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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ice-cream and a makeover!

Hi everyone!

Sorry this update is so late...Mom has been busy with her 'work'. *pouts* I can't see why it's more important than MOI though...oh well!

Mom made some homemade frosty paws the other day, and Kenji and I got to enjoy some yesterday! YUMMM...

See how curious we've become? It's our first time getting a taste of this ever delicious treat that every dog has been talking about...=)

I got a big chunk of it...yayyy!

Kenji staying far far away from HIS chunk...he has this thing about not being near to temptations during the 'Stay' command lest he breaks the stay and not get any treats! Good idea,innit?

Arrrgh! Why is she doing this to me??!!

Kenji savouring his frosty paw chunk...mmmmm!

After devouring it all, I can't help licking off the bits of peanut butter on the beard...yummy! Mom likes our peanut butter-y breath...haha!

Go get yourselves some yummy homemade frosty paws! It's DEEELICIOUS!


Today, Gramma threw a BEEEG surprise for Mom when she got back from her 'work'....MEE!!

Mom has been complaining that she hasn't got the time to send me for a grooming session, so Gramma took me to the dog stylist to get me some lovin' and groomin'...heh! I love going to the stylist, coz she's UBER nice and I get to see lots of doggie friends there! Plus, there's always the benefit of getting more cuddles and kisses from everyone coz I smell LOVELY! *grins*

Me posing so nicely...heh!

Showing some more of my brand new 'do...

Me and my play ball...I have a great fondness for this lately. Not retrieving them for Mom, but just for some good ol' chewing. See the frays on the ball? *grins*

Ooh yes...this is just a little sneak peek at what's coming up later this week! Will tell you more about it when the time comes...*wink*

Till then....


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Guess What?

Mom tried to teach me a new trick...with somewhat disastrous results, all thanks to moi! *grins*

Monday, July 28, 2008


Hello everyone!

As promised, here are pictures and the tale of my misadventure at my obedience graduation class. I'm a bit embarrassed to tell you actually...

The day started early. Mom and I headed out with Gramma at 7.30 am to the obedience school. I was behaving quite well, sitting quietly in my crate. When we reached there, I got a bit excited...what's this? Lots of new friends! Unfortunately, Mom wouldn't let me mingle. The instructor said that it's better not to mingle before the exam because if any of the candidates break their stay exercise, I may want to follow suit in thinking that it's play time. *pouts*

Mom took me aside for some warm ups...we did a bit of heel work, recall, sit stay and down stay. All worked well...I loved the treats Mom and Gramma made me (cubed hotdogs fried with a little butter and garlic...YUMMM!) After that, we got a briefing from the examiner about the route for the heel work. Mom seems to be fine...I could sense her nervousness but she's still encouraging. We were third in line for the heel work.

As we were waiting for our turn, I can't seem to stand the smell of new doggies! They all look so eager to play, and so am I! But Mom wouldn't have it....*pouts* She made me sit, but I still managed to get good looks at the new faces around.

Then, we got the call! It's our turn!

First exercise was the heel work on leash....that's my instructor in the dark blue t-shirt! He was the calling steward for the day, and the examiner is behind him.

We did lots of turns, stands, sits and downs in this exercise. Points were deducted if my sits were too slow, and lagging. I think I did alright....*grins*

Figure of eight in the heel work. We have to do turns around the cones. Points would be deducted if I tried to sniff the cones. Mom walked quite fast at this juncture so that I would have to keep up and not sniff at the cones....

A down portion for the heel work. Mom got me down very quickly! hee!

After the heel on leash, it's time for heel OFF-LEASH...Eep! Mom was quite nervous. Moi? I was fine! I was so happy I managed to get lots of praise from Mom...too bad she didn't give me more of the treats in her pocket. Treats are not allowed in the exam....=(

This is when the 'fun' starts...I started to not pay attention, even though Mom kept trying to get me to 'Watch'. Sorry Mom. You didn't give me my treat! Plus, I saw a pretty little lady right at the other side of the ring...oh no!

And off we went on the heel work off leash! Mom also walked quickly, and kept encouraging me to walk with her, which I did! YAYY! But I still managed to glance at the pretty lady doggie at the corner every now and then.

Me sitting like a good boy in the heel work. A few more steps to go till I'm home free! Still keeping a little focus on Mom. But wait! There's ANOTHER new doggie out near the fence! He's barking at me, calling me to play!

Uh oh...I lost my focus on Mom. She kept calling me, and couldn't come back to get me (because points are majorly deducted for going back to the doggy in exam)! I was too enamoured with the calling of the new friend. He seemed so fun! And then..."Thank you very much", said my instructor (Code for: I'm sorry, you have failed this exercise!). Mom was so sad....

After that, there's a 'Stand Stay' exercise, where I had to stand and had Mom leave me at a distance while the calling steward walks around me. Points were deducted if I moved while the steward is walking. Mom said I moved when she left me...but I managed to stop myself at one step.

Next, we had a 'Recall' exercise, where I had to stay while Mom left me at about 20 feet. Then she has to call me, and I had to run to her and sit at her feet all in a straight line. Usually, I do this SOOOO well coz I can't wait to get those yummy treats! But today, I didn't come....*gasp* I was looking at the doggy behind me again (he was calling me again!) and didn't hear Mom's fact, she had to call me numerous times before I heard her and ran to a curved line. Oh dear! (Sorry, there were no pictures for these exercises. I don't know why though...Gramma was the designated photographer for today!)

Still, we have other exercises to go through! After all the other candidates have finished their heel work, it's time for the 'Sit Stay' and 'Down Stay' exercises. These exercises are done in groups. The 'Sit Stay' exercise was for one minute, and the 'Down Stay' exercise was for three minutes! I managed to do well in these exercises...they were a cinch! hehe! All we had to do was just sit or lie there quietly, something I do ALL the time...=P

Here are all my fellow classmates before the exercises! From left to right: Wei Wei(toy Poodle), Hwang Hwang(Golden Retriever), Zara(mixed breed), ME, James(Pug) and Darlie(Dalmatian).

After the exercises, we got our evaluation scores. The passing mark was 75 points out of 100. Only one from my class passed...she was ZARA! Congrats Zara! Needless to say, I did not qualify. Guess how much did I get? A measly 54 points! I got 0 points for the off leash exercise (because I didn't finish the exercise), which apparently carried a big bulk of the points....*sigh* Mom was disappointed. But she said we will try again, and continue with our obedience classes for the next term! We were told that this part of the obedience class (Novice) is quite difficult to pass in one sitting, because the bar is set quite, Mom is determined we pass the next time!

See? I'm still distracted...


Sunday, July 27, 2008

OMG...An Award!!

Wow...this is SOOOO cool! I got an award from Keeley, who has been ever so kind! I never expected an award...thank you once again!

Before I run away with my thank you's, this award has a few rules:
1. Add the logo of the award to your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awards you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.

I have made quite a few friends here even though my blog's been like, a few weeks' old...thank you all SOOO much for coming back and checking up on my blog! I would like to nominate (in no apparent order):
Sorry if you have been nominated before! You guys have been so great, I thought I'd return a small favour! Plus, I've enjoyed reading your blogs A LOT...*wink*

And now, I'd like to give a BIIIG shout out to my Mom for being so great in helping me with this her to death! To my brother, big sister, little rabbit friends, and all other lovely friends (people and dogs alike!) who have been SOOO great to me in my 15 months so far! I am one lucky pup...*grins*


P/S: I haven't forgotten about my misadventures at the obedience graduation exam! Mom still needs to get those photos from her camera first...and I thought, since this is my first COOL award, I'd like to give it a post by itself....hee! More news to come very soon, I promise!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane #5

Hello everyone!

I wanted to post some recent stuff, but Mom's camera's batteries died...*sigh* So, in the view of recharging the batteries, I shall bring you on one last stroll down Memory Lane...=)

This time, Mom got quite a deal when she bought more outfits for me at a discounted price! I am at a fashion show! Introducing...model Scottie! *grins*

Me and a Scottish-ish outfit....get it? Scottie, Scottish? (Mom: -________-")

Showing off the outfit properly...

Ooh...Hawaii outfit! I love basking at the beach!

Mom says I look like a pimp here, with my 'chest hair' out and that silly smile....what's a pimp?! outfit fit for a (read outfit word)! *wink*

Because I'm such a prince (read: celebrity), I should have people take photographs and shake hands with me!

Introducing Model Kenji! Oops...he seems to be unprepared! =P

There we go! He's ready for his time with his fans now....*wink*

Sk8er / surfer boy on the loose! haha!

What choo lookin' at? Wanna fight?

And that concludes the end of our little stroll down the Memory Lane of Scottie the 'Cutie'! I do hope you have enjoyed yourselves looking at these pictures while Mom indulges herself in some melancholic moods. Will give you more up-to-date news on how my obedience class graduation exam will be like soon! (Can you believe it? It's on tomorrow! I'm doing all fine, but Mom is shaking...) Till then...


Friday, July 25, 2008

Training, Exam and a Bath...*gasp*

Mom took me outside for some training time today. Her instructor said to introduce me to different situations so that I won't be so distracted everytime I go someplace different. Still, I can't help but scream for joy when I go out! I just HAD to announce to anyone and everyone that Scottie the 'Cutie' is here!! hee...

Mom gets SO embarassed, especially when there are people walking past and giving us weird looks. Some even looked scared because they thought I was being aggresive. I wasn't, honestly! I just wanted to let people know! I didn't show any aggresive faces...just screaming my lungs out. *sigh* People just don't understand me...

Training time was good, but still not good enough as Mom says I keep looking at other things besides her. I am supposed to keep watch on her during obedience training as it is crucial for when she stops (I'm supposed to sit), or whatever commands she gives. Mom says I do it SOOO well at home....funny how it doesn't translate to the outdoors. Oh, and I'm supposed to take my graduation exam for my obedience class this Sunday! Eep! Mom is very nervous as to how I would behave during that day...I hope I don't see new faces, especially new ladies! Otherwise I will be SO distracted trying to see what she is doing...

Sorry, no training photos taken, coz Mom already had her hands full with me. But after all that training, I became quite dirty,'s BATH TIME!! I can't really say that I hate baths, but neither do I love them. I guess I tolerate it...a necessary evil for me, especially for my beard. I need to get it cleaned often since I check my pee-mails so much, and the beard keeps know? So, let's see what I look like after my bath, shall we? *wink*

Here I am on my bed again...I just love to jump on the soft comfy bed right after my bath!

Heh...Mom has been sneaky. She spotted Kenji trying to catch some Zzzz's....see how comfy he is?

Haha..Kenji half-asleep!

Here is Kenji with Aunty Vivian....shhh. Let's not wake them now. Night Kenji!

Ahh...Mom moved me to another room so I won't disturb the sleeping prince and queen. Feel the cool air from the fan!

Can you see my eyes? LOL! My beard is beyond whitening help, so Mom is trying out a product that is said to help with my stains if it is due to bacteria. It should work within a month or two, so I guess these pictures should be my 'BEFORE' pictures...haha!

See my shiny coat after bathing....yayy!

Mom suddenly got bored with me just doing the same kind of pose...How can she when I am SOOO adorable??! Anyways, she wanted to try something more 'artistic' (don't know what that means, but it's weird) here they are.

Don't really think they are THAT's just so out-of-focus. Especially if the focus is not on me! Meh...