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Friday, March 20, 2009

Vote For Earth - Switch Off Our Lights!

Hi everyone!

Mom heard about the Vote For Earth movement when she saw it being promoted on one of the TV's quite an interesting movement:

We want to show our support too by not only switching off our lights for one hour (and enjoying that time in the candlelight! *wink*), but also spreading the word out! Let's mark down our calendars for the 28th of March and switching off our lights from 8.30 - 9.30pm so that we can tell our leaders we should do something about global warming!

I've been wondering when Mom told me about this switching off the lights for everyone in the gosh, it would be really cool! I mean, imagine lights going off from one side of the world to the other like a wave spreading across it...and then, you see little candle lights flashing from the darkness and spreading. *beams*

Anyways, let's all do our little part for our dear planet, shall we? She's given us so much, and we should return the favour a little...=) Till then...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Candy Rocks!

Everyone, please meet Candy...doesn't she look cute?

Candy is a Giant Schnauzer! This is the first time I've seen a Giant Schnauzer here in Malaysia...*grins* She is imported from Germany, as I was told...her owner sent her to my trainer for some training and socialization at the same training grounds that I go to! She sure is shy though...she wouldn't let Mom touch her for a while, but after some coaxing and talking and treats (hehe!), she opened up to Mom! YAYY!

To show you a little 'comparison' between the Giant and Miniature Schnauzer,here are some shots! *wink* Mom tried to get us to stand next to each other, but Candy likes to come near her whenever she brings her camera...LOL! These were the best she could do:

After all that training, we took a bit of a break, and Mom took some photos of some of the other doggies at the training grounds! This is Dao Dao, a very cute and hyper Toy Poodle! She LURRRVES to do tricks for treats, and would actually 'stalk' Mom every chance she gets coz Mom ALWAYS gives in to her cute face! heh!

This is Bebe...isn't she cute? haha! She gave Mom so many expressions when she takes her photos, Mom had to make this little animated photo! haha!

We saw Ginger here too! She came here for a spot of training and agility...and that's her little sister Xena!

Close-up on Ginger when she gave Mom a big hug...AWWW!

Ziggy came over for some training as well! And don't mind the 'scary' looking doggie next to her...she's actually Hanna, Ziggy's big sister. She wants to go play, so she's barking at her owner!

Well, that is about it for now...*grins* Hope you all have a great week ahead! Will stop by your blogs real soon! Mom's starting to get a bit busy again. =(


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vietnamese Birthday? *wink*

After our 'swimming' attempt in the afternoon that day, the whole family (sans Kenji & I...can you believe it??!!) went out to have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. It was to celebrate Aunty Jane's birthday which is TODAY, but because she's flying back to Korea early, they wanted to celebrate it, on to the restaurant & its delicious food, shall we?

Here are some of the beautiful decorations in the restaurant...pretty lightings, I should say. Pity they don't allow pets...hmmph!

Here is the drink that Mom ordered...Apple Mint Soda. Sounds weird, doesn't it? It even has mint leaves floating about! Eep! But Mom says it tastes okay...there's a bit of lime inside as well, so it's fizzy, with a bit of tang from the green apple and lime.

Now THIS one is REALLY weird looking! LOL! This was Aunty Jane's drink...something about BASIL LEAVES and lime and soda! o.O" Mom says this actually tastes better than HER drink, surprisingly! The combination of the basil and lime makes it taste like a passionfruit I guess, but the green things give me the creeps. >.<"

Some 'appetizers' before the food arrives...I think it's peanuts or something.

And then the food arrived! This was a chicken ball noodle soup that Aunty Vivian ordered...she wasn't feeling too good after her wisdom tooth extraction (Ouch!) and had to eat some bland-tasting food. =(

The rest of the family had this platter of yummy food! *licks lips* There were spring rolls as well as some finger foods, and even ingredients to make their own Vietnamese roll...the 'skin' looks like paper, but once made wet with water, it's soft and tender...mmmm! I SOOO wish I was there...*pouts*

Other foods include yummy fish marinated in spices...

Spicy pork cooked with basil...Look at all the red chillies! *shudders*

Eggplant stir-fried with some other veggies and sitting on top of fried vermicelli...

Prawn curry served in a pineapple! Now that's a first...LOL! And see the paper-like thingy in front? That is the 'skin' for the Vietnamese roll...=)

Sesame chicken...ooh! There's also starfruits inside for decoration!

All these taken with a bowl of fragrant rice....*sigh*


(click on image to biggify *wink*)
Here's a little something Mom helped me do...Happy Birthday to Aunty Jane! May this year bring you lots of joy, happiness, wealth, health, and everything well as every year of your life!! We will sure miss you while you're in Korea! *hugs*


P/S: I got a few comments from my friends that some of my videos from my previous post are not viewable, so I've uploaded them to Youtube already. =) Hope it's viewable now!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Whew...I finally got the videos up and running! *grins* As promised, here are the videos from the MKA agility and obedience trials last week! The first one below is a short snippet of one of the winners in agility...a Jack Russell Terrier called Kimi! He sure is very enthusiastic about it, barking all the way!

This next one is yours truly making a big blunder at the Pre-Novice class of the obedience trials...haha! I would love it (well, Mom made me ask!) if you fellow champion obedience doggies and parents could give me a few pointers as to how to make my heelwork better! Mom's quite frustrated sometimes when I do it so beautifully at the training grounds, but not so when I'm in somewhere new...*rolls eyes*

Here's a video that Mom managed to get of me, Pacco & Ginger having a bit of fun after our turns at the obedience trials...hehe!

And last but not least, Mom got a video of me and Kenji wading in our pool..*grins* I can't help but laugh when I saw Kenji's face...haha!

Well, that's about it for my obedience trials and 'swimming'...*grins* It's nearing the weekend already, so I hope you have a GREAT weekend! Coming up next, it's someone special's BIRTHDAY! Who's that? Watch this space...*wink*


Thursday, March 12, 2009

'Swimming' a sense of the word

Hah...I'm guessing you would already know what we're standing in front of judging by the title of my post! *wink*

Yes, it's our own swimming pool! Well, more of a wading pool for me, coz it is not long enough to actually swim in...*shrugs*

Rachel can't believe that we actually have our own swimming pool...hehe!

I'm checking it out as well...see that it got inflated properly, and the water's filling in nicely.

Kenji didn't really understand the fuss of it all...

He even got a bit nervous...traumatized too much from our trip to Ruby's?

Meanwhile, I'm still waiting....bored face intended.

After a while, I got to go in! But, it seems pretty weird compared to the beach...why is the water not moving so much?

Kenji got 'thrown in' too...haha!

I guess the water was a bit too much for him...he's REALLY short, ya know?

Until he had to do this to stay afloat! LOL!

Me? I'm just chilling...but still wouldn't budge so much...this new water thingy is kind of making me feel awkward!

And then...Rachel jumped in for a dip as well! YAYY!

Kenji was SOOO happy there's a 'life buoy' around, he quickly swam...

...and climbed ON TOP of Rachel to get out from the water! Tsk tsk tsk...and to think he was so macho about it and all!

After a while, it started to drizzle outside and it got a wee bit cold, so we got out...=) The pool's still here though! I hope to get in again for a dip soon...heh!

I know I promised some videos of the trials, but the connection's being IMPOSSIBLE these days! GRRR! Somehow only photos got uploaded...maybe coz their sizes are teensy. Oh well, I'm still trying...once I get it uploaded,you'll be the first to know! *wink*


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

MKA Agility & Obedience Trials

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a fun-filled weekend! My weekend was certainly....eventful. LOL! A lot has happened in that span of three days, so I'm going to see if I can blog about it objectively...*wink*

Let's see...on Saturday, Mom went to watch the Malaysian Kennel Association (MKA) Agility Trials without me! *pouts* She said it was so fun to see the doggies running, jumping, going through tunnels and stuff to get the fastest time....Man, I so wish I was there! She said she was THINKING about sending me for agility classes, but then thought better of it since she thinks I am 'unpredictable' when I'm off leash...pfft!

Not many photos were taken from the trials coz Mom was too busy watching the doggies do their thing in the ring...but I managed to snag one:

Cool jump by a Border Collie...*grins* She managed to take one video too, but our connection is WAYYYYYY too slow to upload any now. *pouts* Will try to see if I can upload the videos later today.

On Sunday, Mom entered me into the Obedience trials for the Pre-Novice class...o.O" She told me it was just for exposure and to see how I would fare against the other doggies joining in the trials, but boy was I nervous! Plus, the grounds were so tempting, with all the different smells and sights....sensory overload!

Needless to say, I didn't win anything....LOLLLL! I only managed a pass, but it's quite a good experience I guess. Mom got some pointers from the fellow handlers and trainers about how to train me more effectively, and the judge was very nice to let her know of our team's weaknesses so that we can work on them! We lost a lot of points during the heeling exercise, all thanks to moi who can't stand the leaves and twigs stuck on my legs' fur and started squirming on the ground....*grins* Mom had to drag me a little, and the judge even halted the exercise for a while so she can get the 'disturbances' off me and continue the exercise. Even then, I was distracted by the smells around...I kept sniffing the ground and didn't pay attention to Mom. So, those were the few corrections we need to make to get a better score. =)

One of the funnier things that I remember was the judge asking Mom if I was a show dog...pffft!! I could only WISH I was! LOL! Maybe it's coz of my long fur...Mom's friend suggested she cut off my long fur before the trials so that I won't get too distracted, but Mom is quite reluctant coz she likes my long fur...*shrugs*

For the other exercises, they were not so Stays (Stand, Sit & Down) were good, but for the Recall exercise we lost a few points because Mom had to give me a second command for me to come...all because I was not paying attention again. Haha! Mom got a video of us doing the exercises thanks to a friend of hers who helped Mom record, I'll upload it and let you see how I messed up. heh! It was rather funny looking back at it, but it wasn't so funny at the time...=\

After our turn was done, it was photo taking time! *grins* Mom didn't really take a lot of photos here too coz she was mesmerized by the other doggies who did exceptionally well in the other classes, but she did get a few:

Me, happy that it's ALLLLL over...hehehe!

And we also met Pacco, the champion jumper! She got 4th placing in the Pre-Novice trials! Congrats, Pacco!

I had to stay inside my carrier for a while, and I heard a friend of Mom mention that I look like I'm riding a Porsche with the top down, enjoying myself! LOL! I didn't understood what that meant, but I admit I look quite happy here...haha!

This is Scruffy, a fellow participant....=) You might have seen him before at my MAHA post! He entered the Novice trials, but he failed to qualify because of the big pond near the was too tempting for him and he had to run over and jump into the pond for a nice swim!

Here is Ginger, Scruffy's little sister...she's such a cutie and loves to give people hugs! She was my 'competition' in the trials, but of course she did way better than me since she's been entering trials for some time now!

This here is Ziggy, another Border Collie...she also joined the Pre-Novice trials! Doesn't she look a little like Fenway (except maybe she's girl...heh!)?

I like her bi-colored gives her a distinction from the rest of the Border Collies that were there that day! I didn't know that the Border Collie is a popular breed here in Malaysia...there were so many of them present that day! Cool!

This is Venus, a lovely Min. Schnauzer like me...she is retired from obedience trials now, but when she was in, she always wins a eh?

Ziggy and me having some fun...heh!

Although I didn't win, I did get a certificate, and Mom wanted me to pose with it for rememberance...LOL!

Mom asked me 'Why the serious face?' and so I gave her a smile...=)

My certificate...*grins* Yes, that's my registered name...Rhythmkel New Fangled. A bit weird, that name...I certainly prefer Scottie any time!

Mom got Kenji in to share my so-called 'glory'...*rolls eyes*

Monday was another eventful day...will post about that next! *wink*