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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Gramma's Birthday!

Hello everyone!

Again, really sorry for not's entirely Mom's fault again. But she's getting some free time these few days, so I'll be able to go round your blogs these few days! Hopefully I'll get to visit all my friends' blogs in that time...=)

Anyways, I have quite a few things to blog about from last weekend, but can't squeeze all of them into one entry. So, here goes my first from the was Gramma's birthday on Saturday, the 22nd! Mom, Aunty Jane and Aunty Vivian planned up quite a cool surprise for her (but I'll tell you about that later on!) but on Saturday, we had a mini celebration with cake! YUMM! Here are the photos from it:

Moi first...LOL! Did you miss me? *wink*

Grampa bought this cake for Gramma! It was a tiramisu cake....supposed to be more beautiful than this, but after purchasing it, Grampa forgot to put it in the fridge to keep it cool, and so...some of the cream kind of melted! o.O" But no matter, it's still lovely and yummy! Here is the cake before candles are lit...

...and here is the cake WITH candles lit! Can you tell how old is Gramma this year? *wink*

We sang the 'Happy Birthday' song for Gramma, and I waited patiently for my piece of cake...hehe!

Make a wish, Gramma!

YAYYY! Cutting cake time....*licks lips*

Here's me waiting patiently for Mom to dole out some cake...notice my ever drooly beard? =P I got a fur-cut too from Gramma last week too...she left the fur a little higher from the previous cut to grow out so my 'finishings' won't be so low.

Hmmph! Apparently, one can't enjoy cake without doing any tricks first! Mom managed to teach me to do the 'Beg' trick....I'm able to do it, but not all the time. Still working to perfect it, but for this time, it's all good. Balancing is hard work!

And FINALLY, we got cake! Yum, yumm....there's a bit of coffee taste, and Italian cream cheese? So cool! I finished this spoon of delight in a matter of miliseconds..

...and wouldn't stop licking the spoon even after I'm done!

Ahh...the satisfaction that is cheese! Heaven!

And now, on to the surprise for Gramma! Mom, Aunty Jane and Aunty Vivian had planned to bring Gramma out for lunch at a Japanese restaurant since she LOVES sashimi and all Japanese food...they totally hoodwinked Gramma into thinking that they were going out for a simple lunch, but turned up at:

THIS's quite a cool place, according to Mom (I didn't get to go,naturally...*sigh* We REALLY need more dog-friendly places!) Aunty Vivian managed to reserve a whole room to cool was that?

Even the table settings were so...Zen! (pardon the pun)

Hot towels to clean our hands before ordering...and hot green tea for Gramma!

A photo of the whole family before lunch was served. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet lunch, but instead of having tables of food lined up, you get a menu to order from and the staff serves the dishes fresh from the kitchen...whoa! It was SOOOO sad that I didn't get to go. I'm sure there's loads of yummy fish that I can polish off in no time! *grins*

Mom got cold green tea for her drink...see how chilly it is? AWESOME for the hot afternoon...makes me thirsty already!

And then it was food time! All servings were small so that you can sample all (if not most) of the foods in the menu...Mom didn't manage to take photos of all the food that was ordered, but here are some of the faves from that day. This is baby octopus (I think!), according to of Gramma's favourite! It's very crunchy and delish...*licks lips*

This is called a Chawan's steamed egg custard, but don't be fooled by the simple presentation. Once you dig in, there's meat, mushrooms and fish paste hidden inside! All flavours infused into the savoury egg...YUMMY! (Why am I talking as if I ate it?
Mom: Because I'm the one who's typing...*wink* )

Of course, Japanese food wouldn't be complete without the sushi!

Skewers of grilled mushrooms...a first for Mom, but tasty!

This is jellyfish and slivers of scallops...Mom forgot the Japanese name for them, but it's quite nice too!

Garlic fried rice...a fave of Grampa's (who's a rice addict...hehe!) Garlic fried crispy and cooked with fragrant rice topped with MORE garlic! I don't know if Grampa can stand the after breath...LOL!

Grilled smelt...this is another fave of Grampa. According to him, there's loads of fish eggs INSIDE the fish...squeeze in some lemon juice, and it's all GREAT!

Teriyaki THAT I can definitely eat with my eyes closed! Loads of practice from eating my raw chicken...hehe!

This is a soft shell crab temaki hand roll....Mom said it's LOVELY!

And here's Gramma's absolute favourite...SASHIMI! Mom said Gramma ordered like, 3 plates of these....hehe! That's how much she loved this! Have it with soy sauce mixed with a hint of wasabi, and you don't get that squeamish feel of eating raw fish....according to Gramma! *drools* I have not tried eating these kinds of fish though...only tried sardines, and those were cool! I'll bet they taste AWESOME! (Note to self: get Mom to buy me those when she goes shopping!)

And there's also tempura. Crunchy and golden...yumm!

After stuffing themselves silly, they helped themselves to edamame looked like the green peas we have here, but Mom said only the beans inside were eaten. You break the pods open and consume the beans inside, like peanuts.

And for dessert, they had cool green tea ice-cream! Mom loves the green color, and the creaminess of it despite being a green tea flavour.

Well, that's about it from me for now! Stay tuned for my next post, coz.....Mom visited the pups last weekend too! And she got photos to boot! YAYYY! *grins*


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The FOUR Musketeers said...

Pictures of the pups !?
I can't wait !!!!
This time did you tag along ?

Boo Casanova said...

hi scottie, first thing first, the car seat protector is sold at petsmore. my human bought it for Rm98. there are more exp. brand at other places so this RM98 is pretty affordable.

and wanna wish your grandma HAPPY BELATED BIFDAY! did u give her wet wet licks?

wet wet licks


Asta said...

Happy late Birfday to youw Gwamma!!!!1
What a feast!!!
That Westauwant must be bootiful..the food looks scwumptious and I bet youw Gwamma was vewy happy!!!
I'm so glad you got to shawe some of that yummie cake..I loved seeing you
smoochie kisses

Bae Bae said...

Happy birthday to your Gramma. And what yummy japanese food your hoomans had

Oh.. I can't wait to see puppies photos

~ Bae

Lacy said...

w00f's Scottie, happy late birfday to ur gramma...and all dat food looks delish....heehee u makin me and mama both drool..

b safe,

Latte said...

Happy birthday Scottie's Gramma!! *e-licks and e-wags*.

Wow, ala carte Japanese buffet... can you imagine us dogs going to a place like that? Awesome! Great material for a super sweet dream.

Achilles Wong said...

Scottie, that a very delectable culinary tour you gave there.. yummy.. it's the first time that i have seen so many food, i almost felt bad you weren't able to come along.

manang and manong went to a japanese restaurant last saturday too but unfortunately they were out of beef and pork so they had to contend with chicken dishes and of course, california maki.. *drools*

yummy cake for grandma too. we bet your birthday celebration will also be as special and the cake as yummy. My doggie radar is telling me that grandma is 56? tell me i'm right! tell me i'm right!!

drooly kisses,


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Scottie,
Happy Birthday to your Grandma!!
My humans LOVE Jap food too.. Baby octopus, shishamo, unagi, soft shell crab, jelly fish, chawamushi.. **yummm**

Simba said...

That cake and food all looks yummy.

A very happy birhday to your Grandma.

Simba x

Faya said...

First, give your Grandma a big kiss from us !
Tiramisu is Véronique's favorit dessert...she is making the best tiramisu in the world...
All this food looks good but I prefer my barf diet...
Kisses, Faya

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Hmmmmm...was she eleven?

Even though it is just about 730 in the am, woo have made my mom furry hungry! She loves sushi and loves to go when some places offer unlimited sushi/sashimi/etc!

The khake looked furry yummy and so did the green tea ice khream!

I'm sure woo made it a furry happy barkday fur your grammie!

PeeEssWoo: How are those kids of yours doing?

Mango said...

That green ice tea ice cream looks kind of like a tennis ball.

I can't believe all the yummers foodables they had. WOW!

You did a good job doing tricks for a piece of cake. Sigh... the things we have to put up with.


Petra said...

OMDog, you guys know how to celebrate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR GRAMMA, Nottie Scottie! That food looks scrumptious, especially the green tea and ice cream!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Hi Scottie,
Happy Birthday (late) to your Gramma! The cake looked delicious and the feast that your mom surprised her with was incredible! The baby octopus dish is my mom's favorite. I like tuna and mackeral sashimi...and dad loves ALL Japanese your post made us all hungry.

Good luck on your finals...I know you will do just fine and graduate with no problem.

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Scottie -

Happy Belated Birthday to your Gramma. We can't wait to see the pups.

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

Maggie and Mitch said...

Happy birthday to your gramma, Scottie! Mom says she put on 5 pounds just reading your blog today!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Isis said...

Happy birthday to your grammy! And, you got cake?! i'm so jealous!

Raising Addie said...

Happy Birthday Grammy!

That is one grand celebration that you all had!

I'm glad you got to try the cake!
Yummy... CAKE!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Scottie!
Happy Birthday to your Grandma!
Looks like a great celebration with yummy cake and yummy food!
Kisses and hugs

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Happy birthday to your gramma. What wonderful pictures of you here. And that food is to die for! Beautiful presentations! Someone is an artist in the kitchen.

Levi's mom

Dewey Dewster said...


It sounds like yer Gram had a super Birthday with lots of wonderful food...too bad ya didn't get ta go....but bet it was a great celebration.....

Dewey Dewster here.....

Cocoa the Beagle said...

Happy Birthday to your Gramma! That tiramisu cake looks lovely! It made mum wanna get a tiramisu cake tonite!! Woo!

Cocoa and Barley

Moco said...

Happy Birthday to G-ma.

How could they take all those pictures of that wonderful food and not bring you any. That cake look delicious also.

Thor said...

Happy Birthday to your Gramma, Scottie! She sure had a great celebration, look all those yummy food. That cake look super delicious!

Love and licks

sarah said...

happy birthday to your grammy!

and boy you are so lucky to be licking that spoon. mommy won't let me lick the spoon at all! :(

anyway, if you ever want to say hello and see pictures of me, come visit mommy's blog!

maui the white mini schnauzer

BWTH Dog House said...

Happy belated birthday to your grammma. I love celebration and look at all those food. slurps~~~!!!

By the way, mom wants to know the location of the ZEN restaurant. SHe got crazy with all those ZEN ZEN thingy. hehe

slurpy licks,

john said...

Happy birthday to your Gramma. And what yummy Japanese food. It looks so beautiful! Birthday cake looks so beautiful, so delicious! Thanks so much for sharing.

My site