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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNY Celebrations

Whoops! Mom is still editing the photos of the fabulous gifts that I got from JD & Max, so let me post some photos of the CNY celebrations at Mom's Grandpa's place! This year, it was a little bit more somber as Mom's Grandma is no longer, it was super hot weather this time of the year, so all we did was laze around the house most of the time >.<" Not that many photos, but we did have some on the reunion dinner! Okay, enough chitter are the photos:

Posing on one of the's a little bit more cooling here than outside. LOL!

Kenji with his super long tongue trying to cool off...I don't know why he would still want to sleep on the bed. It was so hot, it's crazy!

Me greeting the visitors that come...*grins*

Preparations for the dinner underway, with the infamous long table for the family...we had steamboat again! *licks lips* It's the easiest kind of dinner to prepare, apparently, so why not right? *grins*

We also had the traditional Chinese New Year dish called 'Lou Sang' that day. Here are the men at the end of the table getting ready to 'mix'...the ladies had another big plate of the dish all to themselves. Heh!

This dish is a little consists of sweet and sour gravies, lots of crunchy (and colorful) tit bits, and some pickles. Some people put raw fish (a la sashimi style) in's supposed to symbolize luck and prosperity (the Chinese have a saying for it, and it sounded like 'fish' for one of the words, so you know how it goes *wink*). We did it a little differently...instead of fish, we had abalone in it! *grins*

Here's how things go with the dish: the condiments and ingredients are laid out nicely on the plate, and when it is time everybody comes together with their pair of chopsticks and mixes the ingredients together, pulling them as high as possible. It gets messy at times, what with the many chopsticks hitting the dish all at once, but it's all good fun and has quite a bit of symbolism too. The action of 'pulling the food up' symbolizes the person going higher up in whatever he/she does, be it career or it's supposed to mean good luck =) Or at least, that's what Mom gets out from it. *wink* At the end of it all, everyone enjoys a little bowl of the mixed dish...yummy! I managed to get a few bits from the things that fell from the table, but that's about it I guess >.<" Like I said near, yet so far! =(

After dinner, there was some funny things going on too...Mom's Grandpa wanted to dye his hair, coz according to him his hair had become grey. And so, he asked Mom's cousin (who is a budding hair stylist) to help him with it! *grins* Mind you, he's a ripe old age of to only dye his hair now is such a great testament that his jet black hair lasted VERY long before needing a dye job! *wink* How I wish my fur was like that too!

Well, that's about it for my CNY back in Seremban...the rest of the time we were there, we spent it watching TV and munching on CNY goodies. Heh! It's still CNY now, so the feasting is still on...LOL!


Friday, February 19, 2010

My First Meeting With JD & Max's Humans!

Hi everyone!

So sorry for the long hiatus again...we're in a long holiday mood, coz it's Chinese New Year again! Happy CNY to everyone who is celebrating it! *grins* In lieu of all ang pows, please forward it to Mom...*snickers*

Okay, jokes aside, there has been such wonderful things happening to me lately that it's hard to keep it all in check! For now though, here is my account on meeting JD & Max's humans, Neil & Clare! Sorry it took so long...I know the rest of the gang (Fatty & Ally, Santa & Carrie) have all updated their blogs right after the meeting. But, better late than never right? *wink* Without further ado:

Moi, the *ahem* 'thorn' amongst all the beautiful roses in the gathering...*wink* Mom is hopeless at removing the laser eyes from the photo, I tells ya! LOL!

Here are the other doggies that were there! Fatty & Ally...

Cheddie, another cutie whose Mom is a very famous blogger! *grins* Cheddie has a sibling, Koyuki who is super camera shy, so Mom didn't manage to capture any photo =(

The amount of food that was ordered...*licks lips* It's such a shame that I was sitting so CLOSE to the table, and yet I'm so FAR from getting even a bite out of these yummy food! GRRR...lucky Mom brought some dog treats for me. Heh!

This was the super yummy (according to Mom & everyone else who enjoyed the food!!) plate of crabs..infused with the broth, need I say more? *drools on keyboard*

Mom's lame attempt at capturing the moments at the dinner...LOL! See Clare giving me a head scritch? I had a total blast coz I sat next to her...she was super nice giving me head scritches! *grins* Neil was very nice too!

Here's Clare with Minnie...aren't they both cutie pies?! *grins*

We had a lot of meeting 'sessions' too in between the eating and chatting..heh! Here's Carrie meeting Santa..

Me chatting with Carrie and her Mom...

And me sharing a heart-to-heart with Fatty! The parents were talking about us being 'exclusive'...I wonder how it will turn out, eh? *wink wink*

Here are all of us together with (almost) all the humans! Thanks to Uncle Eric for organizing the dinner! It was such a blast getting to know everyone and to meet Neil and Clare! Special THANK YOU also to Neil & Clare for the GINORMOUS bag of goodies sent all the way from UK by JD & Max!! How big is it?
It's bigger than me!! I'm going to be posting about it in my next post coz the things are SUPER awesome, they deserve their own post! *grins* Meanwhile, I'll be snoopervising Mom with our own package for JD & Max...heh! I feel so guilty for not sending something over to them that I'm getting Mom to send one by mail...finalizing some stuff and packing it so we hope it'll reach you soon, JD & Max!