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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh, the horror!

Do I want to do this? Mom doesn't want to...she said it will spoil my image of the 'Cutie' look. But I say it's time to face the facts. I have become what I am now,and will probably not be able to go back to my former 'glory'. *sigh* Plus, any pictures of my future endeavours will also be of my current 'not-so-cute', here goes.

Be very afraid. The unleashing of Nottie Scottie begins now! *cue eerie music*

Remember this oh-so-cute Scottie from the past?







*gasp* Can this be me??! Sadly, yes....=(

Me trying to smile...but I guess I won't be melting anybody's heart now, would I? breeze blowing my eyebrows.

Honestly, I have no idea what happened to my lovely beard. Mom certainly had no clue. She tried all sorts of things like washing my beard frequently, using whitening shampoo, changing the food I eat, etc. but to no avail...=\

Yup, this is me now...I'm accepting the fact very calmly, but Mom doesn't want to. *sigh*

Oh, by the way these photos were not taken with my mom's spiffy new camera. She hasn't have time to get those pictures yet from her camera...busy human she is. These photos were taken with my Gramma's phone camera. It's not a very high-res camera, but I like the way it sort of makes the photos look like I was painted with a brush....heh.

Well, best be off then. I still have more walks down Memory Lane, but I think you should know how I look like prepare you before uncovering more of my misadventures. *grins* Till then...


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