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Friday, August 29, 2008


Hello everyone!

Thanks for all the comments about my raw feasting! I didn't know that there are so many other doggies who feast on raw food too! Glad to hear that more and more doggies are doing so, coz it's not only more DELICIOUS but more healthy too...*wink* I've had so far eaten more chicken (chicken thigh, chicken breast, chicken back with lots of meat) and Mom says I've gotten pretty good at it too! I've finished my food faster now, and when I do, I would go back inside to announce to Mom, "I'm done!" and she would wipe my face down with a damp cloth...hee! I keep asking Mom to give me other meat, but she said that I must go slow so that I will get used to eating raw first. She says there's buffalo in the coming weeks...COOL! Can't wait for it!

On another note, it's been really hot these days, and my fur's been growing Gramma said instead of sending me to the groomers (and saving some money), SHE would give me a fur-cut herself! So, she took out the buzz-cutter and....

Voila! The new me! *grins*

I quite like the fur-cut, since it made me all cool and nice...=)

This is what it looks like from the side...not bad for a beginner, no? *wink* Gramma said it's not nearly as good as the groomers, but since my fur grows back fast, it's not really a big deal...heh!

Me chilling out with my new look...

Gramma found something nasty after the cut though...bumps that looked like pimples on my skin! Eep! Mom said they have been there for quite some time before my raw feasting started, so she's hoping that now I'm started on raw food, the skin allergies would go away. Mean time, she's putting some ointment to help quicken the process. I sure hope it goes away too! Mom says I look weird with all those bumps, especially when my fur is so short! You can't really see them from the photos, but upclose...eep!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Raw Feasting!

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited, coz I get to feast on some yummy chicken yesterday! Well, I think Mom is more excited than I am...after about 2 months of reading about raw feeding, joining a raw feeding list, and especially reading about it from Stanislaw and Fenway, Mom has finally took the plunge to feed me raw food!

I was so curious the other day when Mom came home lugging a few bags that seem heavy after she left me and Kenji at home. Not only that, she and Gramma started opening the bags and I hear lots of chopping and bagging (I couldn't see as Mom put me and Kenji in our playpen). Of course, she couldn't stop us from smelling, and Kenji and I made quite some noise!

Yesterday, however...I knew I am getting something different. Mom went to the fridge and took out a bag, and put it in my bowl. I got to eat outside too, which was a first!

I didn't quite get how to eat this chicken though. It was so different from my kibble that I was used to (and always inhaled in a few seconds!). After licking it for a few seconds to get a taste of it, I took it out of my bowl to continue...

After a while, I got the hang of it and took my time in savouring the meatiness of it all...yumm! It took me about 20 minutes to finish this big chunk of meat...*grins* I took my time in chewing up the meat and bones. Gramma couldn't stand the sound of the bones crunching though...LOL!

Mom didn't take any photos of me finishing my chicken, coz I didn't want her to! She keep hovering over me to check (see what I mean when I said she's more excited?) that I kept looking at her and refused to eat until she sat further away, letting me have my space. Heh!

All in all, I can definitely see me eating more raw food too! Thanks Stan for all the information on your blog about raw feasting! It sure made my day, and I'm looking forward to more of it! Hopefully soon I'll be able to get lots of other meat to feast on!


Monday, August 25, 2008


Hi everyone!

It's already Monday here, but Mom said that it could still be the weekend in some other parts of the world, so I hope everyone had / have (whichever is appropriate) a great weekend! *grins*

A couple of days ago, Mom took me hiking! It was so fun! She got me in my harness early in the morning, popped me in my travel crate and off we went! While we were on the way though, there was something called a 'traffic jam' which made Mom very frustrated. "Whoever heard of a traffic jam so early in the morning on a weekend??!" she muttered. So,we ended up at the hiking place a little later than usual...but who do I see? Bobo, my old classmate from my Pre-Novice class! Apparently Mom had planned on this hiking trip with Bobo's Mom, Rachel...and that day, Rachel brought another friend too! It was Coco, a Welsh Corgi and her parents, Rosie and Jason! I had a fun time sniffing everyone and getting pats from all the humans...*grins*

The hiking thing itself was fun, coz I get to climb up all sorts of things and leaving my pee mails every now and then! Mom was no fun though...she couldn't catch up with me and had to stop ever so often to catch her breath. Someone needs to work out more! *wink* But I be Haved (as Stanislaw would put it...hee!) and waited for Mom every time.

After a long, steep climb up a hill, we came across a small river with cool water. Bobo can't wait and just jumped and splashed water everywhere! She was so fun to play with, and Coco joined in the fun too. Unfortunately, I not a big fan of the water, so I just dipped my paws at the edge...heh! Bobo tried very hard to get me in the water, but...*sheepish grin*

Next, we continued on and came upon a hanging bridge. WHOA! It was very narrow and quite swingy, so it gave me a bit of a creepy feeling. I went on it a few steps and froze. Mom tried to get me to go some more, but I can't seem to move it. In the end, Mom had to carry me across....>.<" How embarassing. But then, Coco couldn't move too, so I guess I'm not the only one who is scared...heh! Bobo was a whiz and just raced past the bridge. She's an old pro at this, I guess! As you can see, there are no photos this time...=( Mom was so silly she forgot to bring her camera along! She later told me that she wouldn't have the strength to get good shots either if she had brought it along. She was so tired and out of breath after the whole thing...haha! I'll make her bring it the next time we go though, so you can see how pretty it was...I loved the trip! Even though at the end of it all I became so dirty Mom had to give me a bath, but it was well worth it...the trees, the smell of leaves and grass...*sigh* After everything was over, we sat down and enjoyed some treats and water. Coco's Mom brought apples for everyone to eat too! I got to enjoy a slice...hee. And then, Mom brought me to lunch together with Bobo, Coco and their parents! I got a nice chair next to Mom and Mom passed me some bits of her food...yumm! I so wish she had brought her camera! This post really did not do the trip any justice at all...*sigh* Next time I guess... After my bath, Mom took out her camera (see what I mean when I say she's silly? Why bring it out now AFTER the trip?!) and took a photo of me and Kenji. She made us 'smile' too...heh!

That's about it from me, I guess. Till next time when Mom is more sensible and will bring her camera wherever she goes...


Friday, August 22, 2008

Some Random-ness

Hello everyone!

Today has been quite a slow day....Mom is feeling more than lazy as usual, so I have no misadventures to report. But I went digging through Mom's camera and found some random photos that I'd like to post, so please excuse the random-ness!

A little tongue action going on...Mom's hands are shaky! =P

Me being my 'happy self' with my beard all beard's have become a little 'brighter'! O.O" How did this happen? Mom says, "It's the power of PHOTOSHOP"! LOL! Now I can't say I'm a 'natural handsome'...oh no!

Kenji giving Mom the heads up!

*Gasp* The Decapitated Dog!'s my carrier box thinger. Mom always puts me in when we're travelling to obedience class...*grins*

Ah HAH! Caught in the action...Kenji sleeping like a pig! =P Don't tell him I said that...

Some close-up action of him..

And me...*yawn* This kind of makes me feel tired too.

My 'Snuggle Little Puppy' Mom calls it. Good night!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MAHA Expo 2008 Part Deux


As's the second part of Mom's trip to the MAHA thingy on her birthday! These photos are from the obedience trials that went on for almost the whole day. Like what Amber said, it was very hot, and there were too many *ahem* Malays! No offence against them, but they were not dog-friendly and always kind of feel threatened when they see us doggies, even though we can be as gentle as a hamster.

Mom said that all the doggies were too hot, most of them were not in the mood for the exercises at all....=( But then, they still managed to finish the exercises. She still had a good time though,coz she got to meet most of the participants in the trials! Which makes me jealous! I want to meet new friends too! *pouts* Oh well, I guess photos would have to do for now..

This little Chihuahua is superb! She looked just like Kenji, only with longer fur! She won 1st prize in the Pre-Novice Class trials! Mom didn't get her name though..congrats anyhow!

This is Scruffy, a good friend of Pacco's! Mom was so thrilled to see him again and see him do his thing at the trials! The last time Mom saw him, he gave a demo to us at our first day in obedience class. The other thing Mom liked about him was that he is part Schnauzer...*grins* He won 2nd place at the Novice Class! Congrats Scruffy!

And this is the lovely Ginger! She is Scruffy's sister...also another talented doggie! Mom loves petting her! She won 2nd place at the Pre-Novice Class trials! Congrats, Ginger!

Another friend that Mom met...she didn't catch his name though. =( But he was SOOO cute,according to Mom. He sat up immediately and posed for Mom when she took out her camera to snap his photo!

This is Cash, a little Poodle that Mom got to carry and give cuddles to after his trials! Mom loved his soft fur, and said that he cuddles exactly the way I do it...hey, I thought I was the ultimate in cuddles! *pouts* Cash qualified for his Pre-Novice trials!

Ooh...this doggie looks like Fenway! Mom got to see him in action, and she included the video here too! It's further down, as you scroll along...=)

What do you know? There's a fellow Schnauzer pal too! Mom didn't get the name of this cutie though, but she said she's ADORABLE!

OMG! It's Faith, Amber-Mae's sista!! Mom was SOOO happy to see her, but she said it was probably too hot, and Faith just lay there trying to cool herself! I wish I met you too, Faith! Next time, I shall meet you, Amber and Chloe together....*grins*

Teehee! Here's Cash getting a little cooling down from the fan...Mom says this fan gives out mists of water to help the cooling down more. Awesome!

This is BJ, a Belgian Shepard, of whom Mom was SOOO impressed by! During his trials, Mom said he watches his owner ALL THE WAY..never taking his eyes away from the owner's face! How cool was that? Mom asked me when can I be like that too...I told her,"I probably need more practice...and more treats!" *wink*

This is Snowy, a Labrador who is only 8 months old! I think she kind of looks like Charlie, Opy's big brother when he was younger. Hope you're doing much better, Charlie! Mom said that Snowy is SOOOO friendly! =)

Here is a video of the Open Class trials (the highest level for Obedience trials) which took place later in the afternoon. There were only 2 participants in it, a Poodle (not Cash!) and a Border Collie (the one which looks like Fenway!)...Mom was SOOO impressed by them. I'm a bit worried though...what if she expects me to behave like them too? I don't mind behaving, but I take quite some time learning new stuff! Mom needs to be patient, I say! It's a bit long, but it's really quite cool if you've got the time to view it. There was also the 'Sit Stay' and 'Down Stay' exercises, but Mom didn't get a video of them.

Very, VERY impressive, no? Mom didn't get to see the results for this class though...she left because it was almost 6pm (she was there since 11am...eep!) and Gramma and Grampa were tired. Either way, I think they're both fabulous!

While they were heading down to the tram stop, Mom heard a loud crowd near the tram stop....what did they see? RODEO MALAYSIA!!! o.O" Mom said she have never seen a real-live rodeo show before, so she asked Gramma and Grampa to take a detour to watch it for a while! Technically,it's not really RODEO MALAYSIA, coz the participants in the show were from Australia...haha! But then, they were really nice to call it Rodeo Malaysia...and Mom was so excited watching it! It looked very dangerous though, and I don't know how these cowboys go through it day in and day out. Big respect to them..

There were some more events there, like Team Roping and Steer Wrestling, Saddle Bronc and Bareback Riding, but Mom's camera died from all the photos and video taking non stop for the whole day...meh! She said the bareback riding was the scariest....gosh,I wish I'd seen it too!

Well, that's it for the MAHA Expo thingy...I'll be back with more current news of my misadventures soon...*grins* Till then, I'll leave you with this...

Before Mom left for the tram stop, she took a photo of this tree....whoa! Can you see the people standing under it? It's ginormous!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MAHA Expo 2008

Hi everyone!

As it turns out, there's so many juicy stuff to post about in Mom's trip to this MAHA thingy (It stands for Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism), so I'm going to divide it into a few posts. o.O" Yes, freaky I know! But then, from what Mom told sounded like such a cool event! Wish I was there! (I'll let you know why I can't go further down).

So, here's the lowdown on her trip. After my obedience class ended, my instructor told Mom that there's an obedience trial going on at the MAHA expo! Naturally, Mom was psyched coz she hasn't been to an obedience trial and she wanted to see how other doggies do in obedience trials, AND possibly pick up some tips on how to train moi in the future...*rolls eyes*

She said she couldn't bring me to the trials because:

  • It's probably not dog-friendly (due to the fact that Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-cultural country, the major race is not dog-friendly). *pouts* I SOOO protested on this. How can an obedience trial that feature DOGS not be DOG-FRIENDLY????!! Such a ridiculous notion, and I made myself clear to Mom.
  • The place is HUGE and probably involves lots of walking (which I don't mind!) but then it's back to the previous point of it not being dog-friendly and all...bleh!

And so...she left me and Kenji all alone at home while she hops off in the car to the Expo. But then, when she came back...she got tons of photos to show!

This is how long the queue was to get on the tram thingers that take people around (Mom was told that the place was like, 170 hectares wide so transport is crucial). You probably can't see the whole queue, but it spanned all the way to the bus at the front, and wayyyy back from Mom's camera...eep!

One of the many many trams that took people around...

Due to boredom of waiting, look at what silly Mom took a photo of...her tram wristband. *rolls eyes*

Ooh...this photo is of DURIAN TREES!! Mom took this when she was on the tram.
Remember my durian post? Well, Mom says those trees are where we got them durians from! Yumm....*licks lips*

Ah hah...another reason why there's so many people coming to this Expo! More on that later...*wink*

After Mom got down from the tram, she headed straight for the obedience trials area. But not before snapping some interesting photos of the other animals on display (I STILL can't believe it's not dog-friendly! I mean, there's SOOO many animals there! What's a dog going to do? *pouts*) Here is a photo of some cows for auction...

Shy duckies! =P Mom says they are delicious...o.O I wonder if I can get a taste of them in the near future..

Goatsies! Yet another delicious feast...*wink*

Here's a photo of a uhh...sheep? Mom says it's a local one. I thought sheep are white? And have fluffy wool?

Up close and personal with them horns...eep! They look dangerous!

Wow! They've got rabbits too! And they look so similar to the rabbits we got at home! Hee...

This one is just. plain. weird....why is the man all painted and stuff? I can never understand humans. And the snake is errm....yellow.

Mom says these are camels. They walk around the desert and never go thirsty for a long time. That's amazing, innit?

Ooh...they got elephants there too! Mom says that people could go on rides on the elephants for a small fee...I wonder where they go to on these rides.

Look! Horses are here too! Mom liked the shiny coat on this horsie...but to her horror, she heard someone saying that they can be eaten too! O.O" He said that they even taste better than beef...eep!

They even got ponies too! This one is tame enough for Mom to touch...she says they have lovely eyes!

Well, that's about it for now. I don't want to overload this post with too many pictures! Next up, I'll post about the obedience trials! Mom says she met someone special there! Too bad I wasn't present as well...*sigh*


Monday, August 18, 2008


Hi everyone!

Yesterday was Mom's birthday, so she went out to celebrate...without me! *pouts* I'll tell you all about it in the next post, coz it's quite long. I want to show you something else though! Remember the 'surprise' thingy that I told you about for Mom's birthday? Well, I just got it 2 days ago! YAYYY! After much pestering with Mom, she only found the time to help me post it now....

Oops! Wrong one! Haha...but then, I'm still happy coz I get to be in...

The family potrait! YAYYY! Yeah, Mom took me and Kenji to the studio to get some pictures taken for Mom's graduation. Needless to say, I was excited...too excited that I was making quite a ruckus in the studio! Mom managed to make me quiet though...and so, voila! *grins*

Here is Mom and I in our studio potrait! It took me a while to get used to the big flashes and lights in the studio (by gosh, they were blinding!) but in the end, the photographer managed to snap this one! hee!

And after all that ruckus, Mom still wanted to take photos at home...too happy mode? =P

The cam-whores that we've become...tsk tsk tsk!

Well, guess that's about it for now...I hear there's a rodeo thingy going on yesterday where Mom was at! O.O" Tell you about it later!