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Friday, August 29, 2008


Hello everyone!

Thanks for all the comments about my raw feasting! I didn't know that there are so many other doggies who feast on raw food too! Glad to hear that more and more doggies are doing so, coz it's not only more DELICIOUS but more healthy too...*wink* I've had so far eaten more chicken (chicken thigh, chicken breast, chicken back with lots of meat) and Mom says I've gotten pretty good at it too! I've finished my food faster now, and when I do, I would go back inside to announce to Mom, "I'm done!" and she would wipe my face down with a damp cloth...hee! I keep asking Mom to give me other meat, but she said that I must go slow so that I will get used to eating raw first. She says there's buffalo in the coming weeks...COOL! Can't wait for it!

On another note, it's been really hot these days, and my fur's been growing Gramma said instead of sending me to the groomers (and saving some money), SHE would give me a fur-cut herself! So, she took out the buzz-cutter and....

Voila! The new me! *grins*

I quite like the fur-cut, since it made me all cool and nice...=)

This is what it looks like from the side...not bad for a beginner, no? *wink* Gramma said it's not nearly as good as the groomers, but since my fur grows back fast, it's not really a big deal...heh!

Me chilling out with my new look...

Gramma found something nasty after the cut though...bumps that looked like pimples on my skin! Eep! Mom said they have been there for quite some time before my raw feasting started, so she's hoping that now I'm started on raw food, the skin allergies would go away. Mean time, she's putting some ointment to help quicken the process. I sure hope it goes away too! Mom says I look weird with all those bumps, especially when my fur is so short! You can't really see them from the photos, but upclose...eep!


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Puppy Dog Tales said...

me like your new cut. Me think it look real good.

puppy licks,
Suki and the lamb tails pack!

Dewey Dewster said...

Gee Scottie...
If yer Gram never cut doggies before she did a pretty good job....ya look cooler and spiffy too...hope yer bumps go away....'n that the raw diet helps...they say that it does....

Dewey Dewster here....

BWTH Dog House said...

mayb I should ask sissy to send over to your grandma instead of the groomer. Like your hair cut, sign..I like your ear too.

slurpy licks,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

You still look very handsome after the cut. :)

~ Girl girl

Amber-Mae said...

Wow, you look pawsome after your makeover! Your Mom did a good job indeed. Oooh yeah, raw meatables taste oh sooo scrumptious but we are not allowed to eat at all becoz we have very sensitive stomachs becoz we were not fed on BARF since young so we're not used to it. We do enjoy eating the raw meat more but getting diarrhea everyday is just terrible. Hopefully you're doing fine with it. Actually, the correct meat for dogs to eat is red bloody meat. Chicken meat is actually the wrong one becoz it is the cheapest & the most affordable meat in the market. Just becareful on the chicken thigh & wing bones though... Many people say that cooked bones will splinter but I say so does the un-cooked ones becoz you can still crush it & it will still be sharp no matter what. We eat cooked meat but only brisket bones, cartilages (cartilage is VERY good for us doggies! It's good for hip problems especially) & chicken necks. The chicken neck bones are round & smooth so it won't cause any damage to the internal organs. Poo poo will be smaller & harder especially when you're eating the bones. Not sure about the smell tho. Have not smelled a BARF-eating dog's poo before. In health wise, maybe it does cure some problems but no guarantee. Eyes, fur & everything else, no guarantee either. I have met a few dogs that are on kibbles, one specifically on Pedigree dog food, has fantastic health & fur, 10 years old this year & still jumping around like a puppy, while the others on BARF, don't look so great themselves. I only know a handful of doggies that eat BARF so I don't know about the others whether they look better or not. Some doggies that are on BARF or kibbles, look exactly the same in condition wise & health wise. I can agree that BARF is healthier for the dog but it's certainly not any safer than kibbles or cooked meat. Every type of food have their pros & cons. All of them have their good & bad. But for us, kibbles + home cooked food is the best & most suitable for us. We occasionally do get two to three raw, straight from the supermarket chicken necks just as treats. Only once in a while but then the next day, my hoomans will have to get ready for the huge mess in the house & on our backside fur. BOL! If you're pawfectly fine with raw meat, then that's great! There's nothing to worry about. Anyway, enjoy your new meal. Be sure to lick off any grease left under your paws & beard after each meal. Heehee!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

You look very smart with your new hair cut.

Simba x

Kess And Her Mama said...

Hi Nottie Scottie, Thanks for visiting my blog. I've not tried raw meat before, altho I'm sure our ancestors all ate raw food. Somehow, as our humans became civilised they started feeding us cooked meat.
BTW, do you have any objections if I added you to my blog list?

Maggie said...

handsome scottie...
i never like grooming though..
but u know we dogs..have to do it riteeeeee!
cute cut! :)

umekotyan said...

Good evening scottie.
Cutting the hair is pleasant when it is hot.
Wonderful looks bathe in the envy of surroundings.
It thinks of a wonderful preparation for playing as the weather worrying on the weekend. :)

from loved ume tyan

Faya said...

Oh waouw ! You look handsome Scottie ! I love your look so british !
I think my Véronique is in love with you....Scottie here...and blabla Scottie....and Scottie....
héhéhéhé but it is true : you look fabulous !
Kisses, Faya

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Hi Scottie,
Congrats on the raw food trial, that makes my mom paying attention now. Snowy&Crystal are on that diet too.
Your Grammy should open a groom shop, you look so handsome, Scottie!
Thanks for your kind words about the pawlimpics entry, I'm still mad at my mom.
Do you know Snowy&Crystal? their blog:
Please visit them to support their mom and to cheer them up.

Deetz said...

Yes, Scottie, you can add me to your friends list. I would love to be your friend. I added you to mine today

A&S said...

hey your granma did pretty well. we never have to get our furs cut because we "molt" which the sis says is way worse than shedding, but it works for us!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Scottie,
Gramma did a very nice job grooming you! Our Mama strips & clips our hair all of the time. We've never been to a groomer. We hope your bumps go away, maybe they are oil glands plugged. Do they ever itch?? Let us know if they go away.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Asta said...

I'm glad you'we enjoying youw new food!
youw Gwama did a pawtastic job of gwooming you, you look cool
smoochie kisses

Petra said...

I'm so glad I don't have to get my hair cut, but if I needed to, I'd ask your Gramma to do it. You look pawsome, Nottie Scottie!

Isis said...

i think your grammy did a wonderful job!

Winnie Woo said...

oh my scottie, how cool and comfortable you look! I wish I could say the same...

Lady Kaos said...

Mom and Dad have tried saving money by giving Sasha haircuts instead of taking her to the groomer. Mom says the money she pays the groomer is well worth it because Sasha doesn't hold still and wiggles out really easily. That reminds me, i wonder if Mom remembere to call the groomer today. I bet she forgot again. Sasha's going to be a big ball of fur pretty soon if Mom doesn't remember to call!

Boo said...

handsome scottie.

i like your *ahem* chest hair! lol

wet wet licks


Noah the Airedale said...

G'day Scottie,
First of all we just want to say how nice you're looking. Gramma did a pawesome job.
Secondly we didn't get the chance to comment on your previous post (due to sewer probs lol) but we're all raw fed too. Our fav is chicken legs, brisket bones and fish fillets.


the 4 Bs said...

hi Scottie, that's a pawtastic haircut. our mom cuts our hairs too and we like it better than the groomer. we don't like the haircut too much, but we do like mom.

we eat 1/2 raw food and 1/2 kibbles. hee hee. we get the best of everything.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Scottie!
Your mom did a great job with your haircut! It looks like a pro!
I hope those bumps go away soon!
Kisses and hugs

Lacy said...

w00f's Scottie, u looks pawsome in ur new look, ur g-ma did a wonderful sorry u gots bumps, me hopes it not serious...

b safe,

Moco said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog. If it is OK we will link to you so that we are able to keep up with your blog.

Georgeous said...

Ah Scottie, so many hairdoo's! At first I thought you had the rio carnival ruffles on you're arms AND then I realised your Nanna got it right and made some great trousers and tummy protector! She is very creative - now what are you going to spend yopur savings on???? Ummm Kongs! I guess liver paste goes better with raw than peanut butter, what are your thoughts??
Love n Snufies

Gaston is back! muahahahaha said...

Hi Scottie!
Congratulations to your grandma, she did a good job, you look really good with your new cut puuuurrrrr

Susan Sehi-Smith said...

Scottie you look very stylish. Maybe your gramma should consider a second career..."Groomer to the Stars" because you look handsome enough to be in movies. I hope the new diet helps with your skin allergies; my parent give me Omega3and vitamin enriched chewies every day to keep my coat nice.

from Siku

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Scottie,
I love your new look!! Your grandma did a great job, I must say... (My mama gives me haircut but she does a real bad job!)

Deetz said...

I love your pictures. You are adorable and your new hair cut is terrific.

Fred said...

You look great--much better than I did after my mom tried to cut me! Your grandma should come to my house! Glad you're still enjoying the raw food. :)

Asta said...

I hope you'westillenjoying youw cool would have been pawfect in the pool..wish you could wun ovew and ocme walk wif us
smoochie kisses

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Scottie -

Your Gramma did a great job with your haircut. Mama takes Kaci and I to the groomer - we don't sit still.

Hope your bumps go away soon. Schnauzers can get eczema.

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

The threesome said...

Nice pictures you have !
dO visit my blog yeah !
takecares !

The threesome said...

Oh , thanks ! but our new baby brother cody is still very naughty ! woof ! will pass by yr blog often ! * smile *
Takecares ok (;

LoveLicks ,
The Three Musketeers
Lady , Zena , Cody :D

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your mom did an awesome job grooming you, Scottie!
We hope the ointment helps your pimples!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Luc and Remy said...

Hey Scottie, we think Gramma did a good job--you look handsome! Good luck with your new diet. Mom has thought of that before but never did it. Sounds tasty!

Snowy and Crystal said...

Scottie - nice look ;)

we wanna thank you for your words in our last post in the blog *wet licks*

Maltese Paws,


p.s. one of mommy's drawings reminds us of you when you were a baby :p could it be that mommy meant to sketch you?