Gramma's Bentos!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Awards and a farewell

Hi everyone!

I haven't managed to get Mom to upload her travel photos from India just yet...she is way too lazy and still in sort of a 'zombie' mode for some reason. I had quite a good time playing and resting with her during the weekend though. *grins*

Although I don't have anything to post just yet, I do have a bunch of doggies that I would like to thank and acknowledge for their generosity and kindness:

First off, Isis, Siku, Hershey & Kaci passed on this lovely and AWESOME award to me! Thank you SO, SOOO much for is really nice and so cool! I love it to bits....*grins*

This pawsome award comes from Mango, my cute Maltese friend! Thanks so much for naming me one of your best buds! I am really chuffed to be getting this...*grins*

Since there are so many good friends out there, and I have enjoyed reading every single blog, I've decided to leave it here to pass to everyone. You all have been so sweet and nice to me, even when I am so new to this blogging thing! Thank you once again...=)

Snowy, Crystal and their new sister Baby Rose have also given me this wonderful drawing of me when I was a wee pup! It's SOOO cool and I will treasure this for a very long time. Thank you SOOO much!


I have also recently read that Gizmo, Deetz's brother, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know this is way overdue, but I would also like to dedicate this post to Gizmo. Although we have not known each other for a very long time, I have always known that you have been a wonderful brother to Deetz after reading his blog. And even though you asked us not to shed tears for your passing in your post, Mom and I have done so. At the same time, we also smiled a little knowing you can now run free and without pain and can enjoy your life on the other side to the fullest.

Rest in peace, Gizmo, and we will see you again soon.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Back! *grins*

Hi everyone!

I'm FINALLY back! YAYY! *grins* Mom is back from her trip yesterday, and boy was I SOOOO happy to see her! I've been going up and down the stairs to her room everyday to see if she's there and boy was it tiring! When I saw her yesterday, Aunty Jane let me out from my playpen and I whooshed my way out and almost knocked Mom out of breath! heh! Then, I wriggled and sniffed and jumped all around her like a mad dog...*wink*

Anyways, I have been WAYYYY behind in catching up with everybody's blogs, so please bear with me...I'll stop by your blogs real soon! *wink* And maybe I will let Mom post about India too...hehe! Aunty Jane and Rachel are here from Korea too, so I can't wait for you all to meet them!

I guess that's it from me for now...Mom is still in the midst of unpacking and arranging her stuff and what not, so once we get everything in order, I'll be checking and catching up with you...=) Till then...


Monday, September 15, 2008

India + Steam Boat = Indian Steam Boat?

Hello everyone!

I guess this must be a short post, coz Mom is busy getting ready for her trip to India...*sigh* She was scheduled to fly there tomorrow for her work. Something about 'training'...I wonder if she will get to go for obedience tests after her training! Anyways, she wiill be away for a week, which means I won't be around to post or to view other friends' bloggies because there's no one to help me do it...=( I sure am going to miss her too...she keeps telling me that I must be a good boy and listen to Gramma and Grampa while she's away. Hope she will be back really soon and get me some pressies! *grins*

Okay, back to my other subject...Mom, Aunty Vivian, Gramma and Grampa went back to their hometown yesterday to have this thing called 'Steam Boat'. From what Mom told me,it sounds delicious! Basically, it's a big pot(can be any kind of pot) filled with clear broth or water. Once it is boiling, delicious meats and veggies are put in to cook. When the stuff is cooked, they take out only the meats and veggies to eat, complemented with some spicy chilli sauce and gravy. The broth usually will become a delicious yummy soup once everyone is finished, because the yummy juices from the meats and veggies will be incorporated into the broth...really really yummy according to Mom!

Sad to say, I wasn't brought along....*pouts* So is Kenji...*sigh* Mom says there will be many kids around that might stress me and Kenji a lot, so she doesn't want to bring me along,especially when she won't be around so much to supervise (coz she will be helping out with the preparations and stuff). And so...we were left home for a few hours. =( Still, Mom left us some chewies and stuffies and toys to amuse ourselves with while they're gone,so it's not so bad.

Here are some photos that Mom managed to take of the steam boat...there weren't many coz she was so busy stuffing herself silly with food:

Some of the yummy fishballs to put in the soup...

And more food to go in the pot!

This is a photo Mom took of the whole table filled with her aunts, uncles and grandparents in her hometown. As you can see, the table is SOOOO long, it's like neverending! o.O" There's food everywhere...*licks lips* So sad that I missed all those yummy food! =(

And so, here ends my post for the week. I guess it's not that 'short' as I thought it would be...LOL! Hope to catch up with you all soon when Mom gets back! Have a great week!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wallymelons galore!

Hi everyone!

This is way overdue, but Mom was busy...go figure. Anyways, we had WALLYMELONS (well, only ONE to be exact, but I like the 'S' letter! hehe!) to snack on! Mom says it's not part of my raw meat diet, but every now and then a little fruit and veggies won't hurt...*wink* And so, our faux 'feasting' begins!

This is what it looks like after it got a good washing and scrubbing in the sink (apparently, it's covered in dirt when Mom got it!)

Gramma whacked it in half, and look! The yummy red flesh just oozes juice! *starts drooling* We got to eat this half that day, and the other half a few days later!

This is what the wallymelon looks like after being cut into edible portions (well, for the humans anyways! I'm sure if they gave me and Kenji the whole melon, we could just attack and eat it whole! hehe!)

Meanie Mom would only let me have ONE piece though! AND I had to share with Kenji! *pouts* PLUS, she made us pose first...oh,the agony of the wait! Ignore the smile...I'm just thinking of it would taste like, but inside I was FUMING! =P

YAYY! Feasting starts! I dug into it straightaway...leaving only a little room for Kenji! Mwahahahah! *evil grin* He was a bit nervous at first when eating this strange red thing...

Teehee! Look at his bulging eyes after his first bite of the juicy and yummy wallymelon! He couldn't get enough of it afterwards and ate with as much gusto as me!

So, we each took a side, and slowly enjoyed our moments with the wallymelon.

Slowly, the wallymelon diminished, and...I look like I'm giving Kenji a kiss! *gasp* Oh well...what's a little brotherly love, no? *wink*

Even after all the juicy red flesh was gone, Kenji kept on eating and eating...he can't seem to stop. I think he got addicted! haha!

The aftermath of it all...notice the cleanliness of one side that was Kenji's and compare it with mine. =P

Oh yes, Lady also got her share! But she was more lucky...she got a whole big piece to herself! Mom says that's because she's our big sister, so she has the bigger share...=) Here is she is, waiting ever so patiently for it!

And then, she dug in! She ate it even faster than Kenji and I combined!

Don't think you can see it from the photo, but she got all the juice down on the floor with her quick feasting...but still, it didn't matter! All she wants was the wallymelon! When she was done with it, the 'skin' was even whiter than Kenji's side! o.O"

Well, that's about it from me for now...hope you have a great week ahead! *grins*


Monday, September 8, 2008

..And then there's BUFFALO.

Hello everyone!

I just had quite a weekend, so I hope you all had a great weekend too! First off, Mom went shopping with Gramma a couple of days ago, and she saw that buffalo meat was on SALE!! WOOHOOO! She said it's much MUCH cheaper than beef or pork, so she got hold of...

TWO slabs of yummy meat like this! *wipes drool off keyboard*

I watched her as she was cutting and bagging the meat into portions for me...and she let me have a teensy bit to taste! As you can see, I worked out some serious drooling...see my wet beard?

This is what the freezer looked like after all the bagging...of course, this is not the result of only two slabs of meat, but other yummy stuff that Mom and Gramma bought during the shopping trip, like beef, lamb and chicken. Gramma said that Mom might have to get a separate meat freezer for me,coz it's been taking too much space! (Gramma has two fridges...this is the smaller one where she keeps all the fruits and veggies, while the other one is a bigger one for other stuff) Don't know when THAT will happen though...

*sigh* It's sad that I only get THIS much of the buffalo meat for my meal the next day. I wanted more buffalo! But Mom said it's important we start slow so that I don't get 'cannon butt' when I do my poopies...oh well! My poopies were okay sign yet of that plastic cow head that I ate. =P

Me being forced to pose...

And then finally, I get to EAT! Yummy! First, I attack the chicken...

When that's done, the buffalo meat goes! Sad to say, it only took me two chews to get it down. I hope I get more buffalo meat next! I can't savour it enough to give a rating...

On another note, I got a spiffy cool award from my new lady Schnauzer pals, Lady, Zena and their brother Cody!Thank you so much for the award! I am so honored...=) To pass this along, I would like to give it to Noah and his sisters, Mango the maltese, Petra, BWTH house, and Moco!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Cows need rescuing

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the long 'hiatus'....basically, there's nothing much to report, Mom is busy, and it's always raining when Mom gets home from her work, so I have no walkies to go and no chance of getting myself into some 'adventures'. =(

I DID however, get to enjoy my food lots more! I'm already in my second week of raw feasting, and I'm getting better at it! Instead of taking loads of time like I did in my first week, I now can chomp, chew, chew, chew and swallow...if piece gets too big, out it goes, chew a few more times then swallow. *grins* It sounds disgusting, but I enjoy it loads! heh!

Mom has also recently introduced some chicken liver...she gave me slivers of it in each meal. I didn't like it at first, but Mom insisted that I finish my meal, so I gave it a chew, tossed my head a few times, and swallowed...not that good, but Mom said it's good for my health. In a couple more days, Mom said she will feed me BUFFALO MEAT coz my poopies have been good until now! YAYYY! I can't wait! *grins* She says we will start slow,and if everything goes well, the portion of buffalo will be more and more until I can get a whole meal of buffalo meat all to myself...OOH! I just salivated all over the keyboard just thinking of this...=P

Okay, back to my reason for posting. Mom was reading the newspaper in the living room yesterday, and I was in and out of the room doing my zoomies with Kenji (which is a norm everyday!), when she suddenly found that she didn't hear any more paws pattering around the room....o.O"

Suspicious, she got out her camera, and snapped these:

*gasp* 'What the heck was he chewing?!!' she thought...

No amount of pulling from my strong jaws can get this cowie out's too good!

When she finally got it out, this is the result...o.O" She went beserk of course, saying it's something like 'plastic' and 'dangerous', but I just thought it's good chewing. She even threw my mouth open to see if she can get them out from chance.

Even though she managed to rescue the cow from my 'Jaws of Death', I still don't want to let her just take it away. I found it first, I told her! She refused though...she said it's not real meat.

To make things worse, she punished me by taking THIS PHOTO!! Oh, how can I live the days down when I'm 'dominated' by this plastic of a cow??

I'm still mad at Mom for doing this to me....