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Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hi everybody!

Just want to put a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Halloween...Mom and I are celebrating Halloween this year by entering:

The last day for submitting our entries is 31st October 2009, so hurry up and join! There are so many categories to win prizes from...=) If you don't plan to enter, please:

(Click to go to my page!)

Here's what Mom came up with for my costume:

LOLLL! I know, we recycled almost everything! hahaha! Mom is running out of time and ideas, so since we have the uhh, costume at hand, why not make me a 'valedictorian'? *grins* Not that I know what a 'valedictorian' does, so I posed disgruntled-y...haha!

Okay, this was supposed to be a short one, so I'll be off and be more disgruntled now. *wink* Happy Halloween! Hope you got more treats during this cool festive season!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Partying with Chloe, Autumn, Giselle, Charlie and Paul!

Hi everyone!

As promised, here are the photos from a recent party that I attended is Chloe's (no relation to Amber-Mae & Chloe) and Paul's (her owner) birthday party! What made it so special was her owners were super gracious to host other doggies' birthdays there too! So, we got to celebrate with Autumn, Giselle, and Charlie as huh?! So, let's get the party started! *grins*

Mom and I arrived early, coz Mom was helping out with some doggie treats...we first met Boy Boy. He's Chloe's big brother...*grins*

Then I met the birthday girl herself! She is so good smiling for the camera!

I think she could be another potential model, don't you think? *wink*

Here are some of the foods the humans (and of course some for the doggies as well!). Mom made these Biscuit Bites (this was taken before the party)

The yummy spread of food...the table in front were mostly food for us furkids, and the rest for the humans. Later that night, there were more additions from Charlie's Mom! Can you imagine the amount of food we all ate? hehe!

Doggie cupcakes...

Nutella-frosted cupcakes (for the humans)...


And fried noodles...*licks lips*

Look at the beautiful cake Chloe got! Her Mom got it from a pet bakery...I wish Mom could make a pretty one like that too someday! *hint hint*

As you can see, it's mostly about food...hehe! These were baklavas, that I think originated from the Middle East. Mom LOVED these pastries!

And there were some yummy looking sweets too!

Of course, it wasn't JUST about food...there were some games and lots of chit chatting. AND, we all got goodie bags to take home! How cool! No photos of the games though, coz Mom was busy 'supervising' me...I got a little, overexcited so she had to 'contain' me at some point. LOL!

But she DID manage to take some photos of my friends who attended the party! Here they are:

This pretty girl Poodle is called Er Lu...she's very camera shy as you can see. She also shied away from me when I tried to say hello!

I got to play with Autumn too! It's been ages since I last saw her at Ruby's Resort! *grins*

This ever cute boy is Archie! Mom loves his 'sad' face...*grins*

And this is Faustina, Charlie's sister...she came dressed as a hula dancer (the party theme was beach luau!), and of course she won the best dressed doggie of the night! hehe!

Here are three American Cocker Spaniels that are so cool! Mom loves their gentle, happy and calm temperaments...they are (from left): Giselle, Golden and Gary! The 3 G's! hehe!

I got to savour many types of doggie of which was this yummy homemade dehydrated meat. Notice my wet beard? I drooled loads when everybody was eating...haha!

(Photo credit: Chloe's Mom)
After all was done, we all got together for a group photo! See if you can spot me...heh! Look at the amount of people and doggies at the was a smashing success, if I say so myself! *grins*

That's it from me for now...I'm off to visit your blogs now. Wish me luck that Mom will sit down long enough to visit ALL my friends! *crosses paws*


Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Layout...Finally!

Yayyy! Mom finally got her lazy fingers to help me change the background and header of my blog...this time she wanted me to be 'in the middle of a vast field, with grass surrounding me, and butterflies swirling around!' LOL! I guess it sort of feels like spring...even though it's close to winter now. *rolls on floor laughing* I'm assuming she's trying to go with the roll of the 4 seasons thingy, but she's WAY off on the timing...haha! Anyways, it's really late now...I'll be back soon to post about my partying. Yup, I am a partay boy! *wink*


Monday, October 12, 2009

Updates, Feasting & More...LOL!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for being so silent again...this time, I think Mom's just being lazy. *sigh* When will she be hardworking eh? Well, some updates on her arm (thanks to everybody who sent good healing vibes! *big hugs*): her cast is finally off! YAYYY! But, the doctor said she has to take it very slow still, coz...

Her current x-rays are showing the broken bones are still on the mend. =( If what she heard is correct, the broken parts are still in some sort of a fibrous connection, and hasn't harden into bone yet.

The other angle of her x-ray. Mom's ecstatic that her cast got taken least she could get proper showers and dressing is less of an issue. Oh, she also had her first session of physiotherapy too. She said it was one of the most painful times she had ever...the therapists told her it's coz her muscles have not been used in such a long time (Eep!). Some of the muscles on her shoulder have even been wasted and the elbow muscles have turned stiff. Yikes! No wonder she's feeling pain!

She'll be working on physiotherapy for a while, but the doctors have also given her the green light to go back to work next week. Good for her, but I'm feeling kind of reluctant...I'm going to miss having her around the house all day. =(


On another note, since she's had her cast taken off, Mom's been baking again. Well, she did most of the lighter work. Heavier work like lifting the heavier trays to and from the oven were done with Gramma's help *grins* Some of her projects:

Mini Salmon Bites - Salmon with a light creamy sauce baked with a buttery bread case. We all loved it, and as a result, Mom didn't manage to get nicer photos of the yummy bites. These were the remainder of the bites when Mom remembered...LOL!

Mini Chicken Pies - Puff pastry as the crust and top with a creamy chicken filling. *licks lips*

Mini Quiches (Mom seems to be fascinated with mini stuff lately...LOL!)

And an apple pie too...she used a different crust recipe this time around, and she said the results were cool...too bad I didn't get a taste! They were all gone before I could get some *pouts*

But not to worry though...Mom made some treats for us too! *grins* These were apple turnovers made with unsweetened applesauce (home made) and a yummy dough from the Good Treats Cookbook by Barbara Burg (Mom got it not too long ago...she's been wanting to try out the yummy recipes from that book)

She also tried the Apple Kissed Peanut Butter Treats from the same book...these cookies were sandwiched with cooled cream cheese. Yummy!! This recipe yielded LOADS, and I'm glad to report that we're still getting some of them till today. *grins* They keep very well in an air-tight container...YAYY!

Here's how Mom made us be good boys before we got to share that very HUGE biscuit sandwich.

First, I got to lick the biscuits a little...

And then it was Kenji's turn..

After that, Mom divided the treats into two and we got to crunching those yummy biscuits! *grins*

So sorry for being slow with my visits and comments...will try my best to get Mom to budge her lazy fingers to help me. Meanwhile, I think I'll go beg for more of those apple treats...heh!