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Monday, September 28, 2009

New collars and being a doofus for Mom

Hi everyone,

Here are some recent photos that Mom took of us (well, if you feel the past month is recent! LOL!). She got us new collars from Beary's en Vogue...the lady was very nice and makes very cool collars! Look at what Mom got us:

This was the one Mom got for me...the name for this collar is Lollipop. Mom loves the blue and the stripes on it =) She put a little bell on the collar too so that she'll know where I am in the house, or if I've been up to something (that's when I become very quiet...hehehe!)

Another look at the collar...

Kenji got this one: Leopard....hehe! Maybe coz he looks like one? LOL! Aunty Vivian liked the pattern of it!

Another angle of the collar...

The owner of the blog was very nice...she made a matching Lollipop collar for Kenji! Now we can wear them together and people will know we're brothers...*wink*

Us together with our matching collars...err, sorry you can't see mine. My beard is quite troublesome at times, but you get the idea *wink*


Here are some more recent photos taken a few days ago. Mom was in a particular weird mood that day:

I was quite pooped out from running about and playing, so I plonked down to rest. It so happened there was my favourite toy (which coincidentally is a doggie too...heh!) next to me. Aunty Jane thought it was hilarious and cute at the same time....pfft.

Close-up on us...with Mom laughing at the same time. It took her so many shots to get this, I almost got up from all the giggling. I don't really get them humans most of the time!

Here's another one....don't I look 'scholarly'? More like, nerdy right? *rolls eyes* The glasses were Mom's. She's such a dork!

*sighhhh* The things we put up with, right? Mom thinks this would make a cute background or header photo for the blog's layout (she thinks it's time to change it, but I don't know when it'll get done...haha!). What do you think?


Friday, September 25, 2009


Looks like I've abandoned my blog for more than a month! >.<" Really, really sorry about that. Thanks to everyone who's been asking about Mom and her arm...she seems to be getting better I think. She tries to use her left hand more with holding light things whenever she can, but she's still in a cast. The last appointment with the doctor didn't go too well, I guess...she was told that her broken bones have not shown any signs of reconnecting yet. =(

The doctor gave her another 3 weeks, by which time they will do another x-ray to see the next course of action. That's going to happen next week, so we're hoping there will be signs of the bones reconnecting then *crosses paws* My goodness, I've neglected the blog so long, my post that was about Ruby's Resort is like SOOOO outdated..LOL! I guess I'll post the nicer photos in a slideshow here =)

Speaking of which...Some of my really cool friends have passed on some really cool awards to me! This is way overdue, so thank you SO, SOOOOO much to Santa for this lovely blog award! *grins*

This next award comes from Pluto, the cool German Shepherd! Thank you SOOO much, Pluto...I'm really honored!

Well, that's about it for now...Mom managed to take some pretty funny photos of me the other day, so I'm getting her to edit them for me real soon so I can show you all what a doofus I looked like to make her laugh. *wink* Till then...