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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween & An Award

Glitter Photos

I don't really celebrate Halloween, but this year I was invited by Asta to go for a Halloween party! I'm still waiting for Aire Ruby to come by, so...I can't wait! *grins*

While waiting, let me show you another award that was passed on to me by the lovely Isis! It's a butterfly! *wink*

Thank you so, SOOOO much Isis! Love this!

I noticed that there are many doggies out there who already have this award, so I would like to leave it here for anyone who hasn't gotten it yet. Please feel free to take it and pass it on to your friends to spread some love and cheer! *grins*

Mom tells me that I have a demo practice to attend tomorrow for the World Animal Day organized by the SPCA. I was chosen along with other students from my obedience school to perform some obedience demo! YAYY! Mom is a bit anxious, coz she knows about me and my sometimes-I-don't-really-listen modes...

I don't know how I'm going to attend that, since I'll be partying away with Asta, Eric and Lacie along with other doggies, kitties and hammies! Maybe I'll just sneak in when I'm needed for the practice...*wink* I'll figure something out...hehe!

Oh look...I think I hear someone coming for me! Better go! Happy Halloween again! *wink*


Thursday, October 23, 2008

My list of 10 things...

Huskee & Hershey gave me the letter 'D' for this game, so here is my list of 10 things that I absolutely LUURRRRVVVE that starts with 'D' (I hope it's not too boring! *wink*):

1. Being a Dad / Daddy!
Okay, this is so totally not a real photo, but this is what I would imagine it to be when I go visit Jetty and the pups (only I'm sure the pups are much bigger by then, and some of them would look like me...heh!)

2. Drool!
The cause of all anguish to Mom...she had quite a bad time trying to get me all dry and non-drooly, but I can't help it! I love the feeling of a wet beard, especially when there's a breeze...ahh, so cooling! *wink*

3. Get Distracted, and here I would add:
4. Disobey my Mom
I can't help this too, but once you're out with doggie friends, it's quite hard to 'get your head in the game' of obedience...which is why I failed my Novice exams that day. *sigh* I'm still (well, Mom is mostly!) working on it, so cross paws I won't fail again in my next exam!

5. Duck treats!
This is the pressie that Mom got for me after her India trip! She didn't get it from India, but it's oh so yummy! It's made from yummy duck meat, and cod fish and sweet potato....*licks lips*

6. Doing tricks!
I love doing this mostly because there are T-R-E-A-T-S involved...hehe! That's me doing the 'Leave It' trick, with guess what? The Duck Treat on my nose! hehe!

7. Playing Dress Up!
Okay, this is more of MOM loving it, but I still like to entertain her...and ham it up for the camera too! Plus, each time I did good, I get my share of hugs, kisses, and yes, TREATS! LOL! This is my new Adidas t-shirt that Aunty Jane gave me all the way from the fact that it's a sleeveless one, perfect for the hot weather!

8. My New Dumbell!
This is my new 'training' toy...Gramma and Mom have been trying to teach me to Hold it (which I now know...YAYY!) and walk with it (still working on it!) without dropping it...I love the shiny yellow color, and although it's heavy, it gives me jaws a good workout..*wink*

9. De-stress!
I do this by playing with Josty after all that training...with my legs up high in the air! *grins* It's so liberating to roll around and chew on Josty...Kenji likes to join me sometimes! I'll show you what happened to Josty in my next post. heh!

And last, but not least...
10. My Doggie (and Kitty, and Hammie) friends!!! *grins*
If it weren't for the DWB, I don't think I would have met so many friends from all around the world...=) Thanks for letting me be a part of this community...I have truly enjoyed my time in blogging! *grins*

Well, that's all from me today...=) Hope you enjoyed my list! If you want to play this game too, please feel free to let me know and I'll pass on a letter to you! *wink*


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jetty, the pups & 10 Promises

Hi everyone!

As promised, here are the photos of Jetty and the puppies from Mom's visit to her house last weekend! Mom said Jetty is very protective of her pups when she entered the room, barking at her...which is normal, coz they are just too precious!

The proud mom with her pups (Mom only managed to snap these photos after Jetty had calmed down and Mom called her name...Mom said Jetty recognized her after a while, so it's all good. *grins*)

The puppies are only a few days old, so their eyes are not open yet...Mom didn't touch Jetty or the pups either when she was there, coz Jetty looked a bit stressed out from all the attention she is getting. I guess she just wants her privacy to nurse her pups. =)

A little close-up on the pups! Mom is not sure what their colors will be like, coz it seems to be too early to tell, but she loves this little boy with his markings on his eyebrows! hehe!

Don't know if it's visible enough here, but there are 6 pups in total...5 boys and a girl. *beams*

I'm a dad! Can't believe it...*grins* (Psst...does it mean Mom is a 'Gramma' now? O.O")
Mom said she will visit Jetty again when the pups are about a month old, and can walk around...PERHAPS that time she can bring me along if I behave myself! Cross paws that I can go, and I'll update you then! *grins*


Mom watched a movie with Aunty Jane yesterday...the title was '10 Promises To My Dog'. It's a Japanese film about a little girl, Akari who grew up with her dog, Socks (watch the movie and you'll know why he was given that name! hehe!). Akari's Mom told her that because Socks is her responsibility now, she must make the 10 Promises to her dog. These words are from the dog's heart...will you keep them? (This is dedicated to all the doggies out there)

1) Listen patiently to what I have to say.

2) Trust me. I will always be by your side.

3) Play with me a lot.

4) Don't forget that I have feelings too.

5) Let's not fight.

6) If I do not obey you, I have my reasons.

7) You have your school/work and you have your friends, but I only have you in my life.

8) Please stay as my best friend, even when I am old.

9) I will only live for about 10 years, so let's cherish our moments together...

10) I will never forget the time we had together. When my time comes, please be by my side as I had been by yours...

Mom said it was really touching and heart-breaking - she couldn't help but cry after hearing these promises. Go watch the movie if you's a great movie! Mom says it helps her to reminisce about what she had done for me, as well as remind herself if she had kept those promises to me during this 1 year. She says she hopes she will remember to keep these promises until....well,until the time comes.Needless to say I got lots of hugs and kisses when she got back from the cinema..=)

Here's to keeping promises...


Monday, October 20, 2008

Malaysian Responsible Dog Ownership Day 2008

Mom went to see the pups on Saturday, and by the sounds of her squeaking when telling me all about it they sure are SOOOO cute and adorable! She managed to take some photos of Jetty and the pups too, but for some reason she uploaded it to the desktop, and is lazy to get it from there since she is on the laptop now...GRRR! I'll get to posting about my brood in my next post, promise! *wink*

For now, here are some highlights (for me at least!) and some of the many doggie friends that I made at the Malaysian Responsible Dog Ownership Day (MRDO) 2008 organized by! It was a really fun day indeed...

Here's me getting ready to go...I'm wearing the bandanna Faya & Dyos sent me! WHEE! Oh, and I got a fur-cut too! Gramma helped Mom to send me to the groomers a few days ago, and I feel so much neater now! Mom didn't really like that I got my eyebrows cut too short though..she said I looked funny. Whatever, Mom! It'll grow back...

Here's Kenji and I...he said he felt a little naked with just his harness and all, so...

Taa daa! I lent him the other Swiss bandanna....hehe! Mom said he looked like little cowboy with the bandanna. LOL!

Okay, okay Mom...when will we ever go if you keep taking photos at home?!

And we're off! Look at this ever-so-cool doggie with his sunshades! I asked him how it feels to wear that thing...he said it's cool, keeps his eyes from being blinded by the sun. Note to Mom: I need a pair too so I can look like this cool dude. *wink*

Here's a sweet little poodle gal that I talked to for a while when Mom went to register herself for the lucky draws and the goodie bags for us doggies. I think I scared her a little coz she's still a wee pup and is not used to seeing another different looking doggie talk to her..

Check out the gals checking me out! *grins* I love their pretty dresses...they kind of look the ones Lorenza would wear!

Saying Hi to another Pug friend...he seemed pretty interested in the many events they got there!

Kenji joined me too when I talked to this cute Shih Tzu...

I can't believe that there are so many Schnauzer pals this time around...I've met so many of them while I went round the park with Mom! Either it's that, or I just have a knack of finding Schnauzer pals! hehe! Here's one pup that has a cute bandanna too! He even had similar markings like mine...*wink*

Another Schnauzer pal...

And another...

See what I mean? It's like a ginormous Schnauzer convention! YAYY! I'd like that...heh!

After all that chatting and socializing, it's great to take a rest...

I love this shot of Kenji...doesn't he look like he's becomed 'enlightened' (pardon the pun)?! Haha...the expression on his face seems to indicate that! *wink*

Omigosh...what's this I see?

A totally ADORABLE looking Shar Pei! Mom loves the wrinkles on his face...hehe!

We SOOO totally met with quite a few DWB-ers at this event! First up was Amber-Mae with her sisters, Chloe and Faith! I got to meet Chloe and Faith first, and we sniffed and talked...

Mom managed to get a copy of the DVD Amber's Mom made in aid of unfortunate doggies. We watched it when we got back and it was SUPER amazing! If you want to help out, please click here to get it!

Kenji also got to meet the famous sisters!

And finally, I got to say Hi to Amber! She is gorgeous upclose and personal...*grins*

Then I got to meet Boo Casanova! Doesn't he look so cute?! Mom actually bumped into Boo's Mom first before Boo's Mom asked my name. Hehe! Mom was so embarassed she couldn't recognise her to do something silly,this is it!

Our Moms asked us to pose for a photo...don't we look like the coolest buds? hehe!

I also got to meet Pacco, the cool DWB Olympics champion!

We played around a bit while our Moms was so fun!

Kenji got to meet her too! Pacco was surprised that Kenji is so little...haha! She thought Kenji looked bigger in his photos here...=P Mom's silly camera skills!

After that, stopped to talk to Mimi, a fellow classmate of mine when I was in Pre-Novice class. She is such a sweet gal, entertaining Kenji's antics!

Look at this cute Shih Tzu gal...Mom loves her little ribbons! Don't know if you notice it, but on the far right there were a few empty beer bottles. This gal's owner said it looked SHE drank all of those beer, what with her expression and the proximity of the bottles to her...LOL!

This Maltese gal looked a bit like Crystal, don't you think? I love how her ribbon matches her tail color! hehe!

Well, that's about it from us! I totally had fun at this event! Sorry I didn't get to show you more of what the event is about...there were many booths, games and demos actually but Mom had kept herself busy taking photos of me and my socializing until she forgot to take photos of the surroundings! Pfft! Next time I guess...*wink*


Thursday, October 16, 2008

'Travelog' finale

Ah yes, finally I've found the time to post the 'finale' to Mom's trip to India. Again, I apologize this is ages overdue...let's continue the trip via photos:

This is one of the commercial streets that Mom and her colleague went to during the weekend they were there. She said this is sort of like the 'Chinatown' for India (where lots of tourists and locals frequent to shop). You don't really see many people here in the photo coz Mom went very early there, and the shops have not exactly opened yet...o.O" But when it does, it's bustling with people everywhere!

See the many rows of round things? Those are bangles for sale. Mom said there are lots and lots of colors and patterns to be found...they are usually worn during festivals, and even for going out. She bought quite a bit of them too (not from here, but from another shop)

This is another shop selling women's can see lots of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and bangles out for display!

Here's another view of the looks like it's neverending, doesn't it?

Mom found this police station building right smack in the middle of the many shops and modern buildings. She said it looks kind of like a building from the olden days...not sure if it is, but I think it looks nice! And you can even see a policeman entering the front door...hehe!

Another thing that you can find loads here is clothes! Along the street, Mom says you will find many shops selling sari cloths (a traditional ladies' wear). From this photo,it looks like it's a very nice dress, right? When Mom took a close look she found out that it's a long piece of cloth that you need to wind around your body to wear...o.O" She didn't get one, but she said the cloths are SOOO pretty, it's like wearing a prom dress if you put it on with all the embroidery and sequins on it!

I don't really know what this guy is selling (neither does Mom!) but it looks like stacked cookies or candy, doesn't it? hehe! Mom and her colleague took a detour and ended up in a market...

..and they saw this horse carriage! I think the horse looked tired though...maybe it didn't have enough rest just yet.

You'll also see many temples in Bangalore...this shot is actually of the roof of the temple. See how intricate the designs are? Mom was told that most temples have the roofs hand carved...whoa!

Here is a photo of keysmiths (am I correct?) in the market. They make duplicates of keys for people and fix locks here...I wonder how they manage with such small workspaces though!

Here is a photo of a very high-end shopping mall (or so I'm told). I don't know if you can read the words here, but if you click on it you can see it better. It says 'Show Off' on the shop sign...LOL! What an apt name for it, don't you think? *grins*

Here is a photo of a cobbler by the road side that Mom came across on her way back. She says that he uses ordinary tools to fix shoes, like kitchen knives, etc. Not exactly like the cobblers we have here, but hey it does the job,right? *wink*

Here's a photo that Mom took in the airport when she's about to leave India. It's a new airport, she was told...look at the design! I like the layered ceiling..hehe!

Mom tried to take photos when she is in the air...this is supposed to be a photo right when the sun is rising (her flight from Bangalore is also a late night flight, but she reached Malaysia in the morning). She said this doesn't really do the view justice, coz it was REALLY colorful and breathtaking (especially when her camera's not equipped for these kind of photos!)...I guess one will just have to see it to believe it!

And look...we're flying right above the clouds! Well, not me, but you get what I mean...*wink* Mom says it gives her a feeling like she's sort of in heaven, looking down on the earth...she also saw lots of weird-shaped clouds. heh!

This photo was taken after Mom had landed...she caught a glimpse of these custom officers taking a break with their working doggies. She said they looked so cute, but she didn't get to say Hi since they're working.

Well, that's all from me and Mom about her trip to India! Gifts for me? Hmm, Mom said she has went around to look for pet stores in Bangalore, but unfortunately she couldn't find any! She even asked her colleagues in the Bangalore office if she could find a pet store, but they said it is not common for them to have pets, so pet stores are a rarity there...=( But then,she had bought me some other things when she got back...hehe! Will show you that in my next post...*wink*