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Friday, July 25, 2008

Training, Exam and a Bath...*gasp*

Mom took me outside for some training time today. Her instructor said to introduce me to different situations so that I won't be so distracted everytime I go someplace different. Still, I can't help but scream for joy when I go out! I just HAD to announce to anyone and everyone that Scottie the 'Cutie' is here!! hee...

Mom gets SO embarassed, especially when there are people walking past and giving us weird looks. Some even looked scared because they thought I was being aggresive. I wasn't, honestly! I just wanted to let people know! I didn't show any aggresive faces...just screaming my lungs out. *sigh* People just don't understand me...

Training time was good, but still not good enough as Mom says I keep looking at other things besides her. I am supposed to keep watch on her during obedience training as it is crucial for when she stops (I'm supposed to sit), or whatever commands she gives. Mom says I do it SOOO well at home....funny how it doesn't translate to the outdoors. Oh, and I'm supposed to take my graduation exam for my obedience class this Sunday! Eep! Mom is very nervous as to how I would behave during that day...I hope I don't see new faces, especially new ladies! Otherwise I will be SO distracted trying to see what she is doing...

Sorry, no training photos taken, coz Mom already had her hands full with me. But after all that training, I became quite dirty,'s BATH TIME!! I can't really say that I hate baths, but neither do I love them. I guess I tolerate it...a necessary evil for me, especially for my beard. I need to get it cleaned often since I check my pee-mails so much, and the beard keeps know? So, let's see what I look like after my bath, shall we? *wink*

Here I am on my bed again...I just love to jump on the soft comfy bed right after my bath!

Heh...Mom has been sneaky. She spotted Kenji trying to catch some Zzzz's....see how comfy he is?

Haha..Kenji half-asleep!

Here is Kenji with Aunty Vivian....shhh. Let's not wake them now. Night Kenji!

Ahh...Mom moved me to another room so I won't disturb the sleeping prince and queen. Feel the cool air from the fan!

Can you see my eyes? LOL! My beard is beyond whitening help, so Mom is trying out a product that is said to help with my stains if it is due to bacteria. It should work within a month or two, so I guess these pictures should be my 'BEFORE' pictures...haha!

See my shiny coat after bathing....yayy!

Mom suddenly got bored with me just doing the same kind of pose...How can she when I am SOOO adorable??! Anyways, she wanted to try something more 'artistic' (don't know what that means, but it's weird) here they are.

Don't really think they are THAT's just so out-of-focus. Especially if the focus is not on me! Meh...


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Harrison said...

Uh oh...ya' really shouldn't be yellin' your head off when ya' go out, Scottie. Tell your mom my AHM said she should try carryin' your favorite treat and whenever you start, make you stop and concentrate on her (and the treat), not the other dogs or people.

AHM's big on manners. She's been trainin' dogs for years, just like her father and grandfather, and I can testify she knows what's up. (That family pic at the website was done at a portrait studio and we all sat for a long, long time while everyone stood around takin' pictures.)

AHM also talked with a friend who shows Schnauzers about your yellow beard problem. The friend said it could be 'cause of the pH level in your saliva or the water in your bowl. She suggested seein' if you would use a water bottle instead of the bowl--or maybe distilled, bottled water. (We just slobber away too, but we have red beards so it doesn't matter.)

Now you make sure your mom knows she's the boss. AHM and me wanna' read how great you do walkin' outside and at your obedience class. One hint--sit at her side, don't sit up. I used to do that sometimes and while the spectators liked it, AHM and the judges weren't as pleased.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We make a lot of noise on our walkies too because we want to meet people!
You're so adorable Scottie! I think we've told you this before - we just love your eyebrows! They are so cool!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

We are having trouble training outside, too. Levi's attention is every where but where it's suppose to be. LOL

Levi's mom

billiejean said...


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