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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Turning Two: Kenji-Style

Yup, as you've probably guessed by now, my brother Kenji turned two! *grins* Actually his birthday was on 9th June, but you know how humans can be...they forgot. *snickers* Still, Mom wanted to help make his day not-so-bad, and we had a little (VERY) Belated Birthday Party on Sunday...

Us on Sunday morning...we knew the humans were up to something, but just can't tell yet!

Hah! First 'surprise' of the day...a little 'SPA' treatment for us. heh! (Recipe of the spa courtesy of Amber-Mae's Spa Eau Naturel) Mom loves the lemony, citrus-y smell of it all...*grins* I just love being pampered...hehe!

Then, after a LONG LONG wait...
The result from a few hours of baking and decorating! *grins* Aunty Vivian helped out with the decorations...don't they look cool? The 'cupcakes' are actually meatloaf with mashed potatoes as the 'frosting' (it's about the same recipe as my cake in my Birthday Post) and decorations include some ham, doggie biscuits, cheddar cheese slices, and some nori seaweed. Since Kenji is so small, Mom decided smaller cakes should be the order...she just didn't expect to work twice as long! heh! But it's still worth it, since the results were quite satisfactory! Can you read what the words say? It's supposed to be 'Happy B'Day' with Kenji going through the middle...*grins*

Not only that, Mom also made Little 'Eataly Meatballs' (as stated in the recipe title..heh!), which turned out quite nicely for her...

..And this was my favourite: Peanut Butter Cups! (made with dog chocolate of course! *wink*) Mom also made a human version of this, but I still think our doggie version beat it hands down!

For the humans, Gramma and Aunty Jane also made some Korean Kimbap (something like Japanese sushi, but with a Korean twist on it)

And there were also some other stuff that Gramma made Bento-style...hehe!

Kenji obviously ogling with delight at the yummy cupcakes!

The Birthday Boy with a HUGE smile on his face...

Aunty Vivian bought some pretty candles just like my Birthday ones, but the cupcakes didn't have enough room, so she put them on the meatballs...don't they look cute?

And after lighting them, Kenji got a little (but very fast, because of the melting candles) rendition of the 'Happy Birthday' song.

Needless to say, after all that, it's time to EAT! *grins* But first, we had to pose...

Kenji giving a big grin coz he got his initial...

and saying Thank you by offering his paw...

Then, it's FINALLY chow time! Kenji licked off all the decorations first before diving into the cupcake (literally! LOL!)

Me, I waited a little, coz the cupcake still had its liner there...

After a while, I got Mom to hold it for me while I licked off any excess to the cake...heh!

Lady got a cupcake too! She was SOOO excited coz it smelled different...Mom's slowpoke camera can only catch blurry photos of her. *sigh* You should have seen how she was bouncing about like a puppy instead of the dignified Lady that she is...

She ate the cupcake with so much gusto, it was gone in an instant! Look! You can't even see her face here...just the empty cupcake liner! Good job, Lady!

Mom decided it would be funny to make me balance the other treats first before I could eat them...*sighhhhh*

While the Birthday Boy got off real easy...pffft!

After all that, Kenji decided he wanted another...he begged with his pleading eyes, and he got one! Omigosh! I wonder if it works with MY eyes...

Ooh...yup, I did! The rest of the cupcakes were given to our friends and neighbours, since we can't possibly eat all of them, and not enough storage space in our house...but still, I think it was quite a nice party! Happy Belated Birthday,Kenji! He got a spiffy new red collar as his birthday present, and he's all showing off that his birthday cake was better than mine. GRRRR! That sounds like a challenge, doesn't it?


Monday, June 22, 2009

...And (OMG!) MORE Food! (Don't you think it's too much?)

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend! We sure did...*grins* I'm not going to spoil all the fun by telling everything in one go *sneaky grin* Will unveil bit by bit just for the suspense...heh!

First up, Gramma made MORE Bentos for Mom and Rachel...they get nicer and nicer as she got more equipment and ideas to beautify a lunchbox! I think she should start her own Bento blog, don't you think? *wink*

Secondly, Happy Father's Day to all the Dads, Daddys, Fathers (and other endearments that I've missed out) all over the world! Here's to wishing all Dads Thank You for everything that you've done throughout the truly are the rock of the family! *grins* I don't have a Dad (just yet), but Grampa has been really wonderful to me!

The whole family (sans us again...GRRRR!!)took Grampa out for a nice dinner on Saturday..look at all the yummy food!

Shark's fin soup for Grampa and Gramma...I don't know what it tastes like, but Mom said it's a Chinese delicacy!

This was a new one: Fried tofu with almond flakes served with a honeydew salad and mayonnaise on the side...*drools*

And then, they had CRAB too! Omigosh...they look so yummy! This was crab cooked with a Marmite sauce (I kid you not!)

And this was crab cooked with salted egg and milk, infused with some curry leaves for flavouring...yummy!

Another favourite of the family: Steamed fish with a yummy sauce...*licks screen*

The 'aftermath' of it all...I can't believe they didn't keep any leftovers for us poor doggies! GRRRRR! But they sure did enjoy it loads...

Aunty Vivian asked Grampa to smile for the camera, and instead he did this! heheheh! Happy Father's Day, Grampa!! *grins*


Stay tuned for our next post, as it was somebody's special day on Sunday! A little sneak peek (Mom is still helping me to choose the best photos):



Friday, June 19, 2009

...And More Food...

As promised, here are the photos of my Gotcha Day 'treats'...heh! Yes, as some of you guessed correctly...they are SUPPOSED to be Lollipups. *grins* Why do I say SUPPOSED to be? Because Mom made a complete disaster of it...the shapes of the Lollipups were supposed to be round, but somehow she managed to make the dough VERY sticky and hard to work with (when she put a cookie cutter through the dough, the cut dough shrinks away from the cutter...*rolls on the floor laughing* I guess her baking was so bad, even the dough had enough sense to shrink away!)

See? All mismatched shapes...bwahahahaha! The Lollipup 'sticks' are actually rawhide chews, and the actual Lollipups, apple and cinnamon flavored...*grins* It's a good thing those Lollipups smelled GOOD and doesn't taste as bad, otherwise I'd say it was a total waste of time! *wink*

There's one for Lady...

One for Kenji...

One for me (pictured in the last post), one for the fun of it, and the other disastrous icing-ed one...=P The 'icing' was actually dog chocolate...yummy!

Because the dough was so icky to work with, Mom decided to improvise and came up with apple 'turnovers' for us...LOL! The filling inside were diced apples tossed with a pinch of cinnamon. (Psst...they looked better on camera than they were in real life! *wink*) We ate all of them throughout the next few days as treats...Mom was too embarassed to give them out to the neighbors. heh!

Here I am with MY Lollipup! As you can see, I'm not too happy because Mom smushed the icing (how she managed to do that, I have no idea..*rolls eyes*), but it still smelled good. I think I'm beginning to like cinammon A LOT! *grins*

So, start with a tentative lick...

And go for it with one paw on the stick...heh! Note the icky mess on the floor..Gramma wasn't too happy about THAT =P

Kenji's approach was a little different though. First, he SLYLY and cunningly look at the Lollipup...

Start having a go at it with teeny bites on the back (and on the icing too)..

And eating up the rawhide FIRST before devouring that Lollipup!

I wish I had Lady's photos too, but she eats things like ladies do (aka chomping everything good and fast, making photos blurry) so we didn't manage to get any nice ones of her. =( She DID enjoy it loads however...*grins*

After all the eating, it's time for a little 'exercise', so out pops my FAVOURITE toy...mwahahaha! Please Mom??

And we got to playing quite hard...see the video, and you'll know why! *wink*

Stay tuned for the next post! Gramma has spruced up some LOVELY yummy eatables again! I wonder if she made some for me...*wink*


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's All About The Food...

This post is dedicated to Gramma, coz of her fabulous cooking skills and dedication to serve the family scrumptious food (which now spoils us to the point that we compare other people's cooking to hers...o.O") Why you ask?

Recently, she found a new interest: Kyaraben Bento, also known as Character Japanese Lunch Boxes. So interested, that she would wake up extra early to prepare some cute yet VERY delicious lunch boxes for Rachel and Mom. Case in point:

Gramma's first attempt for Mom's lunch box...some rice balls, sausages and assorted meats with fruits on the side *wink*. It doesn't really have the character thingy just yet, but there were some cute carrot cutouts (complete with sesame seeds for eyes o.O) and pretty looking sausages...*drools* Mom doesn't mind having cute stuff for lunch, coz they are healthy and tastes yummy!

Gramma got a little elaborate for Rachel though, since Rachel ADORES looking at cute stuff and being envied by her classmates in school about her pretty lunch box!

See? Even the leftovers got the lunch box eh?

This was Gramma's second attempt for gets prettier and prettier *grins*

And this was Mom's lunch box...yummy!

Some close-ups on the yummy food...stir fried vegetables on a pretty flower-shaped tomato!

And the 'teddy bear' just waiting to be eaten...LOL! It had raisins for the eyes and nose..heh!

On behalf of Mom and Rachel, I'd like to say 'ARIGATO GRAMMA!' *grins* Keep on the lookout for more yummy-looking lunch boxes from Gramma in this space...*wink*


Today is also my Gotcha Day! YAYYY! I can't believed it's already 2 years since I was here at my beloved home...Mom did a little something for my Gotcha Day (since she missed out on my first year, so this year she did something...heheheh!)

AAAANNNNNDDDD...that's not all! She made some *ahem* treats for me too, but according to her they turned out to be a big disaster...*rolls eyes* Trust Mom to make a big blunder out of simple dog treat recipes...will post more about that in my next entry. Until then, here's a sneak peek:

Apologies for not visiting YET AGAIN...>.<" Been reading your blogs, but haven't got time to post up comments since I have so many to catch up on! Will do that ASAP...Scottie's honor! *grins*