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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane #3

Hi everyone,
BIG NEWS!!! Mom finally got herself a camera! WHEEE!! Now we'll see more pictures of the current me and my *ahem* misadventures....*grin* Be prepared for something quite horrific though (at least, according to my mom!) coz I don't look nearly as cute as I was when I was little...*sigh* Due to my nottie-ness, everything has changed. You'll see why...

Oh well, let's not dwell on sad things, shall we? I hereby bring you another episode of Memory Lane with me, Scottie the 'Cutie'! This time around, Mom got herself all giddy as she bought me my first outfit!

Lookie here...I'm a sailor! Teehee! I shall be known now as Sailor Scottie! *grins*

I know...this shirt is too big for me, isn't it? But according to Mom, it's the smallest size!

As you can see, I'm not too happy about it...

But then, all's good again as Mom tries to make me smile..

Here I am, lazing around...trying to pose for Mom (she is adamant about me posing for her)

Ahh....poster material at last!

Oh, but wait! I spot something!

There I go! Chasing after....*loses train of thought* I can't remember....*sheepish grin*

Whew! Posing is rather tiring for a dear ol' puppy like me...even though I'm supposed to be Sailor Scottie, the hardy one.

Yup...being a sailor is hard! heh...

I guess that's about it,folks. Sorry this post is so boring, but Mom wants to put these photos in to 'capture memories of me when I was such a cutie pie before becoming the agony that I am now'. I'll post something more interesting soon, that's a promise! Till then, this is Sailor Scottie signing off...


2 paws to this post!:

Maggie & Mitch said...

You look adorable in your sailor outfit, Scottie! We just love your eyebrows!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Fenway said...

Hi Scottie--

Greetings from Fenway the border collie, living in Maryland, just minutes from Washington, DC. 'Cause I live so close to the Capitol and the White House, we get all sorts of fearsome helicopters and even some fighter jets buzzing the skies overhead. I watch them and think I can herd them, just like sheep.

You have beautiful eyebrows and whiskers. I'm sure you are still the most Cutie.