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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Update On Kenji

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and healing vibes! The second vet's opinion is the same as the first:, Mom and Aunty Vivian are still monitoring him for any other signs. They are even recording his meal-times to show the vet what happens after he eats! They will be bringing Kenji to the hospital again this Friday for another follow-up to see what other options are there to correct the neck bone that is being impacted...

Funnily enough, yesterday Kenji was almost back to his old self! He was running about and playing with Yuki and his toys and there was no evidence of a stiff or swollen neck! And he wasn't on any painkillers too...Aunty Vivian thought that since he wasn't in any pain she would not give the painkillers for the day to see how it goes, and he seemed fine! Weird, right?'s only Wednesday today, so they're still monitoring him...I'm thinking that the healing circle works! We're hoping that the healing vibes continue until the next check up and his neck bone will be all better and won't require surgery or anything of the sort! *crosses paws*


Monday, July 12, 2010

Just When We Thought All Was Good...

...something not-so-good happens. Just a few days ago, Kenji became unwell and he wasn't his usual annoying self...all he does is lie around (mostly on his side) and he became very defensive and wouldn't let most people touch him (except for Mom and Aunty Vivian). They noticed his neck has been swollen and rushed him to the veterinary hospital.Aunty Vivian said they did X-rays for him, but couldn't seem to find anything wrong with his neck (except that one of the bones in the neck area seems to be a bit impacted compared to the others, but the vet mentioned that it might not be causing the swollenness) and just asked the humans to monitor him for any changes. The funny thing is, this swollen neck thing didn't happen at the hospital, but only at home! Poor Kenji...he looks so sad and miserable that Aunty Vivian is bringing him to another vet for a second opinion.

We'd like to ask for good vibes that Kenji will get better quickly...he can't seem to breathe well or eat much, and Mom notices that whenever he does eat (really soft food like rice and banana as reccommended by the vet), his neck would get swollen too...this made her think that could it be him having a sore throat, or tonsilitis (do doggies have tonsils in the first place? o.O") but I guess we will know after the second vet's visit. It's quite worrying to see him like this, so we'd also appreciate any advice from whomever have experienced this or know anything about this....


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy (Belated) 4th Of July... all my friends from the US! From what Mom told me and from the Internet, it's a PAWSOME celebration with loads of good food, great company as well as fantastic fireworks at night! Wish I was there! Happy Independence Day! *grins*

I didn't think this was a coincidence, but Mom definitely did...she cooked dinner again on Sunday for the family, and it 'just so happens' to be (mostly) food from the US! 

There's Jambalaya, Cola-Glazed Wings (though I think the wings looked a little burnt...LOLL!) and Shrimp Salad with some Brazillian Lemonade, and for dessert...

Peach Cobbler! *licks lips* Sadly, those were ALL for the humans....they finished it all before we poor doggies even got to sniff at it! GRRRRR! And to rub more salt into the wound, right after dinner Mom made...

Her own version of Hot Pockets (I think that's what it's called anyways!) Dang...

Ooh, but when it came to OUR dinner time, I smelled something different!'s BEEF! And apparently according to Mom, it's a 'special' kind of special that Gramma called Mom crazy for getting it to feed us doggies! o.O" I just knew it smelled awesome and by the looks of it, very fatty and yummy-looking!

Ooh....see the juicy meat!! Mom cuts it up for us and then...

We had to wait again before diving in! GRRR!

We dove into it so fast after Mom gave the OK that she couldn't take any nice photos of us! Ooh, I can't describe the yumminess of it was SO good I had to eat it all quickly! Heh! 

I know, it's either I don't post anything for ages and when I DO post, it's about food and then apologizing for the lateness in catching up >.<" Really sorry about that! Mom's been cooking quite a bit lately and that's about all we always talk about anyways...she's feeling a bit up to the neck about her work thingy, so she says cooking and baking (at the moment) takes her mind off the stuff at work. I told her to go for it, since it means more FOOD! Although, I think I'd better get her to bake some stuff for us too coz she's been making HUMAN food more and most of the time we don't get to eat it :( 

I've often wondered why them humans don't allow us doggies to eat their food too...they keep saying that it's too sweet, too salty or whatever. If it's bad for us, isn't it bad for them too? Sometimes I feel us doggies eat much healthier than they do! Heh heh! So, for the humans who want to be healthier, eat like us...more fresh meat, some veggies, no salt and sugar and you're good to go! *wink*


UPDATE: I've never gotten any problems so far with Blogger all this while, but I guess somehow or other, someone will get 'attacked' every now and then...and today happens to be my time! >.<" I can't seem to view the comments sent previously. =( I had it set to allow me to moderate the comments, but whenever I see a notification and I go to that page, Blogger tells me I have no comments to moderate! So, I then set it to just accept comments with some word verifications...luckily I set email notifications too when anybody comments, coz I can get the comments through email, but NOWHERE was it shown in the blog! O.O" Dang Blogger! It's a good thing that email notifications still work, so I still get some of your comments...I don't know if it's really Blogger, or has my account been hacked into! >.<" Anybody else experienced this before?