Gramma's Bentos!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kenji Taking Over....Mwahahahaha!

Hola amigos!

Kenji here, busting out a move or two as Scottie's incapacitated...err, I mean UNAVAILABLE at the moment. Heh heh! I've been noticing that I have had only ONE post so far in his almost 2 years of blogging, and being the one that can outwit and outsmart him, yours truly has finally managed to pin him down long enough for me to take over...*grins* Okay, so here's the lowdown..

You're probably wondering why Scottie hasn't been updating his blog ever so frequently...well, let's just say that his Mom has been 'busy' doing stuff like this:

Mini apple and key lime pies (for the humans no less! We never got any...hmmph!)

Just yesterday, she tried out yet ANOTHER recipe from here and it smelled so delicious, it was irresistible! I'll give you a hint:

Can you see what was it that made us sit so nicely?

The 'before' and 'after' photos....*licks lips* See? The recipe was for 'Bacon-Wrapped Cocktail Sausages', or as the humans in the UK called it 'Pigs In A Blanket'. Never mind what's it called...I just know it smelled heavenly!! Scottie and I came up with a scheme to trick the human to spare us one since they never shared the apple or lime pies with us: puppy eyes and following her everywhere until she relented! Heh heh heh!

I let Scottie have his first, since he was so co-operative and ever the Mama's boy...*sniggers*

Licking licking all the yummy goodness off the bacon first...

And finally(!!) chomping down on that tender juicy sausage!

MY turn...mwahahahaha!

OMG...the smell is just TO DIE FOR! My bulgy eyes are a testament to it.

Should I eat it this way or that?

Yeah, I think attacking it from the right would be best...NOM NOM NOM!!

*sounds of scrambling*

Sorry about that, guys! My piggy of a brother thought he could just take over my blog without a fight...NOT that easy! *grins* No worries, he is fine...although now come to think of it, maybe I SHOULD let him blog every once in a while. Saves me time in blogging and stuff...*wink* I should think of it some more. So, to end this little debacle:

My disgruntled face...coz we only got one of that yummy sausage! And Mom definitely made more than that...HMMMPH! She said something about 'too much human food being bad' for us, but how come THEY never get sick eating it? My doggie senses tells me there's some sort of conspiracy going on....I'm going to check that out!

Scottie (& Kenji)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Three Years Old!

It's my birthday today! *grins* I'm proud to say that I'm of 'legal' age (if you convert our age to human years) and I'm really lucky to have a loving family...=)

Thanks to everyone who was so supportive of Mom looking for a new workplace...she's kind of bummed at the moment. I'm guessing she didn't get that dream job, but not to worry...I'll always be there to do silly stuff and make her laugh! *grins* That's what I do best...heh! Also, I'm so behind on catching up with your blogs! Really sorry about that...I will try and visit as many friends as I can! So, enough of all the gloomy's supposed to be a cool day, so I'm determined to rock this out!

Mom said since this year my birthday falls on a weekday, she made my cake during the weekend...nothing big this year, but at least there's cake! *grins*

Voila! Mom says it's not much coz she's not that creative, and as you can see...the cake frosting is a bit off. LOL! But hey, it's the thought that matters I guess...*grins* I heart the little doggie in the middle (cut out with cheesy ham...*licks lips*) with the silver baubly heart! Mom made the same cake that she made me last year, only this time she used chicken instead of beef, and made the cake smaller coz we didn't have that many doggies to share it with.

The side of the cake...cheesy ham again with my name on it! Mom wanted to put it on the top but the cake was too small, apparently...LOL!

And at the back, doggie biscuits with ham cut-outs too...

Some stuff for the's Salmon Bites (Mom got the recipe from here) and I got a wee taste too! Didn't look as nice as the original, but when served hot, it's yummy!

Me with my cake...Mom forgot to get the special candles. LOL! No biggie...I don't know how to blow it out anyways...=P

Kenji and I...he was a bit grumpy coz it wasn't his birthday yet. Haha!

And the candles were lit! Hurry up, Mom! I want some cake!!

And smiling one last time before the candles melted away...*grins*

Mom is more satisfied with the way the cake turned out this time actually looks more like cake than her previous attempt last year! Now the only thing is to get the decorations down pat...haha!

So, enough talk about the's NOM NOM time! *grins*

Kenji with his cake piece...his seriousness astounds me sometimes! >.<"
Digging into the cake...I took it out of my bowl to have better access to it. Mom wasn't too happy, but's MY cake, and so I shall eat it the way I want it! *grins*

Kenji was more gentlemanly this time unlike him! LOL!

Well, that's about it for's still early, so there may be more surprises up ahead! *grins*


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Giveaway Results!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being MIA you've probably known, Mom is in the midst of getting a new workplace, so apparently she had been rather nervous and can't do much for me. Hmmph! Still, we promised that we would announce the winners of my first giveaway today, so we made sure of that! *grins* The editing and uploading of the video takes forever, but it's a good thing the day's not finished yet...heh!

Here I am...hoping you won't forget me! *wink*

Mom wrote the names of the participants on recyclable paper...she says we should help save the environment as much as we can. Whatever you say, Mom! *grins*

Mom lined up the names in a row and put treats on them for me to choose, and
The results:

Congrats to the winners, Ebi & Emma AND Santa & Minnie! As I've only got 2 tags to give away, I guess you would need to decide who is getting the tag...*wink* Please email me at: nottiescottie(at)gmail(dot)com with your choice of tag from, address and what you would like to engrave on the tag so I can send the tags your way!!

Thanks so much to everybody who participated! You all have been PAWSOME!! *grins* Here's to more giveaways in the future...*grins*


Thursday, April 1, 2010

ID Tag Giveaway!

Yup, it's finally here! YAYY! Are you ready for my first ever giveaway? *grins* Here goes on what you need to do to be in the running for your own free ID tag:

1) Head on down to
2) Locate the ID tags page (Hint: hover your mouse over the navigation bar; you'll find it! *wink*)
3) Answer these 2 simple questions:

  • Name the code of the tag which is blue in color, and has the shape of a furry friend who is often misunderstood as a pest in the household.
  • How many types of symbols are available for us to choose for engraving?
4) Leave a comment at this post with your answers! Yes, it's that simple *grins*

The giveaway runs until 16th April 2010, by which I (okay, more like MOM) will compile all the correct answers into a lucky draw. *grins* I (yes, this time it's really ME!!) will choose 2 winners out and we will announce it on the 17th! *grins* The two winners will get their choice of any tag from the website with engravings specified by them!

The giveaway is open to all my friends from all around the world, so everyone is welcome to join! I can't wait to see how this turns's so exciting! *grins*