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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Gathering!

Hi everyone!

So sorry for the long silence...but Mom says her project thingy has finished (for now!) so she has a little more time to help me blog! I've LOADS to blog about, so hopefully I can get through all my little 'happenings' by blogging every day...*grins* First up for the day is a pre-Christmas gathering with some of my Schnauzer friends last Sunday! We had it at a pretty park called Desa Parkcity:

Me reaching our destination and taking a paws got wet from the rain (it was drizzling when we arrived, but then it stopped...YAYY!)

This is Toro...his owner Jason is the organizer for the gathering! *grins*

This is Max, a totally cute puppy! He so reminds me to Colin with his bursts of energy!

Another totally cute puppy called Mocha...LOVE the sweet smile!

Then more doggies came, and we said Hi many MANY times! LOL!

The park overlooked some nice lake...Mom didn't do this justice! It's so pretty!

Mom also made some treats to share with the other doggies...peanut butter cups! She made me balance mine first though. GRRR!!

It started to drizzle again after a while, so we all moved to some shade...there I met Kenji, the white Schnauzer!

Here's another cutie pie that just arrived!

Saying Hi to each other...*grins*

This is Bebe...Kenji's (the white Schnauzer, not our Kenji *wink*) big brother!

I also met a cute and friendly long-coated Chihuahua!

After that, it REALLY started to pour, so all of us (owners and doggies included) huddled into that little shade and waited for it to stop...Mom didn't manage to take any more photos after that because she was carrying me to prevent me from getting wet *grins* Me, I was enjoying every moment of it...hehe! We also exchanged gifts (there was a gift exchange session for us doggies) and I got some really cool treats! *licks lips*

Okies, that's about it for the gathering! I've received SOOO many Christmas cards for the exchange this year so I will post about that next...stay tuned! *wink*


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Eric said...

how come dun have my photo and Ally's wan???


Noah the Airedale said...

Gosh you sure got to meet lots of doggies at the park.

Have a great Christmas Scottie.

Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

It looks like you had a great pawty.

Merry Christmas,
Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Santa and Minnie said...

We guess the party got ruined by the rain! Wish we could be there too but our humans are mostly occupied in the evenings. Hope the next gathering can be held in the morning so that we can join and meet new friends. We miss all of you!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

So glad to hear from you, Scottie! What a nice looking group of friends met at such a pretty location...looks like a nice time despite the rain.

L^2 said...

Hi Scottie,
It sounds like you had fun gathering with your friends at the park, despite the rain.

Thank you for the pawsome holiday card! We’re having lots of fun getting to know other DWB members.

Happy holidays!

Love and lots of licks,
Stella and Leader Dog Willow

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I'm sure it was lots and lots of fun!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Scottie!
Sure you had a pawesome time with all your friends!
Kisses and hugs

Huskee and Hershey said...

Stopping by to bark you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... Happy Howlidays to you and your family!!

Huskee & Hershey

Autumn the maltese said...

Stop by to wish u a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday =D
May the Christmas bring you lots of happiness and health.

Autumn & Mom

Agatha and Archie said...

Looks like a BLAST(even with the rain!!) Love A+A

Sierra Rose said...

Hi there!!! Nice to meet you and thank you so much for the neat Holiday E-card!!!
Come by for a visit sometime:

Have a wonderful holiday and New Year!

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose