAT!

Teriyaki THAT I can definitely eat with my eyes closed! Loads of practice from eating my raw chicken...hehe!

This is a soft shell crab temaki hand roll....Mom said it's LOVELY!

And here's Gramma's absolute favourite...SASHIMI! Mom said Gramma ordered like, 3 plates of these....hehe! That's how much she loved this! Have it with soy sauce mixed with a hint of wasabi, and you don't get that squeamish feel of eating raw fish....according to Gramma! *drools* I have not tried eating these kinds of fish though...only tried sardines, and those were cool! I'll bet they taste AWESOME! (Note to self: get Mom to buy me those when she goes shopping!)

And there's also tempura. Crunchy and golden...yumm!

After stuffing themselves silly, they helped themselves to edamame looked like the green peas we have here, but Mom said only the beans inside were eaten. You break the pods open and consume the beans inside, like peanuts.

And for dessert, they had cool green tea ice-cream! Mom loves the green color, and the creaminess of it despite being a green tea flavour.

Well, that's about it from me for now! Stay tuned for my next post, coz.....Mom visited the pups last weekend too! And she got photos to boot! YAYYY! *grins*